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Scuba & Snorkel Mask - Prescription, Purge, & Diving » Scuba Mask, Diving Mask & Snorkel Mask - FREE SHIPPING | Seavenger » Syklops single lens aluminum mask - Black silicone - Red
Closeout Sale - Syklops single lens aluminum mask - Black silicone - Red

Closeout Sale - Syklops single lens aluminum mask - Black silicone - Red

Model#: M300-BS-R
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $85
Seavenger Price: $69.95 $29.96
(65% off retail)

Product Description
IST has been making the world’s best masks for over 35 years. IST’s trio of aluminum-framed masks are representative of that legacy. They include the dual-lens Panorama and Synthesis, and the newest model, the single-lens Syclops - all made with the highest marine-grade aluminum alloy outer frames. They’re light, lighter even than lesser quality plastic models, yet deceptively strong. They all feature high-impact plastic sub-frames, hypoallergenic skirts constructed with IST’s exclusive surgical grade Liquid Injected Silicone, and fold-down buckles to make travelling a breeze.

As you would expect, the large-format single-lens Syclops, IST's newest aluminum, offers a slightly better, unobstructed frontal field of vision with its wide single lens design, but all IST mask models offer great visibility with a snug comfortable fit, and efficient sealing systems. Syclops is a big mask: Women divers may not be comfortable with it. Given its high volume and large size, snorkelers will love it! The dual-lens models, with their lesser volume, offer slightly better side peripheral angle of vision. IST is famous for its surgical grade silicone; the high quality exclusive Liquid-Injected Silicone used in the skirts on all three models lives up to the reputation - it’s soft, but not so soft as to fold or collapse. The Liqui-Inject silicone suppresses pressure and eliminates face-creasing. And

IST’s masks are able to accommodate a wide range of facial profiles. These are ideal masks for any diving activity. Buckle systems are mounted either on the masks’ skirts or behind the sub-frames, so they can be folded flat for easy stowage. Optical lenses are available for the Synthesis and Panorama, and an optional tinted lens can help reduce surface glare. All offer a choice of clear or black skirts, and the Syclops and Panorama come in three frame colors, the Synthesis offers five. Panorama and Synthesis are available with prescription lenses. Bottom line: a full range aluminum masks and lens styles/sizes to fit all divers.

Syclops Good For: A high-volume mask for medium to large faces, divers who might feel claustrophobic. Snorkeling! Available in Blue, Red and Yellow

http://www.scubadiving.com/gear/masks/scubalab-mask-tests-2011-ist-syklops ScubaLab Review of IST Syclops

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 IST’s newest single lens mask gives the diver or snorkeler a great field of vision with its wide lens design. The super clear, tempered glass lens and the supple, hypoallergenic transparent liquid silicone skirt are held together in the new CNC 6000 series marine grade aluminum frame and strong high impact plastic sub-frame. This unique multi-material construction method is tried and tested with the finished product proven significantly stronger than traditional plastic masks. The reduced frame thickness allows the lens to be moved closer to the eyes, reducing internal volume and gives a better view field of vision.

The buckles are mounted directly onto the skirt instead of the frame so the mask to be packed in a very compact manner for redundancy or travelling purpose. This design also has the advantage of removing the chance of the buckle / frame being easily broken upon impact. The buckles allow easy strap adjustment, even with thick winter gloves on.



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