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Wetsuits, Surfing, Scuba & Diving Wetsuits - How to Choose a Wetsuit! » Women's Wetsuits, Surfing & Scuba Diving Wetsuits for Women | Seavenger » 3mm Nylon II reversible jumpsuit with front zip - Womens
3mm Nylon II reversible jumpsuit with front zip - Womens

3mm Nylon II reversible jumpsuit with front zip - Womens

Model#: ISC-WS023-W
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $140
Seavenger Price: $119.95
(14% off retail)

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Product Description
Reversible!!! Itís very functional, durable, all-purpose and cost-effective -- also feminine and gender-specific in its fit, support and comfort.

This 3mm Nylon II neoprene womenís jumpsuit is for cold-warm water in the 65F and up range. Wetsuit can be worn inside out, and vice versa, so thereís no need to turn the suit back after drying; youíre good to go -- either way. Two sides are Blue + Black, and all Black. Thereís a single front main zip for easy entry, high-quality 3mm nylon II neoprene throughout, blind stitching for comfort and durability, and flexible ergonomic kneepads provide strength and protection.

This is just a hardworking wetsuit with flair thatíll stand up and take it dive after dive after dive. Great item for rental suppliers.

  • Reversible!!! Can be worn inside out so there is no need to turn the suit back after drying (Blue + Black as shown, all Black on the other)
  • Single front main zip for easy entry
  • Great for rental


  • 3mm nylon II neoprene
  • Blind stitched
  • Flexible kneepad provides durability and protection

Womens wetsuit size chart


Question Hi interested in buying this wetsuit- I ordered one last year it was a size 7 and it was way too big. My measurements: 5'4" 118 lbs. Petite build-34 chest 36 hips - no butt! LOL What size would you recommend. I like the front zip suits. I bought IST Proline front zip for you a few years back. Love that suit!
Answer Try size 5

Question Hi! I'm looking for a suit to keep me warm in waters of ~74 degrees F. What size would I need to order? Measurements are: HEIGHT: 5 ft 1/2 in (gotta throw that half inch in!) :) WEIGHT: ~93 lbs BUST/CHEST: 33 in WAIST: 25 in HIPS 32.5-33 in. I feel in between sizes and don't know what to do! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

Answer We suggest that you try size 5.

Question I am looking for a wetsuit that I can use for swimming laps (freestyle) in a spring fed pool in the winter. Water temperature can be as low as 65 degrees. Does this suit have good range of motion in the shoulders or would some other suit be better?
Answer You may also try our super stretch 3mm women wetsuit:


Question First, what does the inside/reversible side of the suit look like color wise? Just like the outside except for the blue streaks? And secondly, I'm 150lb+, 5'10"+, 37" 29" 37". Will the 13 fit okay or will it be too lose on the hips and chest?
Answer This wetsuit is all black on the reverse side. It appears that a size 13 will fit you well.

Question Trying to order womens wet suit, model WS023-w, size 15, but am unable to get the chart indicator to register 15, can you help?
Answer We do not have size 15 available in that suit at this time.

Question I am 5ft 6in weigh122 lbs.36inch bust 28 inch waist 36 inch hips want it for swimming in pool 80 degrees...is this the right item for me
Answer http://seavenger.com/1mm-titanium-lined-glide-skin-jumpsuit-women-p-1512.html
The wetsuit you reference is too thick for swimming in 80 degree water. If you want a full suit, the above 1mm will be more comfortable. Size 7
If you want a shorty, this suit will work in size 9/10:
And, if you want a great 1mm neoprene swimsuit with metalite that will keep you very warm but give you a lot more mobility than any of the above solutions we recommend this swim suit:
http://seavenger.com/isis-1mm-neoprene-one-piece-swimwear-for-women-swimsuit-bathing-suit-p-1454.html size M

Question I will be swimming in a spring and the ocean with temperatures of appx 72 degrees. I am 5'3", 130lbs, 37"x32 1/2"x40". I am buying it for warmth and will be snorkeling.
Answer In this suit, we recommend a size 11 -- even though it is for a taller individual, the other dimensions are in keeping with this size. You will have to adjust sleeves and ankles by rolling them up.

Also, 72 degrees is on the top end of this suit for thickness; you may want to consider a shorty such as this one is size 4

Question I forgot to add this to my previous question; I am 5'2 and about 145 lbs. what size do you recommend? (an 8s in men's seemed to fit when I tried it on but I have never owned a suit before so I don't know)
Answer http://seavenger.com/3mm-wetsuit-scuba-diving-gear-womens-p-131.html

These are probably better choices for surfing. It seems that size 11 will fit, but without the other dimensions on the chart -- chest, waist, hip -- it's hard to say for sure.

