My Favorite Dive: Bare Island, Sydney, Australia

    Mention Australian diving destinations and most people will first think about the Great Barrier Reef in tropical Queensland. But don’t overlook the Sydney area, which also has some great, albeit lesser known, dive spots. One such spot is Bare Island, located on the north head of Botany Bay, just across from Captain Cook’s original landing spot. It’s a… Read more →

Diving the Conestoga River

    Among the rolling hills and lush green countryside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania lies a secret, hidden in the streams and rivers that nourish these productive farmlands. What do farmlands have to do with scuba diving? The answer lies with the generations who used these babbling brooks, streams and rivers as water for cooking, cleaning, drinking and sustaining life. Unfortunately,… Read more →

Why Freedive

    People frequently ask me why I freedive when I can scuba dive and stay down longer. My interest in freediving started with a need to challenge myself physically and mentally.  When I went freediving for the first time, I felt like I wasn’t burdened with extra gear; I could move and play in the water like I wanted… Read more →

Movie Dive Myths Busted

  Scuba diving has been featured on film since the invention of the sport, but not always correctly depicted. Scuba diving’s aura of daring and adventure, as well as its frequency in exotic locations, has made the sport a favorite of moviemakers for decades. Films such as “The Deep” and “Thunderball” have brought diving to the movie-going public, but just… Read more →

Diver Saves Sea Turtle And Receives Adorable Thank You

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSCbpcpjJl4#t=92     video Not every story about sea life mistakenly caught in a net ends this beautifully, so it’s important to recognize when one does. According to Dominican Republic social news site Livestyle Cabrete, dive partners Dietrich and Sutton were out spearfishing for tuna off the coast of Mexico earlier this year when Dietrich noticed something was not quite right. A… Read more →

Sharks And Shipwrecks

  The waters off North Carolina’s coast are often called the Graveyard of the Atlantic, thanks to the more than 1,000 wrecks scattered across the seafloor from Currituck Beach in the north to Cape Fear in the south. Shifting sandbars, shallow reefs, strong tides and seasonal hurricanes all combine to make the waters around the state’s Outer Banks some of… Read more →

Sooty shearwaters steal spotlight from whales

Whale watchers out of Monterey Bay, California, on Monday evening were treated to an amazing spectacle, but instead of whales it was thousands of seabirds that stole the spotlight. The feeding grounds off Moss Landing were overrun by tens of thousands—perhaps hundreds of thousands—of sooty shearwaters, which spanned nearly as far as the eye could see. In dense fog with… Read more →