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Scuba & Snorkel Mask - Prescription, Purge, & Diving » Scuba Mask, Diving Mask & Snorkel Mask - FREE SHIPPING | Seavenger » Hawk Eyes Scuba Diving Mask with Bifocal Compatible
Hawk Eyes Scuba Diving Mask with Bifocal Compatible Gauge Reader - Black

Hawk Eyes Scuba Diving Mask with Bifocal Compatible Gauge Reader - Black

Model#: TI--M480-BKTI
Brand: Tilos

Seavenger Price: $48.95

Available Options:
Optical lens (R):
Optical lens (L):
*For optical lens
please allow
2 business days for us to
assemble and leak testing.

Special Information

Get Prescription optical lens mask for only $65
Use coupon Code BIFOCAL during checkout to get discount.

Product Description

We answered the need early-on for prescription mask lenses. A pioneer innovator in supplying prescription diving mask lenses, Seavenger.com offers a range of interchangeable lenses in clear, tinted and optical prescription choices including bi-focal diopters. These high-end lenses from manufacturers such as IST and Tilos can be fitted to a variety of different mask styles and facial profiles, including children. Clear lenses are made from super-transparent glass, and offer stunning panoramic underwater viewing, as well as gauge reader bifocal diopters available on select masks. Prescription lenses range from -1.0 to -8.0 for divers who are near-sighted, and +1.0 and 4.0 for those who are far-sighted. A selection of tinted lenses offer sharp clear vision and drastically reduced glare both on the surface, and underwater. You can order prescription optical lenses for most l twin-lens masks and select goggles.

Seavenger presents for the first time: Gauge Reader Bifocals! Because of tremendous demand, we now offer bifocals in an extremely high quality mask, the Hawk Eyes from Tilos. The larger, two-window styling of this mask is designed to increase downward vision. It’s combined field of vision was among the best as tested by Scuba Diving Magazine. Their testers found the Hawk Eyes to be comfortable with a soft, pliable silicone skirt. The Hawk Eyes is easy to clear and equalize, and Scuba Diving testers really liked the E-Band strap – a patented device that sets the adjustment features of the strap squarely in the back of your head, where it rests on a comfortable, hard-plastic band. Hawk Eyes – for those of you who have been looking for a great all-purpose, all-face mask that’s available in bifocals – the search is over. Available in multi-hued sporty Red, Black, Clear Blue, Pink, Blue and Yellow.


  •     Large two-window design offers excellent wider down view
  •     Rubber coating on corners of outer frame absorb impact
  •     Indented nose pocket permits easier equalization process
  •     Quick release buckles located on skirt for compact storage
  •     Crystal silicone skirt and strap
  •     Packaged in heavy duty plastic box
  •     Corrective lenses available in bifocal + diopters (Only bottom of lenses)




Question I need a bi-focal mask for snuba/snorkeling - my prescription ADD is 2.50. I am an older female with an average sized face. What would you recommend that is bi-focal, comfortable, seals well, and that I could both snorkel and snuba (not scuba)?

Answer The mask you have linked us is suitable for bifocal. With fitting, you will have to try it on personally because everyone has a different facial structure.

Question I want this mask with the prescription in the previous correspondence.
Answer Please do place the order on our site.

Question Getting ready to order this bi focal mask...on the selection page it asks for corrective lens choice, +1.75, +2.25 and +2.75. For clarity, is this is asking the bifocal strength or the entire lens correction. In other words, are the bifocals already built into the mask without additional specification required, or is it asking to specify the bifocal strength?
Answer Those options are for the bifocal lenses; the top part of the lenses do not have prescriptions.

Question Can defogging agents be used on the mask without impacting the gauge reader lenses?
Answer Yes, they can.

Question Can you provide a ScubaPro Spectra Mirrored Mask with +2.75 corrected lens on both sides? If so what price?
Answer http://seavenger.com/masks-prescription-masks-c-134_136.html
We only provide prescription lenses for the masks we sell, and do not carry ScubaPro's Spectra Mirrored Mask.

Question Are these readers added to the lens (stuck on) or , are is the lens ground to the correction strength?
Answer The lens, at the very bottom of the full pane, is ground to correction strength.

Question I'm interested in a +3.0 diopter reader, left lens only. I currently use an Atomic frameless mask that I love, with Dive Optx in left lens. You don't have any pictures of how high the reader comes on the lens. Can you show me the reader height on this Tilos mask?
Answer The diopter is very low at the bottom of the lenses, perhaps 1/2".

Question Very interested in the Hawk Eyes because, of course, the bifocal feature. What strength are the bifocals?
Answer The Hawk Eyes bifocal lenses are available in +1.75, +2.25, +2.75 strengths.

Question I am about to order the Tilos Hawk Eyes mask because it is one of the few dive masks available with 'readers" ... need to see my U/W camera housing/controls better, and I've given up with the stick-on readers ...

Is this a low volume mask that will fit a small face??? ... cannot have the skirt of the mask too large at the top/sides, or it will leak ...
Please advise ...

If I order the mask with the stock +2.25 reading lenses, and the mask does not fit my face, can it be returned?

thanks much ... Chris

Answer The Hawk Eyes is a low volume mask that will fit average faces. Yes, the mask is fully refundable within 45 days.

Question If I supply my own mask can you fit the lenses, or do I have to buy
the mask from you. Would like to get the +2.75 bilateral in a
scubapro mask I favor.

Answer We do not install prescription lenses on masks we don't sell because we can't guarantee how they will fit on other manufacturers' masks.

Question Will this mask fit large faces?
Answer The mask has a larger two-window styling, but is not especially made for larger faces.

Question Do you have these bifocal reader masks with a purge?
Answer No, this mask does not come with a purge.

Question my RX is R +1.75 , L +1.50
PD 61

can I get it done on this mask??

Answer Yes, that can be done on this mask.

You can get +1.75 for both side.

Submited By: Dan Loughlin on 11/13/2012
I originally purchased the Scuba mask for the bifocal lens. Not only do the bifocals work perfectly to read the small print on my Galileo Sol dive computer it turned out to be the best fitting mask I own and the least expensive. I am very, very satisfied and would highly recommend this product.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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