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Wetsuits, Surfing, Scuba & Diving Wetsuits - How to Choose a Wetsuit! » Dive Skin » Female Pink Flower dive skin suit lady
Closeout Sale - Female Pink Flower dive skin suit lady

Closeout Sale - Female Pink Flower dive skin suit lady

Model#: TI-L100-PF
Brand: Tilos

Retail Price: $59.99
Seavenger Price: $48.99 $33.31
(44% off retail)

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Product Description
The Tilos Female Pink Flower Dive Skin provides maximum comfort for tropical environments. Color-designed, cut and constructed exclusively to enhance the feminine physique, this skin suit has the highest quality 6oz. Spandex material on the market, and features soft brushed lining and flat-lock stitched construction for a comfortable fit to use alone or as a layering garment. Other features include ankle and thumb stirrups which won’t allow the suit to ride up when in the water or when worn under your exposure suit. Available in sizes XS though 3XL, with a full manufacturer’s warranty. This Dive Skin is from Tilos, so you know the hard-wearing fun and quality’s built-in.

SKIN SUIT (Female)

Material Structure
  • Highest quality 6oz. Spandex material in the market
  • Flat-Stitched throughout entire suit
Extra Features
  • Vertical front YKK plastic zipper
  • Elastic thumb band
  • Stirrups for feet
  • Acts as filter to elements encountered when swimming, snorkeling, free diving & scuba diving
  • Provides ease of entry into layered suits


Size runs small please go up one size.



Question What size should I get: height 5'3" 128lbs, bust 39", waist 31.5, hips 38
I am loving this, it is a fabulous departure from other skins I've looked at.



Answer We do recommend size Large.

Question II am 5'2" weight 135
chest 36
waist 35
hips 39
what size do you recommend for me

Answer We do recommend for you to try size Large.

Question I am allergic to the chlorine in the pool? Will this keep me dry?
Answer This is a rash guard, it will not keep you dry.

Question Weighing options here and trying to find a girly skin that fits my girly curves. I've always had a problem with one piece swimsuits not hugging my lower back and pulling against my ample rump. I'm 5'8" weigh 200 lbs give or take a couple either way, with 31" inseam 44b 36w 47h. The only suit I've found that snugs against my body is a 3mm aqualung that my boyfriend has. The top is a bit big, but the bottom is a dream come true. Cozumel in early September is the usual destination and usually quite warm from what the group tells me. Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

Question 5'3 32b 142 lbs 34 waist what size should i get and my wife is 5'3 130 lbs maybe a 30 waist what size should she get
Answer We suggest both to get size MEDIUM

Question What is your return policy?
Answer You may return the unworn item within 45 days for full refund.
Fore more detailed, please visit: http://seavenger.com/rma.php

Question 5'4" 40D 39"waist 44"hips 215lbs. Will a 2xl fit?
Answer We won't recommend this wetsuit for you. We are very sorry.

Question I am 5'4", chest 35 waist 26, which size should I get. Is this suit suitable for the 45 deg weather?
Answer Hi. This skin suit is not fit for 45 deg weather.

Question I need a womans XXL wet suit to wear kayaking in the winter months, I dont care what color it is, or I will take a mans wet suit, I am 5'7 and I weigh 213 lbs, I need a good, NON bulky suit....Please can u recommend one so I can purchase it from u online....and ship asap...COLOR DOESNOT MATTER and do u have the boots to go with it.....THANKS
Answer This two-piece wetsuit may work for your purposes, although you do not specify how cold the water is, and 6.5 mm is for fairly cold water. You may be able to fit in a size 15, but without your other dimensions such as chest, waist and hip we cannot accurately say for sure. There is a size chart under the product description. Yes, we have lots of boots to go with this suit. This boot would work:
And here is a link to all of our boots.

Question is this suit ok for chlorine pools.I am @ the east coast and want it for pool swimming in the winter. is this ok for that?
Answer http://seavenger.com/25mm-purpose-watersport-jumpsuits-steamer-lady-women-p-1061.html
The dive skin you reference will not keep you as warm as neoprene, nor will it stand up to the chlorine as well over time. Above are some links to thinner neoprene suits, the 1mm titanium will be closest to the dive skin you looked at. They need to be rinsed off after swimming in chlorine.

Question What is the sun protection factor for this suit? Does the pink part (which is probably thinner?) have as much sun protection as the black part of the suit? Would I be better off getting a totally black suit - and is this an available option? Thank you.
Answer This suit, as well as most other Spandex dive skins, do not offer UV protection per se. However, it will just by virtue of covering you, offer some protection from the sun. Lycra, the material rash guards is made of, does offer UV protection, usually a full UVP of 50+
The colors of the suits does not really effect the efficiency of sun protection, although the lighter in color the suit is, the less warm it will be. If you are looking for maximum full suit protection from the sun, consider this 1mm black full suit:

Question Hi Im 5'4. 150 lbs. My waist is 32in. Hips 40in. and Bust 36in. What size would I need?
Answer We recommend a size XL for your measurements.

