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Swim Fins - Snorkel, Diving, & Monofin | Seavenger » Adjustable Strap Fins » SEAL PRO DEEP SEA SCUBA DIVING MILITARY BLACK FINS
Deep sea scuba diving military fins - rubber rocket

Deep sea scuba diving military fins - rubber rocket
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Deep sea scuba diving military fins - rubber rocket
Deep sea scuba diving military fins - rubber rocket
Deep sea scuba diving military fins - rubber rocket

Model#: F1
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $75
Seavenger Price: $67.99
(9% off retail)

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Product Description
Traditional Design! Thereís a reason U.S. Military Personnel have made ISTís exclusive F1 Deep Sea Scuba Diving Military Rubber Rocket Fins their choice time after time. IST puts it all together in a no-nonsense fin: fit, style, speed, thrust, propulsion, power and price. The F-1ís special blade curvature and tapered blade flexibility produces super-positive thrust and unheard-of flexibility. Even more thrust is attained by 3 deep vents which force water backwards, emulating the effect of three synchronized water jets.

The F-1 is excellent for open water dive missions, but also shows its skill in assisting diver- maneuverability within confined spaces. As you would expect and demand of a military fin, the F-1 is durable and long-lasting; compatible with ISTís famous Universal clamp stainless steel coil spring fin strap.

Time after time, U.S. Military personnel, and the U.S. Navy call on Seavenger to deliver their fin of choice, the F1. Find out why for yourself!

Key Features

Traditional design, very strong fins, was used by military. Loved by war veteran!

  • Traditional Proven Design
  • Special Blade Curvature and Varying Degrees of Blade Flexibility Produce Positive Thrust
  • Vents to Assist Efficiency and Water Flow
  • Used by Military
  • Durable and Comfortable Rubber Fins
  • Very Flexible and Power
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Made with High Quality Rubber


Sizing Information

  Please look at size chart and use the corresponding shoe size (same as booties size) to determine your fins size.  Our scuba diving fins ranges from M to XXL.


Big booties (With big Toe Cap):

Fin Size M L XL XXL
US Booties
5 6-7 8-9 10-11
European 36 37-39 40-42 43-45

Small Booties: 

Fin Size M L XL XXL
US Booties
6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13

  For U.S. buyers the size we have on are for men, so for ladies you will have to lower your size by 1

  • Traditional rubber fin with proven design
  • Features such as special blade curvature, variable blade flexibility and well positioned structural ribs; the rubber fin gives positive forward thrust with spring-like effect.
  • The open vents efficiently channels water flow & save energy






Spring fin strap - Optional  (Buy together and save)

Rust resistant stainless steel spring straps are ideal for technical and recreational diving applications. The main advatage is fins become easy to put on or take off when fitted.



Question So if I buy booties that are 5mm, I wear a size 10.5 shoe, I need an XXL in these fins? The booties are US Divers 5mm Comfo High-Cut Snorkeling and Diving Boot.

Answer Yes, the XXL should be the correct size fins.

Question I have a pair of older blue reef ultra 5mm dive boots in a size 10. I tried on a pair of large rocket fins that were much too small. Would it be best to order XL Rocket fins? I am worried that moving to an XXL would be too much. My boots aren't massive and don't seem to have a large toe cap from my understanding.
Answer Then go with XL, fins you do need to try them on to be sure.

Question If I have the ist f1 fins in size medium what size in booties should I get? I wear an 8.5-9 shoe.?
Answer 6-7

Question I am wearing a Neosport 5MM bootie in size 10. Which size should I order?

I am interested in adding spring straps. Is one model preferred?

Thank you.

Answer XXL

Question Hello! I'm a 7.5 in men's shoes.. Which size/type booties and size fin should I get?
Answer Please scroll down to view the info on booties

Answer Please refer to our product description

Question I wear size 10 1/2 running shoes. what size fins would i need? Booties too?
Answer Please scroll down for sizing options

Question I wear a size 12 in tennis shoes, what size fin and booties should I get?
Answer With big booties, will need 3XL fins
With small booties, will need XXL fins
You can also scroll down for the size chart also our answers to our buyers for the sizing.

