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Spearfishing Pole Spear Guns » Aluminium 2 segments pole spear
80 inch Aluminium 2 segments fish pole spear

80 inch Aluminium 2 segments fish pole spear

Model#: CHSA001
Brand: IST

Seavenger Price: $31.95

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Product Description
IST’s two and three segment pole spear shows every bit of the over 35 years’ experience this venerable company has put into developing the world’s best dive gear. The end result of the engineering behind this high carbon Anneale aluminum pole is extra rigidity and energy transfer with virtually no flex. You’ll get greater spear speed with minimal water disruption. Travel pole spears, two and three piece feature precision machined unions for seamless fit. The IST Pole Spear breaks down easily into your luggage or backpack. The tempered aluminum pole has a replaceable sling, which is made of black surgical rubber and adjusts easily for power variation. When assembled with the 3-prong paralyzer tip, it is 80” long. This IST Pole Spear is definitely a classic, old school hunter!

• 80” long
• 2 or 3-segments available
• Changeable 3 prong tip
• Tip thread: male, 6”
• Hollow tube, diameter: ¾”
• Spear head: 14mm on the female side
• Prong length: 5”

 This Pole spears are easy to use and each comes with a 3-prong paralyser tip. Simply connect each segment and the tip together and you are ready to fish! each pole can be broken down for traveling or storage purposes.

No. of segments: 2

Total length: 80 inch



Question where is the spear manufactured?
Answer It's manufactured in Taiwan.

Question Does this pole spear have other tips that can be put on instead of the 3-prong tip like can i put a single barb tip on it ?

Question Is there an adapter for this pole that will allow the more common 6mm tips to fit? If so, can someone put up a link?
Answer No, there isn't an adapter for this pole.

Question Can tip be changed out?
Answer Yes, here is the replacement 3 prong tip.


Question Does the tip come off as well? If it does, what size threading is it?
Answer Yes, the changeable 3-prong tip comes off. The spear head is 14mm on the female side, and the tip thread, male is 6".

Question diameter of tubing:1/2 or 5/8 unch

fuberglass or coated aluminum

Answer The diameter of the pole spear's hollow tube is 3/4".

Question Are the 80" pole spears come with a fixed head or can we replace with other tips too?? thank you
Answer The 80" pole spear is not a fixed head, and comes with a 3-prong tip. Additional tips can be purchased, as well.

Question What is the thread measurement for the tip on this spear?
Answer The thread of the tip is male; the size of the tip is around 6".

Question no question just a comment- this is a good polespear. ive been hunting with it for two months now, ive taken quite a few fish and have no complaints. its not flimsy at all. its aluminum...not fiberglass so it is what it is. i would recomend it.
Answer Thanks for your comment

Question you said the pole was solid, it's not ; it is HOLLOW, and flimsy at that.This is a poor product. what is your return policy I feel you misrepresented the product, Lee
Answer Hi,

In order to initiate a return, please visit: http://seavenger.com/rma.php. Make sure you read over the instructions carefully and send of copy of the form with the package. Thanks!

Question should you have some kind of leesh to retreave the spear?
Answer We only have a sling that can be used on the end of the spear.

Question is the pole spear hollow or solid ?
Answer Solid

Question Will the tip thread into the back section of the spear (the section with the band) so as to have a short spear? Is the paralizer tip's threads the same as where the two pole sections thread together?
Answer There is no thread on the back of the spear, the sling is attached to the back.

Question The length of this spear is 6' 8" from tip of paralyzer point or the pole shaft end to end?
Answer Is from tip of paralyzer point to end

Question Do you know where I could find any reviews over this particular spear?
Answer Sorry, I am not sure if there is one.

Question does it come with a sling too with the spear and the paralyzer tip
Answer Yeah it comes with a sling too. We also have additional slings that you can also purchase.

Question Hello
Is the tip threaded, can i change the tip? If so what size are the threads?
Thank you

Answer Yes it is. it comes with 5-prong paralyzer tips. Unfortunately I do not have information on the size of the threads.

Submited By: MIke on 09/22/2011
Works great for what it is, I have caught plenty of fish with this pole spear. Just don't hit a rock with the tip or u will be filling it down or buying a new tip

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: dan b on 08/10/2011
good product for the money. lightweight and sturdy its still long when broken down but adds to its durability, the sling and tip are decent. be prepared to buy a small sharpening stone for the tip, one good bump on a rock and it will need to be touched up. taken 15-20 fish with it so far, its holding up well. wont fit in your snorkel bag though, need the 3 section spear for that. i reccomend this product.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 2 of 2 product reviews

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