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Wetsuits, Surfing, Scuba & Diving Wetsuits - How to Choose a Wetsuit! » Wetsuits for Men, Surfing & Scuba Diving Wetsuits for Men | Seavenger » 3mm SUPER STRETCH WETSUIT MENS SCUBA DIVE DIVING GEAR
3mm Wetsuit scuba diving and surf gear - mens

3mm Wetsuit scuba diving and surf gear - mens
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3mm Wetsuit scuba diving and surf gear - mens
3mm Wetsuit scuba diving and surf gear - mens
3mm Wetsuit scuba diving and surf gear - mens

Model#: SV-JP1

Retail Price: $159.99
Seavenger Price: $129.99 $69.96
(56% off retail)

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Product Description
Just in! Exclusively from Seavenger, our menís 3mm wetsuit is ideal for diving OR surfing, and is made entirely of super high-quality and flexy 3mm Nylon II neoprene throughout. Seavenger has re-designed this suit with a higher grade, stretchier neoprene. Diving or surfing, you will feel the difference. Best for warmer water, the fit is extremely comfortable, with glued and blind stitching inside and out. Thereís an over-size YKK #10 back zip with dual rubber strips to additionally seal zipper opening when closed. Additional superior touches include smooth skin fine-mesh chest panel, uniquely designed molded and grooved polyurethane knee pads for exceptional hyrdrodynamic low profile grip (great for longboard knee-paddlers) and durability, special reinforcements on all stress points and extra ankle and wrist zips, plus back zip leash. The JP1 is a fantastic buy, and destined to be a diving and surfing classic!

Dive and surf with a vengeance -- Seavenger!


Key Features
  • 3mm Nylon II Neoprene
  • Special Super Stretch Material
  • Gives unrestricted range of motion
  • Flat-lock stitching eliminates seam irritation
  • Smooth skin fine-mesh chest panel
  • Special reinforcements on all stress-points!
  • Large sized back zip (YKK size10)
  • Extra ankle and wrist zip and back zip leash
  • CE approval
  • Additional zips on wrists, ankles
  • Molded polyurethane grooved knee pad

 Mens wetsuit size chart


Question 230lbs
what dose height means?
chest 47
waist 45
hip 46

what is my suit and if it's available from this size?

Answer The size will fit is 2XL, unfortunately, it's out of stock.

Question Wat would you recommend for working on a fish farm in Mississippi... the water gets pretty cold in the winter but warm in the summer I mostly want something to keep me dry?
Answer The wetsuit won't keep you dry but keep you warm.

Question I would like to order a 2XL wetsuit but it does not allow me to pick this size, please advise
Answer We are out of size 2XL for this model.

Here is a similar one we do have size 2XL in stock.


Question I am trying to buy a suit for my son. He is 6'3" tall with a long torso. His chest is 41, waist 37, and hips 43. He weights 200 lbs. He has rented a suit in a larger size to fits his torso but the waist was loose. What size would you recommend? He needs a light weight suit for beginner scuba on Kona HI waters.
Answer http://seavenger.com/1mm-metalite-full-male-p-1181.html size 2XL
http://seavenger.com/25mm-all-purpose-tropical-watersport-shorty-men-blue-p-1066.html size 2XL
The wetsuit you reference will be too warm for HI. You might want to try either of these alternatives. If you want a full, the 1mm Tilos is an excellent choice, or for shorties, there is an IST we believe will fit him.

Question I think this is my best choice to wear while jet skiing in the fall weather-- not in the water to much but cold if I fall in occasionally. What size at 6'5" 290?? Thanks.
Answer It seems that the 4XL should fit you, but check the size chart under the product description to make sure other dimensions are within the 4XL range such as chest, waist and hip.

Question Rosarito baja mexico....for bogie board,surf board as well as snorkeling.. will 3mm full suit allow plenty of movement as well as all year warmth.....great price thks ted in baja
Answer Yes, this 3mm wetsuit is versatile for those activities, and good for Baja water temps.