Question My wingman and I are buying Rocket Fins to prepare for USAF Pararescue- with myself at shoe size 9.5 and my partner at shoe size 9, what size fins should we buy? Also, what size/type of booties should we buy as well to go with these fins?
Answer Size XL, kindly refer to our size chart for more details.

Question I was going to get the F4 but I was told that I need this for training and I'm getting the TI--B3703 in size 10 what size fins should I get? thank you again
Answer You can get size XL

Question I have a size 12 5mm bootie, what size fin do i need?
Answer With big booties, will need 3XL fins
With small booties, will need XXL fins

Question I wear a size 13 us. I would like 3mm boots with good sole and toe cap, and these fins, what would you recommend I get for the sizes of each. I also have wide feet. Thanks!
Answer We do recommend size 3XL.

Question Hi there, I purchased size 9 Mares 2mm Equator Dive Boots and I was wondering what size fins to get? Thanks.
Answer It's small booties, therefore we recommend size LARGE.

Question I wear size 8 men's shoes, what fin size do I use?. Thank you.
Answer If you wear big booties, you will need size XLarge fins. If you wear small booties, you will need size Large fins.

Question So im a mens shoe size 10 US, im wondering what size and type of booties i should get and what size fins because I dont really have much of an idea about what to get and what will fit more snugly in the water.
Answer Which type of booties depends on your preference. Small booties are softer and does not have toe cap. Big booties have toe caps and you may walk on rocks with those. If you decide to go with small booties, we recommend the XL fins. If you decided to go with big booties, we recommend the XXL fins.

Question I'm a male and wear size 8 shoes. What size fin do I need and I prepared to wear booties.
Answer If you plan to wear small booties, then we recommend size LARGE for fins. If you plan to wear the big booties, then we recommend size XLARGE for fins.

Question 1) I like the 3mm Low cut Tropical Boots on your web site. My shoe size is
10.5E (wide) in US system so should I order the
Tropical Boot in size XL?

2) I would like to use the Tropical Boots with these Rubber Rocket Fins.
For a Tropical Boot of size XL, What size should I specify to when ordering
these Rubber Rocket Fins -- XL or XXL?

The tropical boot is 3mm which would make it a small bootie --but it has a
toe cap which might make it a "big bootie". Which is it?

3) If instead of the Tropical Boot, I order the 3mm Titanium hydro + beach boot (in size 11)
, then should I consider the Beach Boot a "small bootie" and order the
Rubber Rocket Fins in size XL? I.e, What size of Rubber Rocket Fin would
work best with a 3mm Beach Boot in US size 11?

Answer 1. XL would be a good fit, it's considered small booties
2. XL for the fins
3. The beach boot is considered small booties; and XL fins will suffice.

Question My Shoe size is 8, what size Fin I need.
Can I use the FIN without one ( I prefer not to use Booties)

Answer We suggest you to try size Large. If you do not want to wear booties, you may also try:

Question Hello im trying to buy fins and booties. I where size 10 in shoes. I NEED to know what size FIN and Bootie to buy.
Answer We suggest you to get booties that are same as your shoe size. If you wear small booties then fin size should be XL ; if you wear big booties then fin size should be XXL

Question I want to purchase these fins to start training for Marine Recon. How do I figure my size for the fins and size for the boots, and which boots do yo recommend?
Answer We will recommend you to get these boots: http://seavenger.com/3mm-titanium-vulcanized-sole-with-toe-heel-caps-p-1100.html
What is your shoe size?
or you may look up the size chart on the bottom of the page for sizing.
Feel free to contact us for further questions.

Question Hi, I'm new to buying fins but need them for training my shoe size is 11.5 what size should I get my fins as? And booties as well?
Answer We will recommend you to get the size XXL for this fin.
Which bootie are you referring?

Question Hello. do you have the jet/rocket fins in other colors than black?? I am looking for yellow.

Answer Sorry, that's the only color we have.

Question if i am wearing 7mm neosport Hi-top boots, then which size should i wear for fins?
Answer What is your shoe size?

Question I where a size 11 and use diving socks what size fin should I use
Answer We will recommend you to get the size XL. Also, we suggest you to wear boots with these rocket fins.

