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Tech Diving Bladder » Dolphin Tech Double Bladder Twin-Tank Air Cell JT-65
Dolphin Tech Double Bladder Twin-Tank Air Cell JT-65

Dolphin Tech Double Bladder Twin-Tank Air Cell JT-65

Model#: DT-JT65
Brand: Dolphin Tech

Retail Price: $700
Seavenger Price: $525.00
(25% off retail)

Product Description
Into the depth: Seavenger proudly presents IST's Dolphin Tech to open up the exciting world of technical diving to recreational divers.

For recreational divers who have always aspired to deep-dive 40 meters (130 feet) and beyond, who yearn for the exhilaration and adventure of cave or wreck diving, IST's Dolphin Tech line facilitates that transition.

Once certified and properly trained, Dolphin Tech is ready to really open up the depths of your technical diving world with the world's safest, highest-quality and easy-to-use gears. You're assured of having a superlative diving experience with Dolphin Tech from Seavenger's solid, diver friendly, affordable products, each geared to de-mystify technical diving for the novice.

In fact, perhaps you may be intimidated by your contemplated move into the world of technical diving. By what you mistakenly perceive as its potential high cost. Or even by its possible complexity. That's where Dolphin Tech comes in. Dolphin Tech's technical gears are all price-pointed to make technical diving extremely accessible. Same with the design of Dolphin Tech equipment. Each and every gear, from smallest accessory to our most sophisticated dive computer is engineered with Dolphin Tech's hallmark ease of use and diver-responsive simplicity. The net result is your move into the depths of technical diving is vastly easier than you ever imagined!

Dolphin Tech BCDs and technical BCD components provide a virtually infinite, modular mix of configurations to match your circumstances and particular dive profile.
It all adds up to an unbelievably affordable, easy transition to technical diving. Dive deeper. Dive Dolphin Tech!

DT-JT65. Used in conjunction with the JT-65H and JT-65D, this is Dolphin Tech's flagship air cell, and abundantly worthy of the title. It's packed with features such as low drag/low snag bungee-style cords. Maintaining a sleek, hydro-dynamic profile when not fully inflated, the bands retract the BCD's width to less than your shoulders thereby greatly reducing drag and snag potential.

Instead of the typical and less substantial 200 Denier Nylon single- coated with TPU, Dolphin Tech's JT-65 outer shell is constructed of armor-like 1680 Denier Nylon with a double-coating of TPU, fully shielding your BCD from abrasion or punctures. But despite its remarkable strength, the Dolphin Tech BCD still maintains its surprising, superior lightweight characteristics.

Other features of the JT-65 include 3 sets of marine-grade stainless steel grommets allowing the fine-tuning of tank-BCD diver positioning.
Inflator hoses and Dump valves are interchangeable for a variety of unique hose configurations. Convenience in buoyancy control is provided by strategically-positioned four (4) pull dumps located on the diver's side bladder lower left and top right, and tank side bladder, lower right and top left.

Modularity also translates to economy, too - both the outer shell and inner bladder can be replaced separately, so you don't have to buy a whole new set of both.

This is Dolphin Tech’s flagship air cell and it is packed with abundant features. It has perimeter bungee cords which compress the air cell to maintain a hydrodynamic profile when not fully inflated. The outer shell is extremely tough and wear-resistant and gives the best protection under the most testing conditions. There are 3 sets of marine-grade steel grommets allowing the fine-tuning of tank-BCD-diver positioning. Convenience in buoyancy control is provided through carefully positioned pull dumps.

• Style: Horseshoe

• Buoyancy capacity: 65lbf (29.5kgf)

• Primary bladder material: 210D TPU coated nylon

• Redundant bladder material: 210D TPU coated nylon

• Shell material: 1680D PU coated ballistic nylon with bungee cord

• Primary inflator type: 16”(40.6cm) tech elbow

• Redundant inflator type: 19”(48.2cm)tech elbow

• No. of primary automatic pressure relieve valve / pull dump: 2 (at left waist & right shoulder, torso   side)

• No. of redundant automatic pressure relieve valve / pull dump: 2 (at right waist & left shoulder, tank side)

• Mounting grommets distance (C-C): 3 sets in total, 11”(27.9cm) apart for each

• Primary and redundant low pressure BC hoses included

• For twin back mounted tank only (twin 100cuft / 15L internal volume)



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