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Water Aerobics » Water Aerobics Thermalwear » 2.5mm All purpose tropical watersport shorty - Women - Pink
2.5mm All purpose tropical watersport shorty - Women - Pink

2.5mm All purpose tropical watersport shorty - Women - Pink
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2.5mm All purpose tropical watersport shorty - Women - Pink
2.5mm All purpose tropical watersport shorty - Women - Pink

Model#: CWSS0130-P
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $70
Seavenger Price: $70.00 $39.99
(43% off retail)

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Product Description
This is a super-stretchy shorty, ideal for use in tropical waters in a multitude of watersports activities including surfing.

With feminine pink accents, cut specifically to enhance the female form, this high-quality suit made from 2.5mm nylon II stretchy neoprene IST is famous for features super-stretch armpit panels for unrestricted movement, single back zip to minimize water movement inside suit, form hugging and performance-oriented cut, and flat-lock stitching to reduce seam irritation. This is a hard working shorty that's ideal for rentals.

  • Super-stretch armpit panels for unrestricted movement
  • 2.5mm nylon II stretchy neoprene
  • Single back zip minimizes water movement inside suit
  • Form hugging and performance orientated cut
  • Flat-lock stitching reduces seam irritation.

Please make sure you get one size larger due to the suit is very very tight.




Question Hi. I'm looking at wearing this over a full wetsuit and was wondering if you would recommend going up 1 size to allow for the thickness of a 3mm full suit? Looking at your size chart on the 3mm full suit I would wear a 7 so I was thinking of getting this in a 9. Would you recommend that or go with a 7 in this as well? Thanks in advance for your help:).
Answer Try size 9, might be a better fit.

Question I am 5'2 weigth 117lbs, chest 37 waist 30 hips 39 1/2 what size should fit me? Thank you in advance for your help
Answer We would recommend you to try size 5

Question I weigh approximately 170 and I am 5'6" inches tall. Will a size 13 work for me?
Answer Size 13 should fit you, please also check the measurement for Chest, Waist and Hips to be sure.

Question chest 32.5
waist 27
hips 36
height 5'4"
weight 120
Would a size 7 fit me?

Answer 7 should be a better choice.

Question I'm 5'7' & 155 lbs. Is a size 11 about right?
Answer Yes, as long chest, waist and hip also close to the chart.

Question 36 Triple d bust hundred and 10 pounds 5 foot three
28 waist 32hips

Answer You can try size 11

Question I am 5'6" and 112lbs...women's size 2 in pants and 32D bra. what size do you recommend and whats your return policy if it does not fit
Answer You can try Size 7

Seavenger Return Policy

Question Hi, I am 5'2" and 135-140 lbs. What size should I get? I ordered the 11 and it was far too long and loose.
Answer Please do try size 9

Question My wife is a 5'9 and 121lbs (thin) what would be the best fit for her.
Answer We do recommend for her to try size 9.


Question Should I buy a size 11 or 13? I am 5'8", 148lbs, 37-32-41.
Answer We do recommend to try size 13.

Question I am 5'7.5" weigh 150 lbs hips 43" waist 30" and bust 38"........size 13 is best ???....but I am dieting so I may lose 10 pounds by vacation time.
thank you

Answer We do recommend for you to try size 13.

Question Hi!

I am 5'4 with 38" bust, 40" hip, and 36" waist and 200 lbs. What size do you suggest? Thanks

Answer We do recommend for you to try size 15.

Answer Please elaborate on the issue, and we will try our best to assist you.

Question Could you recommend what size I should consider. I am 5'8 I weigh 126 pounds chest 34 inches waist is 29 inches and hips are 38 inches. Would this suit be OK in chlorinated water as I am an swim instructor

Question Hi, my size 5 `2 190lb weight what size should I use chest 42, waist 41 and hips 48
Answer Unfortunately, we don't think this wetsuit will fit you.
Would you consider getting this one? http://seavenger.com/25mm-all-purpose-tropical-watersport-shorty-men-blue-p-1066.html

Question Hi, my size 5 `2 190lb weight what size should I use
Answer Would you please provide us your chest, waist, and hip measurements? so we can give you a more accurate recommendation.

Question I am 5'4, 182lbs, 38-38-38, can I even fit a suit?
Answer You can try the size 13.

Question i am 5'2" in height my chest measures 39 waist 29 hips 40 will size what size will you recommend for me for this style? i have been browsing for this and i really want to buy this style thanks
Answer We would recommend you to get size 13.

Question I am 5'5", waist 26, chest 31, hip 34, and weight 110 lbs. What size do you recommend?
Answer We would recommend size 7 for this suit.

Question Hi, I am teaching swim lessons this summer and we start in May. The pool is not heated and the water temp. is usually in the low to mid 70s to begin with. Would this shorty suit keep me warm?
Answer Yes, definitely.

