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Spearfishing Pole Spear Guns » Breakdown Polespear (Two Piece) (one #635 Band)
JBL Breakdown Polespear (Two Piece) (one #635 Band)

JBL Breakdown Polespear   (Two Piece)  (one #635 Band)

Model#: JBL-2D80
Brand: JBL

Retail Price: $130
Seavenger Price: $122.40 $104.00
(20% off retail)

Product Description

The gold standard in pole spears, JBL's two-piece model is drawn 6063, annealed aluminum and is hard gold anodized for extra rigidity. The end result: maximum energy transfer with virtually no flex. JBL machine-swage each spear for enhanced hydrodynamics. This provides greater speed with minimal water disruption. Travel pole spears  feature precision machined unions for seamless fit and feel and allow for infinite extendibility. Sling length is fully adjustable and the stainless steel threaded tip will accept any 6mm point. This tempered aluminum pole has the JBL635 replaceable sling is made of black surgical rubber and adjusts easily for power variation. The 6'8" (2 meters) model breaks down into two parts of 36" (91.4 cm) and when assembled with the paralyzer, it is 7'10" (2.4 meters) long. The JBL846 Paralyzer Tip has hardened spring stainless steel tines with barbs for better holding power. Paralyzing action to subdue fish, and is used in rocksand reefs primarily for medium to small fish. This breakdown pole spear comes with a carry case for easy transport when broken down.

  •     Tempered 6063 aluminum poles, hard gold anodized
  •     Stainless steel threaded end.
  •     Replaceable black surgical rubber sling
  •     Sling adjusts easily for power variation
  •     Hardened spring stainless steel tip
  •     Breakdown pole for easy storage
  •     Comes with carry case


Question hi id like to buy one pole spear 8 feet break donw.i live in brasil,send me to my addreess.one jbl2d80.just big one.ok
Answer Please order through our website.

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Currently viewing:  JBL Breakdown Polespear (Two Piece) (one #635 Band)
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