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Wetsuits, Surfing, Scuba & Diving Wetsuits - How to Choose a Wetsuit! » Wetsuits for Men, Surfing & Scuba Diving Wetsuits for Men | Seavenger » 2.5mm Purpose Watersport Jumpsuits Steamer - Men
2.5mm Purpose Watersport Jumpsuits Steamer - Men

2.5mm Purpose Watersport Jumpsuits Steamer - Men
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2.5mm Purpose Watersport Jumpsuits Steamer - Men
2.5mm Purpose Watersport Jumpsuits Steamer - Men

Model#: CWSJ0125-B
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $85
Seavenger Price: $100.00 $58.00
(32% off retail)

Available Options:

Product Description
An all-purpose 2.5mm performance-oriented watersport men’s jumpsuit from IST designed specifically for mobility and freedom of movement; ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling and all water sports in warm, tropical waters. Its form hugging performance enhancing cut (suit sized very tight; advisable to get one size up) retains just enough body heat without restricting movement. Features Nylon II super-stretch neoprene, flatlock stitching throughout, and fully flexible, hydrodynamic low profile knee pads to improve agility.

All purpose watersport jumpsuits designed for mobility and freedom of movement.

  • Nylon II stretchy neoprene
  • Flatlock stitching reduces seam irritation.
  •  Super-stretch armpit panels for unrestricted movement.
  • Flexible knee pads improve agility.
  • Single back zip minimizes water movement inside suit.
  • Form hugging and performance orientated cut help retaining body heat without restricting movement.

Please make sure you get one size larger due to the suit is very very tight.

 Mens wetsuit size chart


Question Getting wet suit for snorkeling in the Galapagos. Water temp 65f. Will this suit provide enough warmth?
Answer Yes, but we'll also recommend the 3mm for consideration.


Question I am 6' 220lbs...40" waist and 45" chest

what size do you think I need ??

Answer 2XL would be a good start

Question I am 173 cm tall and 127 kg in weight with a belly. What size should i get.
Also I want this to be able to swim in an outdoor non heated swimming pool in the winter in a cliimate like texas or mexico which thickness should i take. Flexibility for swimming needed.

Answer M

Question I'm 6'2 weigh 210, waist 34, chest 44 hips 41. Is the XXL the right size for me?
Answer 2XL might be a good fit for you

Question so im 6'1" and i weight roughly 215 lbs but im thinking about getting the XL but i wanna be sure first if to stick with that or order the XXL instead
Answer XL as long rest of the measurement are a close match, otherwise, might need go 1 size larger.

Question Hello, I am 6'1" tall, 175 pounds, 40 inch chest, 35 inch waist, 43 inch hips, 35 inch inseam. I will be snorkeling mostly in warm water (70-75). I am ALWAYS COLD when swimming. Is a 2.5mm full suit ok ? (Or too warm?). Also : What size woiuld you recommend? Thanks!
Answer Large for the size. Yes, this fullsuit is suitable for that water temperature

Question I am 5'9" tall, 200lbs, 43.5" chest, 35" waist, 42" hip. Muscular legs. What size would you suggest for this suit?
Answer Large or XL, each person would fits slightly differently

Question My brother's waist is 32", height 5ft. weight is 140lbs. What size should i buy?
Answer We would recommend you try this model for the size Small instead:

Question Hello,
I am 6'2".
192 lbs
41 chest
36 waist
Would I buy a large??

Answer We do recommend the XLARGE.

Question Not tall, just very broad. Which size is recommended for guy 5'9", 225#, 49" chest, 38" waist? The chart guide says 3XL to fit that chest, but I would only need a M if I went by height.
Answer We do recommend the 2XL.

Question Hi looking to get a wetsuit for diving and snorkling im
5'-11", have a 32 " waist, 34" inseam, 125 lbs, chest 34 1/2", and an arm lenth of 60" (wrist to wrist).

Answer We do recommend the Medium.

Question Hi is the 2.5mm better for a triathlon or the 3mm? Full suit or the shorty ones better for a beginner triathlete?

Answer The thickness of the suit depends on the temperature you will be in. However, thinner suits provide more flexibility.

Question Hi I'm about 5'5" and weight 165 waist 30" inseam about a 29" what size should I get? And are these good for swimming?
Answer We do recommend size Medium and these are fine for swimming.

Question Where can I find your sport pro line suits
Answer We do carry that product along with this:


Question Height: 6'1"
Chest: 60"
Weight: 300 lbs
Waist: 44-46
Inseam: 34"
Belly: protrudes past chest size.

