Isla Mujeres: The Greatest Whale Shark Aggregation On Earth

    In 2009, aerial images of the waters near the Mexican island of Isla Mujeres showed an expanse of clear, aquamarine blue flecked with hundreds of tiny brown dashes. On closer inspection, the dashes morphed into whale sharks, and the images provided photographic evidence of the largest aggregation ever recorded. That summer, a record 420 whale sharks were seen… Read more →

When Oceanographers Explored The Bottom Of The Sea In The 1950s, They Were Blown Away.

  Oceanography in the mid-20th century was “one of the greatest periods of exploration of the earth … Every time you went to sea, you made unexpected discoveries. It was revolutionary. Nothing that we expected was true. Everything we didn’t expect was true.” This striking declaration comes from Roger Revelle, the U.S. Navy’s chief oceanographer during World War II and… Read more →

Diver’s Scary Great White Shark Encounter Caught on Video

  With an underwater camera attached to his head, a diver captured a spooky encounter with a great white shark off the shores of Florida. Earlier this month, the diver, Jimmy Roseman, of West Melbourne, Florida, was swimming in the murky waters around Bethel Shoal, off the coast of Vero Beach, when a great white sharkapproached him and kept circling back.… Read more →

Mistaken Identity: ‘Sea Anemone’ Is Actually New Type of Animal.

  The newly named Relicanthidae sea creature, which lives near hydrothermal vents, was previously thought … Lurking in the deep sea is a marine creature thought to be one of the world’s largest sea anemones. But the animal, which has tentacles measuring more than 6 feet (2 meters) long, isn’t an anemone but rather the first known organism in a new… Read more →

One of the Red Sea’s most controversial wrecks leaves a big impression on divers

Resting at around 90 feet (25 meters) off Safaga, just south of Hurghada, the MV Salem Express is one of the most controversial wrecks in the Red Sea. Starting its career as a roll-on, roll-off ferry servicing Safaga and Jedda in Saudi Arabia, it sank after striking one of the infamous Hyndman Reefs on December 17, 1991. The ship went… Read more →

“A nightmare in the Caribbean” teaching scuba?

Do you have a scuba training horror story? Some French tourists buy wetsuits from this instructor, for themselves and their kids, and then just leave the kids for the diving instructor to babysit. The day turns into the worst nightmare the instructor ever had. Every scuba instructor has training horror stories. My story begins on a sunny, calm Caribbean day.… Read more →