Question first is size iam 5'9 160 pounds with a waist of 33 and my other question is would this be good inwater temp 65-80 degrees thanks
Answer We recommend a size M for your measurements. As for water temperatures, this suit will be fine for 65 - 75 degrees, but might start getting too hot in 80 degree water, depending, of course, on what activities you are doing.

Question I'm 5'5", wt 159, waist 34, chest 38. I'm thinking "M". Please give me your recomendation. Thanks
Answer We recommend a size M, as well. Please refer to size chart to make sure your hip dimensions are in keeping with this size recommendation.

Question In a 3mm wet suit what size should I get? 6.0' 245 its. 42 inch waist.
Answer You would probably take a 2XL or 3XL, but we cannot say for sure without your other dimensions such as chest and hip.

Question Iam 5.9 feet tall and 180lb. Waist 41and chest 40 and . Pls advise the appropriate size for 3 and 4 mm wet suits? Thanks, jay
Answer You can get size L

Question I am 5'4", 185 lbs w/43" chest, 37-38" waist. Any suggestions on size?
Answer You can get size L.

Question I would like to know what size I would wear, Height 5'8 chest 51 waist 46 weight 265.
Answer The closest size is a 4XL, but this suit will not really fit correctly since it is made for a much taller individual.

Question Can you help fit me for this jumpsuit?
I'm chest size 40, waist 39, hips 41, height 5'-7", 165lbs.


Answer We recommend a size L.

Question I am 5'9" tall, wt 213, waist 39, chest 45, please give me your recomendations for theproper wet suit. Thanks
Answer We recommend a size 2XL.

Question would this be a good suit for using in an outdoor swimming pool in New Orleans in the winter? It doesn't get too cold, 40F at the lowest all winter, but I'm not sure what the water temperature would be.


Answer 3mm is too thick for outdoor swimming. You will be better off with this 2mm
or even a 2.5mm shorty like this which will give you more mobility:

Question I am wanting a wetsuit for kayaking, would a 3 mm suit keep me comfortable when the air temp is 60 degrees?
Answer Yes, but no thicker, even 2.5 like this one

Question Can you ship this order to APO (Army Postal Office Afghanistan) and if so what is the price?
Answer The estimate cost for shipping is around $16.90. But to get the exact amount, I will need to know your postal code.

Question Weight = 200 lbs. Height = 5' 9". Waist 38", Chest = 42". I believe I should get a size = Large. Am I correct?

Do you ship to Canada, and if so what is the price?

Answer Yes, you should try the large. We do ship to Canada, the price depends on your location and the weight of your order. You can check the estimates by adding your items into your shopping cart and typing in your shipping information.


Question I am long and skinny. 6'2 and 160. Chest 34.5. What size do you recommend?
Answer There won't be a size that will fit you without it being too short or too big, but I would go with a L and maybe buy high heel neoprene socks/gloves to cover up areas the suit might run short on you.

Question My waist is 38", my chest is 44", my hips are 44", my height is 5'11" and my weight is 195. I tried an XL from a competitor of yours and it was too small. Will superstretch XL accomodate me?
Answer The XL should fit you with no problems, although keep in mind that wetsuits are skin tight, so it will still be tight on you. If you want more comfort, you may want to go a size up (although if it is loose, it won't be as warm)

Question Description says "Additional zips on wrists, ankles and chest" none of which show in the photo. Are they there? I am particularly interested in the chest/front zipper for comfort.

Also I am right on the edge on all the measures between a large and a medium. Any suggestion which to try? Most suits seem to run a little large or small. What about this one?

Answer Sorry the zips are on wrists, ankles and back only.

All wetsuits are run a little small since they mean to be skintight.