Question with the rocket fin's, can you wear neoprene socks? Or is it better to wear the boots with the rocket fins.
Answer It's better to wear the boots with the rocket fins.

Question I wear a size 8 in boots. I know you have a size chart but I am not sure what I will need for this Style fin (Rubber rocket). What size fin would you recommend for a size 8 and what size booties what you recommend? Along with this do you wear boots with these fins or just booties? Thanks
Answer If by boots, you mean high cut booties with a toe and heel cap, you would take a size XL. Or, if you mean a thinner low cut neoprene small bootie without toe cap, you would take a size L in this fin. Either way, you can wear a small or large bootie.

Question I need a pair of these for pararescue training. I wear a 12.5 shoe. What size fins and boots should I get? And brand of boot?
Answer http://seavenger.com/classic-open-heel-with-larger-foot-pocket-p-1173.html

Your foot size will not fit the fin you reference; we recommend the above fin which has a bigger foot pocket, size XXL. We also recommend a big bootie with toe cap size 12. Here are examples of boots that sound like they would work:

Question I just got my order in the mail and these fins are VERY wide. Should they be so wide? Or do I need to go down a size? I'm size 9 and I got the XL because my booties are thick.
Answer We recommend a size XL if you are a size 9 and using big booties with a big toe cap and thick sole. If the size 9 is loose on you, you may want to exchange them for a size L, or consider a boot such as this if yours are not as substantial:

Question I am having trouble finding Shipping charge to Area Zip Code 75838 Donie Texas.
Do you have fin's for child size 11-13 for 5 year old.

Answer http://seavenger.com/sea-diver-classic-rubber-swimming-scuba-diving-fins-p-179.html
We have these fins, closed heel versions of what you were looking at, with an open toe, and super comfortable. Size 4XS would fit child size 11-13. Here are your shipping options for Texas, 75838.
Flat Rate Shipping (2-7 business days) (Best Way) $9.95
USPS USPS (Priority Mail: Estimated 2 - 4 Days) $17.05
FedEx FedEx (Overnight (Morning)) $44.25
FedEx FedEx (2 Days) $26.80
FedEx FedEx (3 Days) $21.61
FedEx FedEx (Ground Home Delivery) $16.51

Question I wear a size 9 in boot. What size should I wear in fins?
Answer If you are wearing big booties with a big toe cap, then we recommend size XL. If you are wearing small booties, without a lot of toe and soul, then we recommend size L.

Question I'm looking at purchasing these fins to use with my float tube to fly fish. I plan to put the fins over my stocking foot waters (no boot) and I wear a size 11 shoe. Will this fin work over my stocking foot waders and what size should I purchase.
Answer We don't carry stocking foot waders, but from what we can tell from research, the stocking foot is like a neoprene sock and, if so, the size XXL should accommodate the fin and stocking foot in your size.

Question What is the difference between the big and small booties?
I wear a 9, 9.5 in shoes so what size fin and what size booty would you recomend?
Also when you order the fins do the booties come with it?

Answer We recommend an XL in the fin, and L in the bootie.

Question I'm going to order a pair of the Short Rocket Fins this week along with a pair of boots with rubber soles. I like the 3mm Low cut tropical boots on your web site. My feet measure 10.5" long. What size should I order in the 3mm Low Cut Boots and what size should I order in the Short Rocket Fins.


Steven Hanson

Answer We recommend size XXL in the fins, and XL in the booties.

Question I would like to order the F1 fins for my son who is leaving for BUDS in August. He wears a 10 shoe. If I'm looking at this right I need to order him the XXL fin. What bootie would you recommend for these fins?
Answer We recommend the XXL size for him. As for booties, here are two very sturdy choices:

Question Are boots required for adjustable strap fins or would I be ok to go barefoot?
Answer Yes, you will need boots or socks with adjustable strap fins.

Question I wear a large aqualung rocket fin. What size would you recommend for this fin?
Answer If you scroll down under the product photo and product description, there is a size chart to show you what size you would wear with booties.

Question I am looking for fins to fit over size 11 and size 12 Manta 6.5mm Deep See boots. What do you recommend? How do these fins compare with Aqua Lung Rocket II?
Answer If you are using this for the military, we get lots of orders for this fin. Also, you would take a XXL size.

