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Closeout Sale - 3mm Nylon II Neoprene Jumpsuit - Womens

Closeout Sale - 3mm Nylon II Neoprene Jumpsuit - Womens

Model#: IS-WS053-W
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $149.99
Seavenger Price: $109.98 $45.11
(70% off retail)

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Product Description
Very versatile, all-purpose 3mm Nylon II neoprene women’s jumpsuit for temperate water in the 65F and up range. Sporty lycra side panels, suit also features additional finishing touches like chest, wrist and ankle zips and smoothskin for easy on/off; special reinforcements on all stress points, and fully flexible, hyrdrodynamic low profile knee pads for increased agility. Great price, won’t last!

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  • 3mm Nylon II Neoprene jump suit
  • Attractive Lycra panels
  • Additional chest, wrist and ankle zips for easy donning
  • Flexible knee pad allows more freedom of movement
  • Special reinforcements on all stress-points

Womens wetsuit size chart


Question Hi…I need a wetsuit that is easy to get into and will be flexible for a water exercise class. The pool is heated but it is still too cold for me. I am 5 feet tall 36/34/41/ What kind of suit and what size do you recommend?
Thank you

Answer We do recommend size 11

Question My daughter will be diving in bahama and she is 5'9" 125 pnd, 22"waist 34'chest what size?
Would it matter if its shorter? cause the size 9 seems like it would fit

Answer Yes, we do suggest to try size 9

Question I'm 5' weight 125lbs what size should i buy? 36 chest
Answer Hi. I think you can try size 9.

Question I am 5'3", 100lbs, chest is 32, what size? I am worried the size 5 will be too short.
Answer Size 5 should be good for you.

Question Hello, what size should i get? I am 5'3 tall, 145 lb, 36 chest, and waist 28. Also would this wetsuit be ideal to surf Southern California waters(excluding San Diego)?
Answer Size 9 is fitting better for this one, your Size is between 9 & 11.
Not suggested for surf, because the zip of front.

There is another one best for surfing as:
you can select Size 11.

Question Looking for an inexpensive beginner suit for daugher, taking scuba class at college. Water temps will be in low to mid 60's. She is 5'6", chest 32, waist 24, hips 35 and weight 130lbs. What size would you recommend and which wetsuit. thanks
Answer This one you selected is a little bit thinner for the water 60 degree.

Another one as follow is thicker and warmer.

Both styles for Size 7 or Size 9 are good for her, however, Size 7 is fit better, and Size 9 is more comfortable.

Question I am 5.4 tall and weigh 130-135 lbs. My bust is 36", waist 32", hips 34". what size would fit me?
Answer You can try size 9

Question I am looking for a cat sailing wetsuit for 60-70 degree water temp, 60 degree air temp. I am 5'4", 140 lb and measure 38, 35, 41. I would like to have the option of wearing a 2mm shorty under this 3mm outfit for colder weather. What size please
Answer It appears you would take a size 11, which we do not have available. Also, a 2mm shorty under this wetsuit is impractical and very bulky.
This suit is available in size 11, but you'd probably need a 13 to accommodate the 2mm wetsuit. Or, you could opt for this 3-piece suit which is made to worn together, size 11

Question is this a front or back zipper style???
Answer This is a front-zip suit; the zipper is 4.5" long.

Question I am 5' 6 1/2" weight is 110, 38-24-34. I live in Tampa, but will be diving in Destin, Fl in September. What size suit should I buy and what thickness would work best for me. I do not like to be cold. I am 59, but I am a runner and do 80 miles a week.
Answer http://seavenger.com/pro-21mm-springsuit-wetsuits-women-purple-p-1413.html
size 7/8
size M
size 7

The water temp in Destin, FL in September is over 80 F, so we recommend these wetsuits. You may be too hot in the 3mm suit you reference. If you like shortys, the top two are 2mm. If you like a full suit, the last choice is 1mm, but it is lined with titanium which is like having 2-3mm thickness warmth-wise. And the last choice is a dive skin which, for 80 F water would work, but will offer less warmth than the previous neoprene suits.