Question Hello....I live in Naples Florida and do not want to heat my pool this winter but I want to do aggressive water aerobics. I need something very flexible for working out and enough warm protection for water that will range from 60 or 65 on the low side to 70 to 80 on the high side. I want flexibility and easy on/off. Full suitcover both arms & legs. I am 5' 11" and 190 lbs. Do I need a 1mm or 3mm suit & will a 3mm wetsuit be flexible so I can do my exercises? The propoline Dive suit looks more flexible but is it warm enough for the lower temps ...60's??
Answer Yep this is a good one, but if you want more flexible one get the shorty.

Here is a 2.5mm shorty.


You can get size L.

Question What is your return policy if it does not fit?
Answer You have 45 days for return and exchange


Question What is the difference between a jumpsuit and a wetsuit? I want something to keep me dry and warm while sailing, and in case I should capsize and end up in the water.
Answer hello thanks for your message, wetsuit is what we call all the scuba/snorkeling/surfing suits, there are two different type of wetsuits, a jumpsuit is a full suit that covers your whole body and the other type is a shorty.

Question i would like a wetsuit for water temp of 50-60 degrees i am 5'9" tall, wt 205, waist 36, chest 44
please give me your recomendations, tks dale

Answer For water temp of 50-60 degrees, you will need something like 6.5mm or 7mm 2 piece wetsuit. However, I will need to double check with the manufacture which size is best for you. I will get back to you on Monday.

Submited By: Jerry on 12/30/2012
I have just returned from diving in Cozumel, Belize and Rotan. Used my new Seavenger wetsuit, now I have a few different wetsuits but none more comfortable, fit good and I did not feel trapped in my suit. I would highly recommended this wetsuit to any diver.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Charlie Eng on 06/30/2012
I ordered both a Medium & Large to try on, my old Bare Jumpsuit is a Medium. While the Medium just fit me, I added a hood and felt I need the next size up. The Large gave me more room in my chest area.

Material is very soft and flexible. The seams are NOT blind stitched but I felt it didn't matter as I used it in 75-80F degree ocean. The stitch is the railroad tracks type which goes thru the material.

Zippered sleeves and legs have a flap of neoprene but is not really gusseted so if your fit is loose from the bottom of the zipper to the top of the zipper, you will feel the suit flushing the water thru the zippers. I did not alter the fit yet but plan to now that I have 2 dives on it to see how it behaves.

You will notice if the fit is loose on the ankles and wrists - at the end or during the dive the sleeves will ride up away from your glove lline. The ankle will ride up also if the fit is too loose as in my case, covering my booties with the loose fit didn't hold well for me as I tend to flex my knees to kick my fins.

This is a great jumpsuit - will be fine when I get it altered for a tigher fit at the wrists and ankles. Added the bibbed hood and the neck flushing did not happen at all. I was toasty here in this area.

If I wore out this suit, I'd still by this suit again! Great price too!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Brian Grandt on 10/14/2011

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Ed Maxwell on 04/18/2011
I am commenting on size only since I haven't worn the suit into the water. I am Xtra Large on everything. 192 pounds, 5"11". Large upper body. The XLarge was too small, by a lot. I went with the XXLarge and it fits very well. A tad large for me, but a lot closer than the XLarge. I am a senior, so loose it better for me than extra tight. I'm not trying to impress anyone on the beach and any warmth is better than a bathing suit in Maine when I'm body surfing with the grandkids.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 04/13/2011
Good quality wetsuit. So far, so good after three dives.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Keisha-Khan Perry on 02/18/2011

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: George Masciarelli on 01/27/2010
I tried it out yesterday in the pool and it worked great at 51'F. I do not suggest it will work that low for everyone, but it does for me.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 09/24/2009
Great super stretch material.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Keisha-Khan Perry on 08/19/2009
It was a great price and the suit has been great. It keep me warm when I go on my diving and deep water fishing expeditions. This a great value.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Preta on 08/19/2009
This suit is excellent and I have been enjoying diving in it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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