One of the Red Sea’s most controversial wrecks leaves a big impression on divers

Resting at around 90 feet (25 meters) off Safaga, just south of Hurghada, the MV Salem Express is one of the most controversial wrecks in the Red Sea. Starting its career as a roll-on, roll-off ferry servicing Safaga and Jedda in Saudi Arabia, it sank after striking one of the infamous Hyndman Reefs on December 17, 1991. The ship went… Read more →

“A nightmare in the Caribbean” teaching scuba?

Do you have a scuba training horror story? Some French tourists buy wetsuits from this instructor, for themselves and their kids, and then just leave the kids for the diving instructor to babysit. The day turns into the worst nightmare the instructor ever had. Every scuba instructor has training horror stories. My story begins on a sunny, calm Caribbean day.… Read more →

Must-Do Dive Trip: Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

You’ll need advanced certification, though. Three hundred miles—and a 36-hour boat ride—southwest of mainland Costa Rica, a lush volcanic island rears up improbably out of the Pacific Ocean. Cocos is at once a geological anomaly, a stopover for big pelagics like sharks, rays, and whales, and a divine gift for recreational divers willing to make the schlep. It’s the last… Read more →

A Great Prescription Dive Mask is step one towards achieving your Dive Bucket List goals.

“Interestingly enough, all my scuba diving goals were dependent upon getting a prescription dive mask. After that purchase, sky, and ocean were the limit.”  A diver describes what a difference a good prescription mask makes on a trip to the Bahamas. Every diver has a few goals that he or she wants to attain. Perhaps it is to shark dive… Read more →

Whales ride waves near Oahu.

Those are humpback whales riding a wave in Hawaii. Dolphins do this all the time, but whales? Not so much. The mother, we think, may have been keeping an eye on her wayward calf. A lifeguard said they’ve never seen whales come so close before. Read more →