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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: James

Date added:

Title: ProEar

I'm advanced certified, but have always had trouble equalizing my right ear. Once I'm past 15 or 20 feet, I'm fine, but getting there takes forever, sometimes experiencing a lot of pain due to descending too quickly, even having had my ear drum bent backwards. On drift dives I've occasionally lost the rest of the dive party because I take too long to get to the bottom due to taking so long to equalize. I first tried out the Pro Ear mask in a pool, then in an 18' open water dive and it seemed to work. Finally, last week I took it on a couple of 50-60' drift dives in Palm Beach, FL. I never felt a thing in my right ear and barely had to hold my nose and swallow. Simply pressurizing the mask by blowing air out of my nose into the mask did most of it. I've never descended faster. The only thing keeping me making it to the bottom more rapidly was my own bouyancy. For the first time, my ears were equalized faster than I could descend. We had about 45 minutes of bottom time both dives and I never experienced a problem with either ear. I highly recommend this mask for anyone with equaliztion issues.

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