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Wetsuits, Surfing, Scuba & Diving Wetsuits - How to Choose a Wetsuit! » Wetsuits for Men, Surfing & Scuba Diving Wetsuits for Men | Seavenger » 7mm jumpsuit with super stretch in key area - ankle & Wrist zips -Mens
7mm jumpsuit with super stretch in key area - Mans

7mm jumpsuit with super stretch in key area - Mans

Model#: WS707
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $220
Seavenger Price: $184.95
(16% off retail)

Available Options:

Product Description
This is a very versatile and stylish menís 7mm diving jumpsuit for very cold water with super stretch in key movement areas. Constructed with long-lasting, soft nylon II neoprene throughout most of the suit, there is special super-stretch material in critical movement areas like the arms, back and groin areas providing unrestricted range of motion. Special reinforcement is provided on all stress points which adds to its structural integrity. Special kneepads protect, as well as enhance movement. Triple glued and blind stitched for better seam strength and to eliminate most water seepage. Over-size YKK #10 back zip eliminates zip snags, our low profile zipper flap folds over a closed zipper to further seal and secure it, and extra ankle and wrist zips, plus back zip leash makes non-assisted getting in/out of this suit fast and easy.

Stay warm and flexible in 7mm for hundreds less with IST.

  • Stylish diving jumpsuit in different thickness options.
  • Made with comfort in mind, special super stretch material is utilised for key areas to make the suit fits like a second skin, giving unrestricted range of motion.
    • Nylon II neoprene, double wrist & ankle seals and smooth-skin back zip seal prevent water exchange through these openings.
  • CE approved
  • Long lasting, soft nylon II neoprene is used throughout the model
  • The thicker 7mm suits are triple glued and blind stitched for better seam strength and eliminate the great majority of water seepage.
  • With special super-stretch material in key areas like the arm pits, back and crotch
  • Special kneepads protect yet it does not hinder leg movement.
  • Special reinforcements on all stress points add to the suits structural integrity.
  • Large sized back zip (YKK size 10) eliminates woeful zip problems
  • Extra ankle and wrist zips and back zip leash assist donning and doffing

 Mens wetsuit size chart


Question I am looking for a man's suit, for a man 5' 9" 130 pounds. Water temp averages 52 degrees, and he'll be mostly kayaking, occasionally snorkling. Is this an appropriate suit and what size would fit?
Answer The suit would work for the purpose, please refer to size chart and verify the measurement for appropriate size selection.

Question I am 6'2/6'3" 225lbs 43" chest and stomach 34"-36" waist 45" hips. I am literately on the fence between the XL and the XXL please help.
Answer Try the XL

Question I'm 5'9 275 lbs 44"waist 53"chest? Would I need a 4 XL wet suit ? I'm thinking this but want to be sure before ordering.
Thank you.

Answer We suggest that you try the 3XL.

Question I am looking for some sizing help: I'm about 5'10 1/2, 175-180 lbs, 32 inch waist; I'm not quite sure of my chest measurements, but I would guess in the 36-38inch range. My thoughts are to go with a medium suit, but I wanted to see if perhaps you thought a large might be a better idea. I'd prefer a size that fits pretty snug but doesn't restrict movement as I will quite active in the suit. Thank you for your help. - Jake
Answer We suggest for you to acquire chest and hip measurements for accurate sizing. If not, we suggest for you to try size Large.

Question Hi i m 5'9' and 190 pounds, my wist is 34, and loosing same lb, which size are you advice me?
For with temperature is 7mm?
how is the procesiong the change for size?

Answer We suggest for you to try size Large. 7mm wetsuit will keep you warm with water temperature as low as 48 degrees. For exchange, simply ship the new item back to us with a packing slip stating which size you would like to exchange for. We will process accordingly.

Question I think I need a 4x.What do you think? 5'10" 300lbs chest 53" tummy 53" waist 42" hips 50"
Answer Yes, we do recommend 4XL for you.

Question Got any 7mm in xl ?
Answer For this one we are out of stock, and will not have shipment in for awhile. But can give you a huge discount price on the Quantum 7mm.
Here is the link.
Please give us a call if you are interested.

Question Can this WS707 be put in a washing machine? If
so , what would be best cold gentle ? Any
particular soap work well ?

PS you are spot on with your sizing info
you gave me THANK YOU

Answer http://seavenger.com/wetsuit-drysuit-shampoo-p-737.html

This is a very good, gentle soap made especially to shampoo dry and wetsuits. Wetsuits don't need to be shampooed after every go-out, either. Even though you can wash a wetsuit in a gentle, cold cycle, we have found that wetsuits will last longer if you hand wash them in the bathtub, and thoroughly rinse in cold water, or even hose them off well, and then hang them up. Here is a good sturdy hanger for that:

Question Hi
I need your advise on sizing for the IST WS707!
I am about 5'10" , 34-35 inch waist, 40-41 chest,
hips about 38-39 and weight is about 204 lbs
but I have been losing weight and intend to be around 185-190 by the time I go out.
I need the 7mm for the cold ... I have a large
3/2mm bodyglove suit which is a hair big maybe due to usage though and a tommyd 7mm in a large
which is nice and snug (which is what I like)
but is hard to get in and out of without help
due to the front zipper (it was a gift)
Can you help me with the best size for me ?
If I bought 2 sizes , could you give me a good
deal on the price ??
Thanks Much
Rich S

Answer You might be a size L when you've dropped the lbs, but for now we'd recommend the XL. In fact, the XL might even work as you drop weight because these suits are cut on the smaller side. If you buy two, here is a 10% coupon code: M7889.