Based on the above proportions, can you offer any suggestions on the best/closest size for a relatively proper fit? Thanks.

Answer We recommend for you to try size 4XL.

Question Hi Im 6'1", 170lbs, 33 waist... surfing in socal... Is the XL suit best? (I wear medium to large shirts)
Answer We suggest size Large but please provide other measurements for accurate sizing.

Question Hi-

I'm thinking of getting a new wetsuit.

Your answers say that the suits fit "tight" and to buy one size UP if in between. I'm 6 feet, 46inch chest with large thighs/bum.

If I get larger(3XL) then I'm afraid it will be way too long.

Is it just the IST suits that run smallish or all the wetsuits??.


Answer It might be a bit lengthy but the material is stretchy; the IST suits run true to size.

Question I'm 5'2", 140lbs. Waist 31-32". What size would be best for me?
Answer We will recommend you to try the size S, but it may not be perfect fit.

Question I am trying to find a suitable wetsuit for someone who is difficult to fit. He is 5'2" tall, 33" chest, 30" waist, and 35" hips. If it is long in the sleeves and legs, I can probably get it adjusted, but I wouldn't want it too long in the body. We need a flexible suit, suitable for warmer temperatures. Would this suit be O.K, or is there another one you could suggest? What size should we get?
Answer We will recommend you to give the size small a try.

Question I am 5'5" tall, weigh about 180 lbs. My waist is 40", my inseam is 27" and my chest is 44". I live in Southern California, where the water temperature is between 55 and 70 degrees. Do you have a full jumpsuit that will work for me?
Answer We will actually recommend you to get a 3mm-5mm wetsuit, according to the temperature you provided.
For this 2.5mm wetsuit, we will recommend you to get the size XL, but it may not be perfect fit. It may be a bit too long.

Question I'm 5'6", fairly muscular, 165 pounds, 30" inseam, 33 waist. I'm worried about the inseam on the large, I have a medium Body Glove, spring suit, shortie, its okay, a little tight in the chest, but I have used it in triathlons with no problems, except the struggle to get out of! I want to use this suit for tri's, and SUP on cooler days. Would you recommend a large? or stick with the medium?


Answer Would you please provide us your chest and hip measurement?
So we can give you a more accurate recommendation.

Question Will this suit work in Alaska in water temps 45-55 degrees.Basically using for dip-netting in waist to chest depths.
Answer It's too thin. 7mm will work.
Here is a link for you to pick the right wetsuit with right temperature:http://seavenger.com/wetsuits-c-37.html#wetsuitfinder

Question i am 5'11" / 220# my chest is ( 48 - 49" )
waist is ( 36" ) i have fairly large arms & legs.
i am thinking that a 2x would fit but what do you think?

Answer Yes, you can try size 2XL.

Question 1) Advice rather than question (re: recent purchase of a "L" size, received safely/securely; used one time presently for "sailing," surface only); I'm about 5'6" tall, a swimmer, of about 180 pounds, muscular; received in May 2013.
2) The "L" fit tight, a "M" would have been way too small; I could have bought an "XL" without difficulty, perhaps better?
3) It's a "good suit," never wet at this time.
4) Thank you.

Answer If it is too tight and uncomfortable, we suggest you to go for the XL.

Question Hi. I am an odd size. 37 inch chest, 34 waist, 20 inch thighs, 13 inch biceps, 150 pounds, 5 feet 2 inch tall. I wear a men's medium shirt. What size suit would you recommend for me? I would be using it in temperate gulf waters. I like this suit. Thank-you for your help.
Answer We would recommend you to get the size S, but it may not be perfectly fit.

Question I am 6'1" 40-42 waist 230 broad shoulder. skinny leg and arms 17 1/2 neck what size suit
Answer According to the information you provided us, we would recommend you to get the 2XL. However, please provide us your chest measurement, so we can give you a more accurate recommendation.

Question i am 5'10
weigh 160
waist 32
wat size do i need

Answer We will recommend you to get the size M.

Question I noticed you posted a refund. I thought I would receive store credit. You refunded the credit card I used? Thanks, I want to reorder with the correct size.
Answer We did issued it in store credit.

Please sign in your account and you will see the credit in there.

Question Height 6'1"
Weight 175
Chest 42"
Waist 32"
Inseam 33"
Hips 40"
Likely water temp 68-70 degrees. Will be kiteboarding and would like excellent arm mobility. I was thinking about a Farmer John style. Do you have a size and style recommendation? Also, I'm on a tight budget.