Question I wear a size 12 do these fin fit over combat boots,
if so what size should I get?

Answer This fin that your looking at, the biggest size is a XXL, and we have tried to fit a size 11 boots in it, and it is way too small, So a size 12 will not fit, Here is a very similar one,


This one is same as the one your looking at, but this one is a lot bigger in size, a XL for this will fit a size 12 boots, if you think your boots are very thick, then i would recommend a size XXL for this one.

Question Im trying to get some fins and booties for training for the navy, what size and kind of booties and fins would i need if i wear a size 11 shoe
Answer You will need a XXL if you are going to get the big booties with toe caps, if you are wearing small booties, then a XL will do,

Question I plan on buying these fins either this week or next week. If you can tell me the size booties and fins I need. I'm a 11.5 size shoe US. If you can send me the link to a good pair of booties too, that would be greatly appreciated.


Answer http://seavenger.com/closeout-sale-3mm-titanium-8in-height-molded-sneaker-sole-heel-toe-caps-p-610.html


Here are two different kind of booties we recommend, depending on which type of booties you pick, the size will be different.

Question I am a size 14 eee shoe american, I am just beginning to learn but plan on an awesome scooba trip with my boyscout troop on August.
Do you have any fins that will fit me.

Answer You can get this fin.

It has larger foot pocket designed for dry suit boot.

You can get size XL on this fin, if you have regular size shoe.
If you are using the dry suit boot, get size XXL.

Question I wear a size 12 shoe and I'm training for Pararescue and was wondering if the XXL will be too tight with booties on? Are these new or used fins? Your prices seem like an awesome deal and I will buy this week if you still have them. Thanks.
Answer It is possible to fit but thats depending on the size of the booties you have. If your booties have no toe cups, it should fit fine. We will have these in stock for sure and they are all brand new.

Question I'm a size 8, what boots should I get for Rocket Fins?
Answer Base on the booties you have.

If you have the booties like this, you can get size XL


Question My feet are 9.35 INCHES, which boots should I get for these fins, and what size for the boots and fins?
Answer You can go with size 8 for booties and size L for fins.

Question I'm going to purchase a pair of rocket fins and dive boots to train for Pararescue Indoc. My feet are 10 INCHES, what size should I get and which dive boots should I get?
Answer You can get size 9 on boots and size XL on rocket fins.


Question I need a pair of rocket fins and dive boots to go with them. I wear a 10.5 shoe. What size rockets and dive boots should i order? I need them both for pre-military rescue swimmer training. Thanks!
Answer XXL fins with size 10 or 11 shoe



Question I'm a size 11-1/2 regular Mens shoe size, I dont have boots yet but I'm planning on getting the kind that USAF Pararescue use. Would I need an XXL?
Answer Yes, you will need size XXL on this fin.

Question is possible sent to slovakia? how much cost it?
Answer Yes. Is about $47 to send to Slovakia.

Just add it to your shopping cart and you can see all the shipping options.

Question I wear a 10 in men's US shoes, and am looking to get these F1 fins. I'm a bit confused as to whether I'd need the XL or XXL, since I don't know the difference between 'big booties' and 'small booties'. Can you clarify? Thanks!
Answer thanks for your message, the big booties size chart are for boots 5mm and above and the Small Booties are for boots 5mm and below.

Question I wear size 9 in Pyro Stretch 7mm made by XS Scuba booties. What size rubber rocket fin should I order? Thanks
Answer thanks for your message, for size 9 7mm booties, ill recommend you with size XL. XL rocket fin are good for euro size 40-42 or 27-28 cm with the boot size, and XXL are for euro size 43-45 or 29-30 cm.

Question Do you still make XXL? I couldn't find it in the sizes menu. I wear a size 13 American shoe and from what I read I need an XXL. Thanks.
Answer Yes, we have the incoming shipment this month for size XXL. ETA: 3/22/2010

Size XXL usually run out very quick. If you want it, please place the order now with size XL and put in the common that you want size XXL. Once we have it in, we will rush it out to you.