Question I dive in warm water only but tend to get a little cold. My height in 5'2 weight 120 chest 40. I really don't like things too tight so was thinking about ordering a large. What would you recommend?
Answer Without your other dimensions such as waist, and hip, we cannot specify for sure; you might take a M or L, although we recommend the larger size if in doubt.

Question I usually only dive in the warm water like the Caribbean and HI. I always get chilly and end up wearing a wetsuit. I don't really care for them because they are so hard to get on and off and are just generally uncomfortable. I'm 5'2"; 34DD; 34" waist; 42" hips; 158 weight. I was wondering if this was a good choice and whether i would be an XL or a 2X. I am going to HI in two weeks so i don't have a lot of time to figure this out. Thanks.
Answer This is a viable alternative to a wetsuit for Hawaii; you probably would be an XL but it's not going to be perfect since it is made for an individual much shorter. You will have to do some roll-up adjustments at the sleeves and cuffs.

Question Hello!
I'm from Italy, what size of wet suit shall i get, i'm 1.66 cm, 65 kg (M or L). In the case it will not fit, would it be possible to return it and exchange it? Thank you! REgards, Sabrina

Answer You would probably take a L, but to be sure, you should provide your chest, waist and hip measurements especially considering we are shipping to Italy. Yes, you can return or exchange the suit for full value, minus shipping. Here are your costs to Italy:USPS (Priority Mail International (12 - 18 Days)) $39.85.

Question I have used your Henderson skins for some years now in the Bahamas and love them. I wear them to dive in, but also wear mine to the beach because I am so fair. Are these new ones as thin as the old ones? I'm not looking for warmth as much as for protection from the sun and underwater stinging critters.
Answer We do not carry the Henderson line of suits, but this dive skin is made by Tilos which is a very high-end manufacturer, and is constructed of the highest quality 6oz. Spandex. It is excellent for what you describe.

Question I will b participating in the Malibu triathlon so I need
Something flexible and easy to put on and take off.

Answer This Dive Skin might be ideal because of its light weight and front zipper. Tilos makes a very high-quality suit and this one features 6oz flexible Spandex.

Question I know that around my chest I'm a 34 DD Bra- Size, but everything else on me would be a size Small.
My weight fluctuates I'm roughly 123 pounds, 5'2 3/4" Tall. And everything else would follow the Small. What size would I need for my bust area?

Answer We recommend a going up to a size M in this dive skin.

Question What size would I order?

155 lbs
Bust 40
waist 36
hips 43

Answer We recommend you try the 2XL; it's made for an individual taller than you so there will have to be some roll-up adjustments at the sleeves and ankles.

Question my height is 5'2, i weight 67 kilos, my waist is 34 hip is 40, while bust is 37 what could be my size?
Answer We recommend an XL.

Question I want to order for ladies scuba diving suit how to do it im in nepal?
Answer USPS USPS (Priority Mail International (12 - 18 Days)) $38.90
FedEx FedEx (International Priority (2 - 3 Days)) $36.67
FedEx FedEx (International Economy (3 - 5 Days)) $34.73

You can order it online; here are your shipping options.

Question I am not able to struggle with thick wet suit types.I have artheritis and fibromyalga and have limited agility. I need something for warmth in outside swim pool in 70+ degrees. Is this the best suit? My mesutements are top 41", waist 38", hips 42 1/2. Height 5/5 weight 167.
Please advise if in stock and what is your return policy?

Answer This is a very good suit for the purposes you describe. We recommend a size 2XL, which we do have in stock. Basically, you an return the suit for a full refund or exchange within 45 days. Here is a link to the specifics of our return policy.

Question this is a fleece lined skin correct? not a wet suit.
Answer This is not a wetsuit; the lining is soft brushed.

Question my height is 5'1 weight 175 bust 43 waist 42 hips 42
Answer The only size that might work is the 2XL, but you will have to compensate for it being too long by rolling the sleeves up, and pulling the legs up, as well.
You might consider this dive skin which we are having a special on, size 13.

Question my height is 5'1
Answer We need additional dimensions such as weight, chest, waist and hip to make a recommendation as to size; there is a size chart under the product description.

Question i am 43 bust 36 waist 42 butt and weight 175 what will be my size please
Answer You do not indicate your height, but 2XL should fit if you are 5'7" - 5'10".

Question What size for 37bust, 30 waist, 36-37 butt, please? This is pretty!
Answer From the measurement you provided, I would say a L, but to get your the most accurate size, please also provide us with your height and weight, thank you

Question I am looking for a wetsuit for my daughter. She will be practicing on a diving team (spring board diving). I believe the pool is heated, but practicing spring board diving, she will be getting in and out of the water. The air temperature will be an average maximum temperature of 62 degrees. What do you recommend?
Answer The Spandex suit you referenced is ok for swimming, but Spandex is not as good as neoprene for keeping her warm. Also, the stirrups may interfere with diving and full foot contact on board. These are two more wetsuits to consider
The 1mm is a full neoprene, without stirrups and the other is a shorty, also good for swimming.