Question Im 160 pounds, 40 bust, 32 waist, 38 hips and 5foot5. What size?
Answer You can get size 13

Answer Size 5 is good, however, if your chest is over 36 inches , then should be Size 7.

Question I am 5'2 and weigh 155lbs with chest of 36 what type of shorty wet suit should I buy?
Answer Size 11 is work.

Question Will this wet suit work for a sprint triatholon water averages 68 degrees
Answer Hi Monica

Yes this will do, since you will be moving constantly, this suit should keep you warm at that temp.

Question If my measurements are height: 5'2 1/2
chest: 40"
waist: 36"
hips: 42"
what size would I need to order?
Thank you,
Pam Cavanaugh

Answer Hi Pamela

For this model you are interested in, the size we carry will not be able to accommodate the measurement you provided. Due to the length of the suit. The size which will fit your measurement will be too long, so water will leak in from the knees.

Question I am 5'7......115 pounds and long in the torso ......What size should I get.....
Answer You can try size 9

Question Would the size 13 fit me? I don't see a 15 for this. My measurements are:
Chest 40,,Waist 34 hips 40 and weigh 148 5'4" Will this be warm enough to wear in an outside pool in the winter? I don't what 3.5 or 4mm is.

Answer The wetsuit you reference will probably fit, but these suits are cut kind of small so it's close. Here is another suit which will probably fit better in 2XL. The mm, such as 3.5mm or 4mm, or in this case 2mm refers to the neoprene thickness gauge. 2mm or 2.5mm should offer enough warmth without constricting your swimming movements in an outside pool in the winter.

Question I need help with sizing. I am 5'3", 145 and my measurements are 39/30/40. I am debating between the size 11 and the 13. Thanks for your help
Answer Between the two sizes, we recommend size 13.

Question What size for me? 5ft 130lbs 36/30/34
Answer We suggest you try a size 9. Even though it is for an individual taller than you, the dimensions should average out, but may require some pull-up adjustment at the thigh and sleeve.

Question I am 5'8" 158lbs 41 30 39. Would I be able to wear a size 13? I can't seem to find a size 15 in this suit and I really like the design.
Answer Size 13 should fit you in this suit, in fact size 15 might be too big.

Question Hello, I'm looking for a suit for a regular swimming pool that is not heated outside. I need it for walking around in and doing physical therapy exercies so maybe something like water arobics? I can't seem to get the sizing down. My measurements are Ht; 5'4" Wt 149 Chest 39 to 40and hips 40 and waist is 36". What size would you suggest. This is more in my price range. Your chart looks like I would be a 15. I have never worn that size before. I tried a NRS women's wetsuit Little Jane in a size Large at REI and that seem to fit but there measurements are for a large. Ht: 5-7 Wt 150-180, Waist 32-36 and hips 40-44' and it fit fine. Your sizing is so different. What would you suggest? Thank you.
Answer The suit you reference will work for the application you describe, and we recommend you try a size 13 for your dimensions.

Question Yes I would like to order a wet suit for water aerobics. the water is kept at 82 for the swim teams, to cold for me. Also, it is very chlorinated will that mess up a suit? My measurements 143lbs, 5'7, 38, 36, 38. I do also swim some. Would you please recommend a suit that would be the best for the pool.. thank you
Answer http://seavenger.com/1mm-titanium-lined-glide-skin-jumpsuit-women-p-1512.html
Size 11
Size 11

The shorty you reference will work for the pool swimming application you mention. We recommend a size 11 for you. Over time, chlorine will eventually deteriorate all neoprene, but not right away. Just hose the suit down after being in the pool, and it should last a long time.
Here are some other alternatives, with size recommendations. The 1mm full length wetsuit will give you warmth plus lots of mobility. There's a 1mm one-piece bathing suit with metalite which will give you the most flexibility, and finally dive skins will give you some warmth, but not as much as neoprene.

Question Yes I would like to order this suit and use it for water aerobics. They keep the local indoor pool at 82 which is to cold for me. Can these suits be used in pools. Also I am 5'7 and 142-143 what would be the correct size 11 possibly and will I be able to return this if it doesnt fit well. thank you
Answer http://seavenger.com/pro-21mm-springsuit-wetsuits-women-purple-p-1413.html

The wetsuit you reference can be used for water aerobics in a pool, and size 11 seems like the right size, although you do not provide the other measurements to be sure such as chest, waist and hips. 82 degrees is warm, especially if you will be doing aerobics. The suit above is just slightly thinner overall (2mm) and has a thinner 1mm Quadra Flex in the action areas for more flexibility. Size 11/12 is recommended in this suit, but check the other measurements chest and waist to be sure.

