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Wetsuits, Surfing, Scuba & Diving Wetsuits - How to Choose a Wetsuit! » Women's Wetsuits, Surfing & Scuba Diving Wetsuits for Women | Seavenger » 3/2mm delphite full (female)
3/2mm delphite full (female)

3/2mm delphite full (female)
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3/2mm delphite full (female)
3/2mm delphite full (female)
3/2mm delphite full (female)

Model#: TI--JS3130
Brand: Tilos

Retail Price: $195.99
Seavenger Price: $159.95
(18% off retail)

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Product Description
The 3/2mm is a classic, one of surfing and divingís great all-purpose suits for warm- temperate and even cold water. The womenís 3/2 Delphite full from Tilos is one of the best, specifically-designed-for-women wetsuits ever made, and features all kinds of touches you will appreciate. Maximizes stretch without compromising durability. Its slimming effect design will appeal to you, as will the combination of three different stretch materials to maximize comfort without compromising durability and shape retention. This is a diverís wetsuit, but itís actually flexible enough to surf in. The chest and back are constructed of 3mm Titanium StretchSkin ensuring your body stays warm during long dives. Sleeves and legs are stretchy 2mm 250% Ti-SuperStretch for mobility where you need it most. Add to that GlideSkin seal gaskets on collar, sleeve and leg openings reduces flushing, and this suit feels more like a diveskin than a wetsuit. Other features include flat-stitching throughout, a sturdy non-corrosive YKK #10 zipper head with pull tab and Velcro locking, back key pocket (youíll love that) and Prebent Tatex kneepads.


Tilos -- perhaps the best kept secret in wetsuits.

Material Structure

  • 3mm Ti-Stretch skin chest
  • 3mm Ti-Stretch back
  • 2mm 250% Ti-SuperStretch sleeves & legs
  • Adjustable 250% SuperStretch GlideSkin seal collar


  • Flat-Stitched throughout entire suit
  • Triangle-Stitched around wrists & ankles

Extra Features

  • Back water barrier YKK #10 metal zipper head
  • Zipper pull-tab with Velcro locking
  • Back key pocket
  • Prebent Tatex kneepads


  • Slimming effect design
  • Combination of three different stretch materials to maximize stretch without compromise to durability and shape retention. It provides an excellent fit to a wide range of people.



Question I am 5'5" and 215 lbs. 44 x 38 x 46.
I'm looking for a little added warmth for Hawaii in March. A rash guard and swim tights don't seem to do the trick.
Are there any suits you sell that will fit me? I don't mind rolling up sleeves or legs and I don't mind unisex as long as I can get it on. Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Answer We recommend dive skins:

or you may try the 1mm or 3mm wetsuits:

Question Hi...

Thanks for answering my questions so quickly. You were very helpful, but I have another concern. I know how cold this water is for me. You had recommended a few hoods for me, one being a hood without the collar. I'm definitely more interested in covering my neck (cuz I'm a big baby).....so my question is..... If the hood does not have a collar, will I have quite a bit more water seepage or is the benefit of a collar mainly warmth?

Also.. your sizing charts have a misspelled line.

Where it reads...

"the larger size would is recommended." It should read either "would be recommended." OR..
"is recommended."

Hope that's not offensive...
Just an oversight I'm sure, but I'd wanna know if it were my website.

THANKS AGAIN for all your advice!!
Looking forward to your answer so I can go ahead and purchase my stuff! :)

Answer Especially with the wetsuit we recommended, there should be minimal water flushing. In fact, it is the small amount of water that enters the suit which creates the layer of insulated warmth between the neoprene and skin. However, you will get practically zero water entry with a hood and collar which can go over or under the wetsuit's neck.

Question Hi I am interested in the 3/2 mm Delphine full female wetsuit. My question is sizing. You show a sizing chart by size but have listed s,m,l,XL, and XXL. How do I know which one is which? I am a size 16 please let me know which one to order. also if it is the wrong size what is the exchange policy?
Thank you,

Answer If you scroll down past the product description, you will see a size chart that goes to 15. You can get a more specific idea by matching your dimensions to the chart, and determining if the 15 will fit. We have a full refund and exchange policy on wetsuits returned within 45 days.

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