Question what color is the mens 7mm ws707 ?
are ankle zippers on the inside or outside of ankels?

Answer This wetsuit is black; ankle zippers are on the outside of ankles.

Question We need advice in 2 areas. Our 14 yr old son is 6-1 and abut 140#. Should we go with the medium or large suit? Planning for open water 60+ ft dive in Bahamas mid April. 5mm vs 7mm suit? (he dislikes being cold). Thanks for your help.
Answer We recommend the large since these suits are cut small and he is also likely to grow. Even 5mm ought to be on the warm side.

Question I am 5'11" with a chest about 42-44 waist about 30-32 and approx 175 lbs... What size would work?
Answer Your measurements fall between a L and XL; we would recommend XL to be safe.

Question Looking for a suit to winter trout fish and kayak in, wade fishing waist to chest deep. 33 deg f to 55 deg f, a ski life vest will be worn. have went under water in full winter clothing fast moving deep water, not fun, need neopreme socks,head gear,gloves seperate

Height 5` 6"
weight 200 lbs
waist 40"
hips 42"
chest 41"


Answer We would recommend a L or XL, they both will be a bit long, but it will stretch out a bit on the waist part, so they should be fine. L will be skin tight fit, and XL will be a bit loose.

Question I am 6'2" tall, 230lbs, and my chest measures 43". I am looking for a 7mm full suit, can you recommend the correct suit/size?
Answer I will need your waist and hip measurement also to get the right size.

Question I am 5'7". weigh 168lbs, chest size 42, waist 35. I'm think L. Any suggestions?
Answer Yea you need a size L, it may run a bit long for you though.

Question I am 5'6" & 165lbs. chest/38' and hip/39' what size should I wear?
Answer You should try a M size.

Question I am 6ft 2inches tall and weigh 295 what size and type of jumpsuit do you recommend. My instructor recommended a 3mm suit.
Answer Unfortunately our suits might be a bit tight on you, but your best bet would be the 3mm super stretch suit in 4XL. The most important measurement would be the chest, so you should refer to our size chart and make sure your chest isn't too tight. Here is the link to the suit I'm talking about:


Question I am 5'9 & 200lbs with a 48/50 chest what size suite would fit me best both full or shorty.
Answer Size XL will fit the best.

Question would a 7mm wetsuite be the right suit to swim in an outdoor pool water temp aroud 55* I am 6'0 187lbs what size I assume medium? also what do you recommend for young girls age 6? We would like to have plenty of warmth and ability to swim laps out doors in the winter months.
Thank you,

Answer For water temp around 55, 5mm wetsuit is better and more mobility than 7mm. Size Large is your size.

Option 1: 5mm

Option 2: 3mm wetsuit + 3mm vest for more mobility than 5mm
3mm wetsuit http://seavenger.com/3mm-wetsuit-scuba-diving-gear-mens-p-127.html

3mm vest

Option 3:
3/4 mm (good for water temp around 60) for more mobility than 5mm.

Regarding your second question about the young girl wetsuit, you can get a 3mm wetsuit plus 2mm Shorty.

3mm wetsuit

2mm Shorty

3mm Shorty

Question What temp rating is this 7mm suit rated for?

How long is the warranty?

What if I find that the size does not fit? What is your refund policy?

Answer 7mm suit is good for water temperature 48-56 F

It came with 1 year warranty.

If the size does not fit, you can send it back for another size.

Question hi,
i am 181 cm tall and 70 kg, i want to buy a 7mm full wetsuit. what size should i take. do i have to custom make it.

Answer Size M should fit ok, but you might feel too short on legs.

Sorry we canít do custom wetsuit.

Question If I am 6'1" but only weigh 160lbs what size will fit the best? How long will it take to send me a wet suit to Saskatchewan, Canada? If the suit does not fit can I send it back to get a new size?
Answer I think size M is good for you.

Your shipping options are:
Priority Mail 6 - 10 days
Express Mail 5 days

Yes, you can send it back to get a new size, but you will have to pay for the shipping again.

Question It looks like I'm a small size, I weight 145, ht 5-8 -- BUT chest size 38. Anyway, can I try it out for size and return if I don't like it?
Answer Small should be good for you. If you don't like it, you can send it back to us.

Submited By: janett Ortiz on 10/17/2012
Fit just right. Quality and material just as deceived.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 09/24/2012
This is a good Quality suit at the right price..I am very happy with the service and will go to this site for more products.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Paul on 08/19/2009
Great wet suit, I've used it only 4 times so far and its great. pulling up the zipper sometimes gets stuck on the material. stays very warm.
Seavenger is a great place to deal with, I ordered the wrong size and didn't have any problems exchanging it for a larger size. Fast delivery, would highly recommend

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 3 of 3 product reviews

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