Question I have been reading a lot about neoprene shorts etc being used for helping in weight loss by making you sweat more during exercise to rid the body of excess fluid and toxins. Would this suit do the same thing?

Thank you

Answer You won't be able to exercise very long in a 3mm wetsuit. Neoprene wetsuits are meant to be worn in water much colder than your body temperature so that the heat does not become stifling. Neoprene shorts and a top might be better for what you describe, but even those aren't really meant for exercising out of water.

Question Hi, I am 5'5 and 33, 22, 34. Which size should I order? Thanks.
Answer From the dimensions you provide, it appears that you will fit a size 9. If you give us your weight, we can tell for sure.

Question My 13 year old daughter is swimming in an open water swim in June and the water temp is expected to be between 60 and 65 degrees with outside temps of 70 degrees. Will this keep her warm enough during a 3 K race?
Answer http://seavenger.com/25mm-purpose-watersport-jumpsuits-steamer-lady-women-p-1061.html

Yes, the 3mm will definitely keep her warm enough. However, 3mm is pretty thick for extensive swimming, and you might want to consider something slightly thinner, as in the 2.5mm, or 2mm suits above.

Question I would like to know how long is the ziper on the chest. I'm afraid it wouldn't be easy to put on or take of. Thanks. johanne
Answer The front zipper is 4.5" long; the suit is very easy to take on and off.

Question I wonder if it easy to put is on, I can see that the ziper on the chest is very short. That is my main concern. Thanks, johanne
Answer Yes, this suit is relatively easy to put on and take off due to the accessible chest zip (easier than a back zip) and wrist and ankle zips, as well.

Question I'm 5'2"". Weigh 127. Bust is 39. Waist 29. Hips 38. What size would I wear?
Answer The size 13 is recommended, although at your height, you will have to roll up the sleeves and cuffs.

Question I use to go fishing in bahamas with a neoprene wetsuit, what nylon has got to do. Will it keep me warm underwater or shall get an other model. Also, has it a ziper in the back, thanks. Johanne Lacaille
Answer The wetsuit you referenced, is a 3mm nylon 2. Nylon2 means the neoprene is covered with a thin nylon material on both sides, which makes it very comfortable. This suit has zipers on the chest, wrist and ankles. However, 3mm might be too warm for the Bahamas. You might want to try a 2.5mm or thinner suit.

Question im 5'3 126llbs 36 25 36 measurements, i have never worn or tried on a wet suit. what size should i buy..

Answer Size 9

Question I'm 5'2 and weigh 115 what sz. wetsuit would be best? I want warmth and no stirrups.

Thank You,


Answer I will need to know your height, weight, chest, waist, and hip measurement to get you the right size.

Question I am 5'6" tall.
My measurements are chest 38, waist 34, hips 40...what size suit should I buy!!??

Answer Based on our sizes, you can try size 13, although it may be a bit tight on the waist area and the sleeves might be longer.

Question I am 5' 5 inches, but only 114 pounds, chest is 36, waist 28, hips 35 . Should I order the 5 or the 7?
Answer While both sizes should fit you, size 5 might be a little short on you. If you have long sea booties to go along with the size 5, you might want to consider that if you prefer to have a tighter fit. Size 7 should fit nicely as well, although I'm not sure if you may experience water leaking under your suit.

Question I am 5'5" tall, Wt 160 and usually wear a size 12. What size jumpsuit would I order?
Answer size 11 for skintight fit and size 13 for more comfortable fit.

Question I am looking for a chlorine resitant wet suit. I am a swimming instuctor and I am in the water alot and need something to protect my skin. Please could you tell me if this suit is chlorine restinat and if not can you recomend me to some that are kind regards

Answer thanks for your message, most wetsuit will have chlorine damage when using in pool. We have few instructors purchase suits and complained change of color on suits or neoprene damage etc.. but as long as you did a good care on suit your able to prevent it from happening.
there are few suit protection products that can help protect your suits



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