Answer From the measurement you provided, I would suggest a size L. Also we would recommend this suit here.
This is a 1MM suit, but with glide skin inside, so will keep you warm as a 2mm or 3mm. Also since its a 1MM, this suit comes with great maneuverability.

Question Is This A Good Triathlon Wetsuit?
Answer Depending on the water temp, usually we recommend shorty more than full suit for triathlon, just because shorty have a better maneuverability. Here is a link to the shorty we would recommend.

Question i'm 5-10; weigh 220, weist 40,what size would i wear?
Answer Suggested size: XL
following link you may see the caculator as:

Question Hi,

I am about 5'11, weigh about 185lbs, chest size 44', waist size 33inches. I bought a wetsuit (from another manufacture) that was XL and a bit snug. I would prefer to be more comfortable but am afraid to buy the XXL. Can you provide a suggestion Thx

Answer The suggested size XL should be the best fit for you.

Question im 6'4" 155 lbs tall and lanky..please help lol
what size should i get?

Answer XL might be the best for you but might still be to big.

Question Hi, my husband is 6'1'' and the rest of his measurements all fall in line with the large. Would you recommend the large or XL (for the length) for him. Thank you
Answer If his measurements are all exactly in line with L, and he is 6'1" we recommend XL since these suits are cut very tight.

Question My son is 5' 10" 125 lbs. small chest. Works in an indoor pool teaching kids to swim. Says he's cold during the 2 to 3 hours he is in water. It's in NY and I'm assuming it's unheated. Please recomend mm suit and size.
Answer This suit that you are looking at is definitely a good suit for indoor swimming, but I would ask for the water temperature first, if the water is not that cold, i would suggest a shorty instead of the full suit, better maneuverability. And as for the sizing, please provide us with the measurement of hes chest, waist, and hip measurement. That will help us to get you the most accurate sizing. Thanks

Question I ordered a diving suite in women size 15 I could fix the suit but, the arms were a little to tight. I was considering ordering the mans suit in a size XXL. I wear a size 16 and my weight is 215 lbs I am 5'5" and my bust is 44DD. Do you think that I maybe able to fit this mens XXL?
Answer This wetsuit may fit you, although it is made for taller men, and anatomically cut. Without your other dimensions such as waist and hip we cannot say for sure. Check the size chart under the product description. However, if the size 15 fit, it may work for those dimensions.

Question I want to paddleboard on a lake in the fall months (outside temps about 55 to 60) in CT.) I hardly ever fall in the water but don't want to be cold while I'm riding.
Answer The wetsuit you reference is a good choice. If you want even more mobility, plus the warmth of Metalite coated neoprene, you might want to consider this 1mm full suit from Tilos, an excellent manufacturer.

Question I want to buy this for my dad who is 5'7 and weighs about 135 lbs. He wears size medium shirts and has 30' waist. I want to get this for him so he can boogie board and play in the Pacific Ocean. Will this be a good suit for him and if so what size? Thanks.
Answer This 2.5mm suit should be fine for California Pacific Ocean most months, except maybe the winter. We would recommend a size M for him.

Question Is this suit good for triatholon swim event section?
Answer http://seavenger.com/1mm-titanium-lined-glide-skin-jumpsuit-men-p-1511.html
The suit you reference can work for a triathlon swim event, depending on water temperatures and swim distance. Another choice might be this 1mm titanium lined suit which gives you warmth in addition to more flexibility.

Question Hey there. I'm 6'6" and am a tree. I'll be using the suit during surfing. I weigh 156 32"waist and a thin chest. Is there a size you think would work? I'd assume the 6'6 version is too large.
Answer Unfortunately, we believe your dimensions will not work for any of our off-the-rack wetsuits; the larger sizes, height-wise, are for much heavier individuals.

Question would this suit be ok for surfing
Answer Yes, this suit will be very good for surfing, especially in California.

Question i am 5'9 155lbs waist size 32. chest about 38-39. i will be kayaking in the california ocean. what size and what mm do you recommend?
Answer http://seavenger.com/1mm-metalite-full-male-p-1181.html

We recommend a size M. The suit you reference is a good choice especially for the price. These 1mm suits are also excellent, and would give you much more flexibility. Depending on what time of year you are kayaking, they're also a very good choice.


Answer You do not specify how tall you are, but in all probability the XL will be ok since there is not a huge length difference and the extra room in arms and legs will be there.

Question I notice that you don't carry MT sizes. What would you suggest for someone like me that doesn't really fit your size chart? (6'0"; 165lbs.; skinny chest) Also, any combo deals with a women's version of this?


Answer These suits are cut on the small side, so a size L should fit you. Yes, we have the same combo deal for the women's version.

