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Scuba & Snorkel Mask - Prescription, Purge, & Diving » Full Face Mask » GSM G.divers Underwater Wireless Communication System
GSM G.divers Underwater Wireless Communication System

GSM G.divers Underwater Wireless Communication System

Model#: OR-GSM
Brand: Ocean Reef

Seavenger Price: $537.00

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GSM G.divers Underwater Wireless Communication System


Neptune Space G.Divers Full Face Mask - Cobalt

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Product Description
The Neptune Space G. Divers full-face mask is a fun, hassle-free and inexpensive way to dive into the world of wireless full face mask comm. systems. Equipped with a GSM G. Divers underwater transceiver, this is premier manufacturer Ocean Reefís entry-level comm. Kit for recreational diving. Hook up the single channel Push-to-Talk on G.Diverís comm. unit, and you can talk to your buddies or the dive boat using their own separate comm. Units. The Ultra Sonic receiver is easy to attach and provides up to 30 hours of use at about 200 meters. The Neptune maskís polycarbon super-wide visor allows a panoramic underwater view. The soft silicone skirt and head harness work together to provide a comfortable fit. Since the pressure inside the mask is equal to the pressure outside, mask squeeze is eliminated and it also makes it easy to purge any water that may seep inside the mask. Underwater wireless communications does not have to be difficult or expensive. The Neptune mask comes in two sizes and four colors with a carrying bag.

  • Simple PTT (Push To Talk) system - press the microphone button to talk and release to receive
  • Standard frequency - making it possible to talk directly with all other Ocean Reef communication systems
  • Powered by a 9 volt battery  - not included (see below to order)
  • Up to 30 hours in the receiving mode
  • Range of up to 600 feet

 The underwater communication allows a great evolution of the diving activity and an outstanding improvement of the underwater instruction and education. Besides, the underwater communication is also making the diving activity safer and more enjoyable. 

The new GSM G.divers transceiver (high performance communication system) expands the diver's ability to communicate with others verbally 
The ultrasonic transceiver boasts the autonomy of approximately 30 hours in receiving mode, a range of operation of 200-250 meters (calm sea water), lightweight and sleek design. It is a powerful, single channel and inexpensive PTT (push to talk) underwater wireless communication unit. The unit automatically activates upon contact with the water and it uses a 9V alkaline battery with a low battery alarm which beeps every 30 seconds when the battery is low. 
The GSM G.divers communication unit is the perfect addition to any training class or guided tour and operates on the same frequency as all other OCEAN REEF units and most popular wireless communication units on the market. 
GSM G.divers uses a D-Mic, a special microphone with the housing sealed by hydrophobic membrane which is permeable to air, but prevents water from passing through the electronics 
The membrane's reduced thickness limits any reduction of the vocal signal. The permeability of the membrane keeps the internal pressure equalized with the external pressure, enabling the microphone to be used at practically any depth. 
Each GSM G.divers comes with the NACS (Neptune Adjustable Communication Support) (code 33054). The patented NACS is an adjustable support arm for the GSM G.divers and other OCEAN REEF underwater communication units. It can be installed on the left side of the mask and prevents the communication unit from hanging on the mask strap. By relieving the weight of the communication unit, the NACS also allows the mask strap to slide easily through the buckle; thus, the strap can stay loose while the mask is donned and the communicator stays out of the way. The NACS can be adjusted for tilt and distance between the communication unit and the visor.


Question i have an ocean reef Neptune G full face mask without the communications system, but I am currently looking to buy the ocean reef GSM system. My brother in law is my dive buddy and he had a full face mask ( not the Neptune) that has a buddy phone. My question is, will the ocean reef GSM communication system work with the buddy phone?
Answer We have not tested it on this.

Question I have a GSM and was trying to communicate with a OTS buddy phone. So do they both use ssb but different signals or will they be able to work together? Thanks
Answer You may communicate with each other if your GSM is set to channel 1.

Question Hello I am registered in a Scuba course and I have always wanted to have a fullface mask because I have been practicing with purging water out of my scuba goggles and I feel that I am suffacating when i try to purge the water out of my goggles and I find the easy way to make me comfortable and not feel suffacation in the water is to use a full face and I am canadian and I am wanting to know how much the mask would cost in Canadian money and do you have any answers to wheather I should go with the full face or stick with the goggles and plus I have had enough of struggling to get the right tightness with the goggles I believe that the full face would be something that I would be interested in and how would I know if the mask is well fitted to my face
Answer You may want to take a look at this full face mask: http://seavenger.com/neptune-space-gdivers-full-face-mask-white-p-1045.html
and there's a size chart underneath the product, you can choose the product according to the size chart.
This mask is $624.82 in Canadian dollar, plus shipping.
You can see all kinds of shipping methods and costs while checking out, after you enter your location.

Question What is the physics behind the underwater communication system? Does it use radio waves or another type of system? Does anything interfere with the transmission? This is for a class I am taking. TY
Answer The Ocean Reef GSM G. divers utilizes a wireless ultrasonic transceiver, a digital driver for vocal message equalization, double transceiver channels and is a system type H-SSB. It would be subject to any interference normally associated with digital transmissions.

Question can we use this for low pressure less than 70PSI for surface BA supply compressor.is secondary regulator included? if not how much it cost
Answer We are not too sure about the PSI limit for this mask. But it does not come with the secondary regulator, Here is all the things that comes with the mask.

1st Stage Hose
Visor Protector
Adjustment Screw Driver
Carry Bag

And here is the manufacturer's link

Question Hello let me know if i can have communication with 1 unit in a boat and the others units in the sea (scuba).
Another question is if you sheep to Greece and if have sheep cost and taxes
I am interest for 2 units (Ocean Reef Neptune Space G.divers Full Face Scuba Dive Mask with Diver Communication) and i unit (GSM G.divers Underwater Wireless Communication System )for outside of sea (in boat)

Answer This is not for boats, there are other communication system is made for communication though divers and the boat. This system is only for divers.

Question Hi there

I want to order 4 masks so that people can talk under water here in Philippines. nice warm water! am confused a so much stuff here. Can u make a recommendation??

Thanks so much

Ps would be nice as an instructor to be able to use

Answer Here are the links to the 2 things you will need to be able to talk under water.

Full face mask

GSM G.divers Underwater Wireless Communication System

Question Hi,
Is there an accessory for recording the voice underwater? I mean, recording the voice using an underwater camera or other recording devive, not on the boat or surface.

Thank you,


Answer Sorry, we do not carry anything like that.

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