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Wetsuits, Surfing, Scuba & Diving Wetsuits - How to Choose a Wetsuit! » Women's Wetsuits, Surfing & Scuba Diving Wetsuits for Women | Seavenger » 5mm jumpsuit with super stretch in key area - ankle & Wrist zips -Womens
5mm jumpsuit with super stretch in key area - Womans

5mm jumpsuit with super stretch in key area - Womans

Model#: WS705R
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $185
Seavenger Price: $129.95
(30% off retail)

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Product Description
This is a very versatile and elegant womenís 5mm diving jumpsuit for cold water with super stretch in key movement areas. Functional and durable, itís also feminine and gender-specific in its fit, support and comfort. Constructed with long-lasting, soft nylon II neoprene throughout most of the suit, there is special super-stretch material in key areas like the arms, back and groin areas providing unrestricted range of motion. Triple glued and blind stitched for better seam strength, and to eliminate most water seepage. Special reinforcement is provided on all stress points which adds to its structural integrity. Special kneepads protect, as well as enhance movement. Over-size YKK #10 back zip eliminates zip snags, our low profile zipper flap folds over a closed zipper to further seal and secure it, and extra ankle and wrist zips, plus back zip leash makes getting in/out of this suit fast and easy.

Stay warm, flexible and stylish with IST.

  • Stylish diving jumpsuit in different thickness options.
  • Made with comfort in mind, special super stretch material is utilised for key areas to make the suit fits like a second skin, giving unrestricted range of motion.
  • CE approved
  • Long lasting, soft nylon II neoprene is used throughout the model
  • The thicker 5mm suits are triple glued and blind stitched for better seam strength and eliminate the great majority of water seepage.
  • With special super-stretch material in key areas like the arm pits, back and crotch
  • Special kneepads protect yet it does not hinder leg movement.
  • Special reinforcements on all stress points add to the suits structural integrity.
  • Large sized back zip (YKK size 10) eliminates woeful zip problems
  • Extra ankle and wrist zips and back zip leash assist donning and doffing

Womens wetsuit size chart


Question Hi:
I'm a 70 yr. old woman who lose to swim. I have a shorty for warm water but think I need warmer full suit. I'm 5'4" weight 104 waist about 28-29 hips about 32?
What size would you recommend? Is there a hooded full suit?

Answer Size 7 would be a good start, 5 might be too tight in certain area; unless you'd preferred a snugged/tight fit.

Question my wife is 5'4 116 lbs 34 chest 25 waist 35 hips
what size will she need?

Answer 7

Question Howdy!
Sizing dilemma:
5'4"" 128 lbs 38/30/38
Also, is this suit good for just swimming?

Answer Try size 7 first. Water sports that needs to keep warm.

Question What mm suit do I need for an outdoor pool with temps 60-70F? Also, what size do you recommend? I am 5'3-1/2", 145 lb, chest 39", waist 27", 37" hips. Will socks or booties be better for my feet?

Answer Please check size 9 and 11.

Question I have a size 7 in your 3mm (Model # SV-JP5-W) and love it!! Should I go with a size 7 in this 5mm as well?
Answer Yes, go with a size 7.

Question Going rafting in west v in a couple weeks, not going to swim but water will be cold. what do you recommend?
Answer We do recommend the 3mm for flexibility purposes. If you find 3mm not warm enough, we do suggest to try the wetsuit below:


Question I am 5'2, 130 lbs, 29 waist
Answer We recommend that you try size 9.

Question Last year I bought your 3mm, LOVED IT! Just got back from Roatan and have to say it was great!. However, I am needing a 5mm or a 7mm for a Jan. trip to the Socorro islands. Temp is said to be around 73-78. Which mm would you suggest? Also, I have a 9 in your 3mm, I am tall and it is a bit short in arms and legs but fits great everywhere else. Should I bump up in size if I bump up in mm? Thank you!
Answer Here is a link that would give you good suggestion on choosing wetsuit thickness.

Question Hi 4"11 ..28 waist...331/2 chest ?.35 hips and 107 lbs..I interested with this model # WS705R please help me what size I need to buy thanks.
Answer We will recommend you to get the size 7.

Question I am 5'9" and weigh 110 lb I will be using this suit for canyoneering so I don't want to spend a lot because it will probably get ripped up. 34" hips, 25" waist and 32" chest. I get really cold easily.
Answer We will recommend you to get the size 5.
However, it may be a bit too short.

Question Hi.....

I'm really interested in continuing my workout at the lake, but the winter temps are killing me. I haven't been in two months and will do what it takes to get back to it. Temps are in the low 50's, but feels like -50!!!!!!

I'm 5'9" 30" waist 36" chest and 39" hips. I swim across the lake and back so I NEED a full range of motion, especially in the arms and back. I prefer a front zip if possible. Please recommend a hoodie, boots and gloves. I don't have a big budget for this.


Answer http://seavenger.com/32mm-delphite-full-female-p-1246.html Size XL
The suit you referenced is ok for the water temps, but the 5mm will be too constricting for swimming. This suit will give you the flexibility you need, plus the chest and back are made of 3mm Titanium which will give you extra warmth. Sleeves and legs are 2mm 250% Titanium super stretch, and the wetsuit is made by Tilos, an excellent manufacturer. All-in-all, this is a superior suit, expecially for the activity you describe.

http://seavenger.com/1mm-metallight-coated-neoprene-beanie-p-1147.html This Metalite coated beanie will give you more warmth, ear protection, and is non-constrictive, as well.
http://seavenger.com/3mm-pullon-socks-p-1134.html Bare feet are preferable to booties or socks, (perhaps not in 50F water) but we recommend socks, not booties for swimming, and these will fit under the cuff of your wetsuit so they will not get water-logged.
http://seavenger.com/15mm-power-paddle-webbed-surf-and-dive-gloves-p-1609.html We recommend these gloves which we designed specifically for swimming or surfing, and are just in.
http://seavenger.com/closeout-sale-body-board-flipper-fins-black-with-red-size-only-p-416.html You might want to consider fins, and these can be worn with or without socks.