Question I wear a pair of menīs size 11 OTB brand SAR boots, pretty much like a combat boot and I would like to know if your XXL fins would fit them, since you said XXL fits 9.5 boots, but also 11.5, so I am a bit confused now. Thanks
Answer Sorry for the confusion. The size on this fin is a little bit different than other fins, not all the booties sizes fit the same. For your boots, you can get size XXL. If your boots doesnít have the toe cap, you can go with XL

Question I wear a size 9 american mens bootie that has a 3mm thickness what size fin would fit nicely??
Answer You can get Large on this one.

Question Are you going to have rocket fins in 10.5 xxl availble.
Answer It is on backordered right now and we will have it available around end of January 2010

Question I am interested in buying the "Deep sea scuba diving military fins - rubber rocket" fins for my boyfriend for christmas. He wears a size 10 1/2 shoe, what size fin will he need? Also, he will be using these to prepare himself for BUDs, what type of bootie would you reccomend I buy with these and what size would I need? Thank you for your assistance.
Answer He can do XXL on F1 however we are out of size XXL until end of Jan.

If there is no fin and bootie restriction for BUDs, F4 is a good choice.

It is a newly design fin for F1 and he can get size XL on this fin.



Question if i wear a size 12.5 would the xxl fins fit?
Answer Most of time it will. As long as you are not using those giant booties from Navy.

Question How long are the XXL fins and how much do they weigh per pair.
Answer It is about 19.5 in long and 6.3 lbs

Question What Booties should i get for the US diver rocket fins?
Answer Any booties are ok for this fins.
You can get this one.

Question Hello,What size ,if any,of this fin will fit a mens size 11.5 boot?Thanks
Answer XXL should be good

Question im about to purchase 2 pairs of your military dive fins but my question is i wear a size 9.5 size boot so what size would you suggest
Answer XXL is better. I believe the booties military use is bigger than others.

Question Do these fins have the quick-release straps available
Answer Quick-release straps are not available on F1 Rubber fins. However you can consider the spring straps, the main advantage are fins become easy to put on or take off when fitted.

Submited By: Andrew on 01/22/2013
Even though I've only been swimming with these twice, I can already feel how great these fins improve my speed without fins. At first, my ankles hurt after 500m in the pool and it took me a long time to swim the distance since they are reasonably heavy. Yet, the second time I jumped in the pool, my ankles weren't hurting as bad and I was going much faster. Of course I wear socks instead of boots. Overall, these are great for improving speed, cardio, and muscular strength. I look forward to more swims with these in the future.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: J.D. on 11/14/2012
So far so good. I am taking a UTD technical diving certification, and they are very particular about the equipment used. They were very impressed with the quality as well as the affordable price.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: John Spencer on 06/27/2012

SEAL PRO DEEP SEA SCUBA DIVING MILITARY BLACK FINS: Hey! What can I say? Putting on these fins sure brought back alot of memories for me from the Navy. They fit great, feel great, and have the power I need. Thank You Seavenger.

John Spencer

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Bill Walsh on 04/13/2012
Nice set of fins at a fair price

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: jovani on 07/14/2011
Had the right fins at a good price.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 04/13/2011
Good fins, hope that last a long time. Recommend buying springs.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Glenn on 02/23/2011
Just the fins I needed. So far they are holding up great in the water so I'm pleased with the purchase due to real cheap price. Thanks.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 10/20/2010

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 09/25/2009
For all those traditionalist out there, why change something that still works? These Rocket fins are still a favorite among many dive professionals, and they last forever!
Rocket Fins

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Gerald on 08/19/2009
I bought two pairs of these fins.One set for me and the other for my son for an abalone dive trip.They were to replace my now 20 plus year old jet fins which I loved and hated to get rid of.The new fins worked great and fit nicely.Actually fit better the my old "one size fits all" by Scuba Pro.Very manueverable with good thrust when needed.Much like the military uses in rescues,etc. My son also agreed and said they were much better then the longer,stiffer fins for freediving.The straps could be a little more beefy,but all in all a great fin for the money.I'm 63 years old and have had well over 400 freedives and tanking.This was my sons(24yo) first abalone dive.We both did great using these fins.They are a good affordable all around fin.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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