Question I live in Miami and have a pool without a heater. I am looking for something to wear during the winter weather to do water aerobics.
Would this be a good choice for me? I am a large body frame and I am thinking the 2XL would be my best choice. Please let me know if thihs suit is the one I would want. I am hot-blooded, would I be better with shorts and short sleeves?

Answer This suit is one of the good once for water aerobics. It is not too thick and gives you very good maneuverability. But this suit's size run a bit small, to be sure that you get the right size, please provide us with your height, weight, chest, waist, and hip measurement, so we can help you to get the most accurate size.

Question I am looking for a full length womens wetsuit to surf in December-March in New York. 50 degree water and 20-30 degree air.

I'm 5'1, 116 lbs, chest is 32". Usually run between an XS and a S.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Answer http://seavenger.com/5mm-jumpsuit-with-super-stretch-key-area-womans-p-306.html

This 5mm suit will be appropriate for surfing 50F, 20-30, air. Please note the product you reference is a skin suit, not neoprene, and would only be ok to layer under a wetsuit in those conditions. Your size in the 5mm wetsuit would be a 5.

Question You recommended a 1 - 2mm wet suit to keep out the cold, would the above suit be suitable as I did not notice this specification on the description. If this is not the one please advise of one suitable.Many thanks.
Answer This one is a dive skin, which not providing that much warmth.

You can find all the 1 - 2mm wetsuit with this link

Question I swim in an indoor pool, the temperature of which is around 78F and am looking for a suit to keep out the cold! Please advise
Answer You can get 1 to 2mm wetsuit to keep out the cold.


Question Thank you for answering my questions on 20/27/2011. I do have a few more questions about the suite model# Tl-L100 Brand Tilos. I noticed that the size chart does not have the 3XL you recomended for my body size. Does this mean that this particular does not come in this size? Also, if I wanted a suite that is slightly warmer what would you suggest?
Thanks again for your help.

Answer For this model, the biggest it goes is 2XL, but here is a familiar model,

This one comes with 3XL. Also if just swimming in the pool, these will do, but anywhere below 65, you might want to consider 2mm wetsuits.

Here are some products for that

Question I am around 5'10", 57.5 hips, 45 chest, 42 waist and currently weigh 298. I have lost 29 of the 112 pounds I gained when my Thyroid quit working. I need a wet suit for diving in Florida and the Caribbean.
Answer we are sorry to inform you, we have calculated your size, from our experience, we would recommend plus size wetsuit, which we do not carry. You can try search for plus size wetsuit on the net. Hope this helps.

Question I am looking for something to keep me warm in an above ground pool for water aerobics. I live in California Desert and while most days are warm enough, the nights are cold and the pool temperature falls even with a solar blanket. I am a 2X, 220 lbs 40" DD chest. Thank you.
Answer This one that you are currently looking at will not fit your size due to your chest measurement. Here is one that is the same but uni sex

This one's size is a lot bigger than the pink one. But to get you an accurate size, I will also need your waist, hip, and height. I will be able to assist you a lot better if I have those measurement. Thanks.

Question I need just the top waist is 20 in woman and 40 on bust.
Answer This suit that your looking at, comes in together, we cannot only sell the top. Also for us to get the exact size, we will need your height, weight, chest, waist, and hip measurement.

Question what water temperature rating does this wetsuit have?
Answer This suit is for warm water, its not too thick, so I would say something over 75, you can use our wetsuit finder to find the right suit for the right temp.

Question Will this suit help protect against jellyfish stings?
Answer It does protect you against the jelly fish.

Question I weigh 200 lbs. and take a size l6...will a 2xL fit me?
Answer To assists you better, I will need your chest, waist, and hip measurement

Question Im 5'1 chest 42 waist 32 weight 155. what size do i get? if I get according to weight its too long if I go according to height I probably wont be able to get it on.
Answer We think the best fit might be a xl or 2xl, but they will be long. But if you get anything smaller, we think there is a high possibility that you will think the dive skin is way too tight.

Question What is the size chart for this skin suit?
Model #: TI-L100PF
Brand: Tilos

Thank you!

Kristen Shell

Answer You can find the size chart here

Submited By: Rosie Herrera on 03/30/2013
I absolutely love this suit, it is everything I wanted and expected. I am 5'2" and 174 with most of my weight carried top side, so I order 2XL and it is perfect and I love the fact that it is very feminine PINK!!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: * on 11/13/2012
Love my dive skin. Fits great and kept me nice and warm. I've only used it on my 10 dives but look forward to future usage!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Ginny Williams on 07/04/2012
I have looked at several dive skins and for the price and in comparison this dive skin was top quality. Sizing was perfect fit and very comfortable. I am very pleased with the product and the speed in whic my shipment was handled. Thank you

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 3 of 3 product reviews

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