Question I'm having trouble with sizing. I'm 5'3'' 1565lbs, 34'' waist, 38'' hips and 44'' chest. What size do you recommend?

I am also planning on diving in 68 - 78 degree
water. What Mill rating?

Answer It appears you are between sizes 13 and 15, in which case we recommend the size 15. These are for an individual taller than you, but it should average out, with some roll-up adjustments at sleeves and cuffs. The suit you reference does not come in size 15, and 5mm is on the thick side for the water temps 68-78. This suit, 3mm is recommended for that range, and comes in size 15.

Question I am 5ft 3in, I weigh 168, chest measure43,waist33, hips43. what size? I currently own a 3mm suit from Body Glove in a size 13/14 that fits fine.
Answer We compared the size charts between these suits, and it seems that our size 15 would be your size, but however, the size 13 also seems comparable to Body Glove's 13/14. We recommend trying the size 13 since we do not have this suit in the 15; it should fit, if not return it for refund or exchange.

Question I am 5'9", 197 Lbs. Do you have anything in my size? I am looking for a full wetsuit.
Answer http://seavenger.com/32mm-men-skin-chest-jumpsuit-female-black-pebble-blue-p-1191.html
You might want to try this suit, but we cannot recommend a suit specifically without the other dimensions such as chest, waist and hip.

Question I am 5 feet 4 inches
115 pounds
chest 34
waist 28
hip 36

what size would you recommend?

Answer We recommend a size 9. It seems you are between sizes, in which case we suggest the larger.

Question I am a woman and am 5 ft. Tall and weigh 130 lbs.
I am 30 waist and 40 hips
I want a 5 mil. What is your return policy?
What size will be big enough but not too long.

Answer Although you do not provide the chest measurement which we would need to recommend a specific size, it appears you would take a size 11 which, as you can see from the size chart is for a taller individual. The wetsuit would require some roll-up adjustments at cuffs and ankles.

Question Hi, I am 98Lb 5'3" 30in-chest 23-waist 34-hip What size should I choose?
Answer You can get size 5

Question What mm is needed just to wear in an outdoor swimming pool for exercise in Alabama during winter months?
Answer Do you know what's the water temperature?

Question Hi: I'm 5''8, weight 125 lbs and have long legs. I usually wear a size 4 in clothes. Which size do you recommend that will be long enough for me? I live in MA where waters are typically cold. Thanks
Answer You will probably wear a size 9 or 11, but we cannot tell for sure without other dimensions such as chest waist and hip.

Question Hello. My teenage daughter is taking a Marine Biology course that requires a 5mm wetsuit. Chest 33, Waist 29, Hip 38.5, Height 5'6, Weight 130. What size suit should I purchase? Thanks a bunch.
Answer We recommend size 11

Question My wife is 5'2", 130 pounds, waist 30", Chest 36-37. What size should she get? What is the return policy if it doesn't fit her? Does this zip at the ankles and in the rear back? Are the zippers brass?

Do you have this in male sizes? I am 5'11" 235 pounds, Waist 45", Chest 45" what size should I get?

Is 5mm good for tropical islands too? What kind of seal is this Wetsuit?

Answer http://seavenger.com/3mm-jumpsuit-with-super-stretch-key-area-mans-p-303.html

We recommend size 13 for your wife and size 4XL for you, but these are meant for taller individuals so there will be a need to adjust sleeves and ankle lengths by rolling them up.

5mm is probably too thick for tropical waters. There are Velcro seals, and ankle and wrist zips in addition to back zip.

Question Help! I am 5'2" & my chest is 40", waist 32", hips 44". What do you suggest size 13/15?


Answer size 15

Question How thin is the super stretch material in the key areas on this suit? 5 mm suit, but what about the pits back crotch, 3 mm?

I am waist 31, hip 38, chest 35, height 5'9". Which size should I pick?


Answer The suit is all around 5mm, also from the measurement you provided, we would recommend a size 11.

Question I'm having trouble with sizing. I'm 5'8'' 125lbs, 33'' waist, 36'' hips and 36'' chest. What size do you recommend?
Answer I recommend size 9, although it might be slightly shorter and tight on your waist area. Size 11 seems it might be loose on you but it should work as well. If you are going to be in cold waters, I recommend size 9 for sure.

Question How thick does the wersuit need to be for 34 degree ocean water? I weigh about 164 and an 5'6", what size is best? Recommendations for hood, gloves, booties....Novice, not looking to break the bank.

What is your return policy if things do not fit?

Answer 34 Fahrenheit?

You will need 7mm (or 2 pieces) + hooded vest.

7mm wetsuit - size 13

hooded vest



Return policy

Question what water temperatures is this produce used for ?
Answer 5mm is good for 56F to 65F water temperatures

Question How do I know if the suits I am looking at are for swimming or diving or ... They look all the same to me. I need a suit that I can swim in 50-60 degree temp.
Answer It is designed for diving, but you can use it for swimming too.

Submited By: Gisela Cobenas on 02/16/2011
It's a great wetsuit just a little bit short for my height (1.68 m), couldn't get the next size because my weight (55 kg)

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Gabriela Pardini on 08/08/2010
Greate product

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 2 of 2 product reviews

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