Question I need help with sizing.
5'2" 121#
chest 33
waist 27
hips 36

Answer It appears that you would take either a size 5 or size 7 in this wetsuit, and since you are between sizes, we always recommend going to the next size up -- so try size 7.

Question Need help choosing a size. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 lb, 36-30-40. Don't want a super tight fit. What size would you recommend?
Answer For the fit you specify we recommend a size 11.

Question i am 5'8", 112 lbs and have a 32 chest, 26 waist, and 36 hips. my torso is on the short side for my height, what size would you recommend? thanks
Answer We recommend size 9 as coming closest to being able to accommodate your dimensions.

Question Hi I'm 5 4 125 lbs measurements 36 29 36.
What size would you recommend? I'm doing a 1/3 mile swim and the water temperature will be in the low 70's. Do you recommend this suit.

Answer We recommend this wetsuit for the conditions and purposes you describe. Averaging out your dimensions, we recommend a size 9.

Question Hello, I am doing a sprint triathalon in August. I am 5'4", 120 lbs. My bust is 36DD, waist 30" and hips 34". Can you fit a suit around my off-balance body? :) I am looking forward to your response. Best regards, Mariette
Answer We recommend a size 7 for you in this wetsuit.

Question Hi, I'm 5'4", weigh 132. Waist is 28, hips are 40, bust is 38. What size, please. :)
Answer We recommend size 11, although this is for a taller individual, you can snug the bottoms and sleeves up.

Question I'm 5'2''
What size would fit me?

Answer You would probably wear a size 13, but the wetsuit in this size is made for somebody taller so there will have to be some sleeve and pant roll-up.

Question What size for 5'3, 130#, 36-30-37?
Answer Even though the chart indicates she would fit into a size 9, we recommend going one size up as these wetsuits are cut small; therefore size 11.

Question I am interested in the IST shorty CWSS0130-W or CWSS0130-P but am unable to determine the size.
Help please!
Don't want it to just hang, but don't want it to cut off circulation either!

Height: 5'9 1/2"
weight: 128 lbs
chest 35"
waist: 28"
hips: 36"

Thanks for the help.

Answer Size 11 ought to fit you.

Question Hi,
I am looking for a wet suit that i can take to disney word and other water parks. I need to keep the water away form my skin inside of the suit. I have a illostomy bag and need to keep that area 100% dry when in the water. I also need a sizing for one. I am 155lbs and 5'2" I am looking for a shorty if possible. I plan to use it durning the summer to swim in the pool too. Any ideas.

Answer Wetsuit does not keep you dry. Wetsuit is made with neoprene, and the way it works is by trapping a thin layer of water between the wetsuit and your body, and that layer of water is what keeps you warm. And to get you the right size, i will need your height, weight, and also you chest waist, and hip measurement.

Question HI ! i'm 5'5 with 40-35-39 , the size 13 of this model should fit ??
Answer Yes it will fit, but might be a bit long.

Question Hi
What would the total price be? And I am 5'4 1/2"
112lbs appox measurement
they dont fit what you have listed
I do want a tight fit, what size whould you recommend? 5 or 7?

waist 25
hips 33
bust 34

Answer You should try a size 7

Question these are for scuba right?
Answer Right, these are for scuba.

Question Hi, Do u have any shorties for women that are 3mm. i would be interested in talking about 3.5 or 4 mm etc. What is the thickest mm a shorty can come in . I only want a zipper in the front. Would like black with some color, maybe blue. How large do your sizes go up to? Thanks
Answer Our shorties only go up to 3mm, you can find our selection here to find the style you like: http://seavenger.com/wetsuits-shortys-springsuits-c-37_51.html

We have up to size 13 in women's size

Question is this wet suit neutral or buoyant? Thanks
Answer It is buoyant, as long as they are neoprene material they will be buoyant.

Submited By: Patti on 12/29/2012
The wetsuit was perfect. My granddaughter loved it and the fit was great. Your company was very prompt in the delivery. Thank you

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 08/22/2011
good deal nice fit little loose on the bottom upper fit well tru too size

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Andrew Klinzmann on 08/22/2011
Item was exactly as advertised. Wetsuit has small velcro adjusters on the sleeves; very handy ! This wetsuit has very attractive graphics which give a real "slimming" effect when worn. The suit has very good quality throughout; no loose threads or blown seams; very well made. Very satisfied with this product.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Rita Westrick on 05/31/2011
I love it! I use it for my pool since I don't have a heater. I now am able to swim as soon as we open in and late summer when the nights get cool. The fit was perfect. The style is comfortable and love the pink. Thanks

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Jaimie on 05/13/2011
The suit is excellent. It is made very well and has adjustments around the arm sleeves. and a zipper pull for the back zipper. I have used the suit twice and find it most satisfactory

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 5 of 5 product reviews

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