Question will the zipper be bothersome when I am laying on my stomach on a surf board?
Answer Yes, as a surfer, I do not recommend a front zip wetsuit not only because it's bothersome, but it scrapes the deck and gets full of wax. Front zip is better for diving.

Question I am confused about the sizing for this product. I'm 5'2", 124 pounds, chest 34, waist 30, hips 36. What size would you suggest?
Answer We would recommend size 9.

Question Hello,

it looks like I found what I am surching for. frontzip nice colours (no pink). I wonder wether it will fit me. So to see andd measure I am a size 9..., only the lenght seems to be too short. (long legs I've got) I would need a 5.8 lenght.
the other question. I live in the caribean (Bonaire CN) is there any possibility to get it here, if yes... how long would it take and how much would it cost extra?
Thank you very much


Answer To get you the most accurate size, please provide us with your weight, height, chest, waist, and hip measurements. And yes we do ship to Caribbean, please provide us with the country, city, and postal code, so we can get you an accurate quote for shipping, thank you

Question This is one of the closest I've found but I am a good 6'2 around 180 with a 37 inseem (long legs) and think maybe a size 15 will do but can't seem to find any available, any suggestions? The men's sizes are too "boxy" for me and wouldn't fit right I don't think.
Answer A men's size may fit, but we would need your chest, waist and hip measurements to be sure.

Question Hello,

I am interested in this product. What is the expected life of this wetsuit? I will be using this wetsuit everyday at the pool(chlorinated water).

Thank you for your help.

Nguyet Pham

Answer Wetsuits usually lasts for years, depending on how you use them. but I am not sure if the chlorinated water will have a negative effect on the suit.

Question Hi

I am 5'1 In beteen 110 and 115 and have
a 34 26 36 I fall inbetween 3/5 but under higher sizes based on hips/waist...

Can you reccomend the best one?

Answer From your measurement, we would recommend a 5 to be skin tight fit, or a 7 to be a bit loose. But a 3 will be way too tight.

Question It appears my size will be a 15 but I am only 5'4. is that going to work?
Answer I will need your height, weight, chest, waist, and hip measurement to be sure which one is the right one for you.

Question How can a womens wetsuit be reversible? I have breasts and a butt - which I do believe most of the women in the world have, we are not all shaped like little boys. I'm tempted to order this suit just to check out that unique feature and take a couple pictures and send them to you.
Answer The wetsuit looks exactly the same once it's reversed, just the design is different. I definitely recommend it as it's been getting great reviews. And btw, we would love pictures!

Question When will I receive my order
Answer You placed the order yesterday, so it should be shipped today or latest tomorrow. Shipping takes about 3 to 7 business days, depending on your location and UPS.

Question What is your return policy and are there any fees associated with a return. Such as stocking fees?
Answer thanks for your message here is the link to our return/exchange policy

Question I have a long torso, and the womens wetsuits seem to short, would i be better off with a men's
do they run a little longer?

Answer If you are off with 1 or 2 inch, you should be ok. However if you are off like 4 inches, men's size might be better.

Question I am a bit confused about your sizing chart....I usually wear a womans 8 or 10 and wonder how that compares to the 9 and 11? I see the chart but my sizing doesnt really fit into them according to my height and wieght, tho I am sure I fit in the 9 to 11 range. So my question is if the sizes run true to size or a bit smaller or larger than size described? What feedback have you gotten from customers? I need a suit in the next 2 weeks so a prompt response would be appreciated...thankyou, Karen Nielsen
PS..I was very disappointed not to be able to talk to someone on the phone whioch could clear things up in minutes instead of days. Please have a customer service line!

Answer The size of wetsuit is run true. If your measurements are fall in two sizes, we go with a smaller size. You want the wetsuit to fit tight rather than loose.

Question What is the temperature that this wet suit will keep you warm & comfortable -- 25 degrees??
Answer This is a 3mm wetsuit which is good for temperature
65F to 72F
18C to 22C

If your water temperature is around 25C, Get 0.5mm or 2mm

Submited By: Anonymous on 04/30/2010
I want you to know how much I appreciate your wonderful suit, I just completed a 3 week dive trip with the seavenger and was quite impressed. I appreciate the front zip and had been looking for a long time to locate one...thankyou so much!! I also thought it was genius to design a suit that was reversable! Why hasnt anyone thought if that before!!?? I was so happy I gave glowing reports to ALL the divers who were on my boats.

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