Question I will be snorkeling in spring water and the ocean with temperatures @ 72 degrees. I am 6'3", 220lbs.38" waist what size should I buy.
Answer You do not give your other dimensions such as chest and hips, but it sounds like you would take a 3XL which we do not have in this suit.
We do have it this suit:

Or, you may want to consider a shorty such as this one:
http://seavenger.com/3mm-stylish-tropical-shorty-blue-mens-p-315.html 3XL

Question How much is delivery to Calgary? Thanks
Answer Flat rate, $30

Question Hi there, I'm interested in this item. What size can you recommend? My clothing size is XL. My weight- 220lbs, height -5’7 in, waist -44”, hip -44”, chest -44”.
Do you sale it to Canada?

For my wife I am interested in Model#: CWSJ0125-PB
Brand: IST
What size can you recommend? Her clothing size is M-L. Weight - 140lbs, height -5’5 in, waist -36”, hip -46”, chest -40”.

Answer For you we recommend 2XL. For your wife, size 13, but these wetsuits are meant for taller individuals, so the fit will not be perfect.

Yes, we ship to Canada, flat rate $30

Question I am requesting the appropriate sizing to order in this wetsuit. I tried replying to the email you sent me but I'm not sure if it worked. My height is 6'2, 190lbs chest is 42inches. My wife is 5'3", 140lbs, bust size is 36. Please let me know what you would recommend. Thanks in advance....Corey
Answer To assists you better, we will need the following measurements, chest, hip, and waist.

Question Would this be a good suit for riding jet skis in Michigan? Looking for the best size in mens for someone 6'2" tall, 190lbs, 34"waist....Also looking for best size/style for a women's suit 5'5"tall, 130 lbs....28"waist....Thanks for any help you can provide!!!
Answer For jet skis, this is a good suit, but to find out the best size please provide us with your chest measurement also. thanks

Question Combo suits, how would I order them & do they zipp up in the front?
Answer They zip up from the back. If you want a combo deal, just add both items into your shopping cart and it will automatically apply the combo to your order.

Question Does this suit have seals at the wrist, andkles, and neck?
Answer No, it doesn't. FYI, most suits with seals are at least 5mm.

Question Do you have the 2.5mm Purpose Watersport Jumpsuits Steamer - Men
in 3XL for the sale's price.

Answer Sorry, we do not have 3XL for that suit.

Question Is this a good suit for surfing also?
Answer Yes this is an ideal suit for surfing as well.

Question Is this a good diving wet suit. My friend is a diver in Mexico. He is about 160 lbs. 5 feet 7 inches
and wears a medium shirt and waist size 33-34.
Would you recommend this item and if so what size.

Answer This is a terrific wetsuit, as long as the water isn't too cold. I definitely recommend it. He should get size M, although I would check his chest size as well. If his chest exceeds 39 inches, you might want to look at a large size.

Submited By: Pico (Rick) Cianflone on 08/05/2013
Additional comments I have used this suit a few times and did a triathlon in it on Sunday, which was my intended purpose for it. It performed better than my expectations! For those who are getting into triathlons you will not be disappointed by this suit, comfortable, superb range of motion, I never felt restricted anywhere, for $58 can you say deal? You can go out and spend @$200 for a Zoot if you like, but why? I do want to have the sleeves and inseams shortened, just to make it easier to slough off, 4" on the sleeves and 3" on the legs.


Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Pico (Rick) Cianflone on 07/18/2013
This is an awesome suit for the money. I usually take a medium and opted for the large because it was described "as a tight fit" I'm 5'6" 160 lbs, with a 42 chest and 33 waist, 39" in the hips. I was worried the inseam and arm lenght, I have a 30" inseam, and long arms for a short guy. The suit is tight, but once on felt great, the inseam and arm lenghts are acceptable, although 1/2" shorter on each would be my preference. I was impressed by the high quality at a very low price.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Sherri on 12/26/2012
Fit great and arrived on time!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Lee on 11/19/2012
Great wetsuit for the price!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Richard Moore aka TheCanadianFreeTrader on 06/07/2011
This jumpsuit is make out of great quality material, tailoring and badging, but is is small compared to other neoprene suits in the same size classification: XL. I had bought an O'Brien Zen size L, and it was too small to close the back, even though I am just under 200lbs and just shy of 6', and so I bought one IST size XL and it was too small, needing help to close the back, and so I bought two more, size XXL, which aren't received yet.

I think the template for the jumpsuits needs a little bit of relaxing to suit the size classification.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 5 of 5 product reviews

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