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Scuba & Snorkel Mask - Prescription, Purge, & Diving » Pro Ear Mask » Kids ProEar Masks - good for small face
Kids ProEar Masks - good for small face

Kids ProEar Masks - good for small face

Model#: ME59-CLB
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $100
Seavenger Price: $84.95
(15% off retail)

Product Description
Not just the world’s BEST ear protector mask: the world’s ONLY protector mask.

Seavenger.com is the exclusive authorized online dealer for the unique and iconic IST Pro Ear Mask Series. We always stock a full inventory of all models: 4-Windows Panorama, the 2000 series, Kids ProEar Masks and ProEar Single lens versions.

Available only from Seavenger.com are the various colors such as blue, clear blue, yellow, neon yellow and pink; prescription lenses are also available, as are models for every facial type and preference including kids and small face, Dual Window, 4-Window and Single Lens models.

When it comes to eardrum safety, protection and comfort, there is literally nothing remotely comparable to its revolutionary patented design. The ProEar completely seals off your ears from the surrounding water and air is introduced with the exhalation from your nose. Mask, silicone ear cups, equalization tubes and your whole respiratory system become a coordinated closed-circuit equalized air pressure system. The result: equal pressure inside and outside the ear drum. ProEar is leagues ahead of anything available.

All the Pro Ears feature tempered glass dual lenses with crystal-clear silicone skirts. But what makes Pro Ear so unique is its unusual ear cover design -- a pair of ear pods connected to the air space inside the mask via a pair of equalization tubes. Ear problems are eliminated, as are ear-infection dangers.

• Pressure equalization can be achieved easier and less frequently
• Enhanced underwater hearing and sense of direction.
• Stops polluted water from entering the ear causing infection.
• Dramatically reduces heat loss from the diver's head.

Pro Ear. For Ear Protection, There’s Nothing Like It.

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 Free Mask Pouch

Kid's Size

World's ONLY practical ear protector for Divers!
The Pro Ear mask is not just another mask but is indeed an entirely new concept in diving safety and comfort. Thesilicone ear cups, equalization tubes and strap configuration take some time to get used to but after one or two dives the Pro Ear becomes as natural and comfortable then the standard mask.

Pro Ear Summery
Diving related ear problems are universal, irrespective whether the diver is a beginner or a professional. To counter the pressure induced discomfort, the Pro Ear mask to offset the ill effect and to increase the enjoyment of time underwater.

Pro Ear mask will take a little time to get used to, with its silicone ear cups, equalization tubes and strap configuration.It is highly recommend that a Pro Ear mask beginner should try this mask in a pool or controlled environment before taking it on a dive odyssey.

The ear cups cover the ears forming a water tight seal. Air is allowed into the ear cups when exhaling through the nose into the mask and then through the thin tubing (which mimic the Eustachian tubes) which runs from the mask skirt into the ear cups while passing through the non return valves in the tubes. This allows the air space in the ear cups to equalize according to ambient pressure. The mask, ear cups and indeed the entire respiratory system become a closed circuit equalized air pressure system.
Key Features Additional Info
  • Helps with ear problems while properly equipped under water
  • Increase warmth and comfort
  • Easier pressure equalization
  • Prevents painful pressure induced ear problems
  • Provides better underwater hearing and sense of direction
  • Tempered Glass Lenses
  • High Grade Silicon
  • Prevents water to enter your ear canals.
  • Free Mask Pouch Included

We offer 100% satisfaction guaranty on this item.If for any reason you do not like the mask, you can return within 30 days after you receive the item for a full refund, or store credit.

The reason we're doing this is because this is a great product and it does help, so feel free to give it a try.

 Note: this is not 100% water proof, sometimes a little bit water does go in, like when your wearing your dive mask.

  This mask is one size fits all

Here's some of the examples you can benefit from Pro Ear
Ear Pain

Middle ear Barotraumas ("Ear Squeeze") - pain caused by failure to equalize pressures between the outer and middle ear. Caused by blockage in the Eustachian tube. Pressures cannot be equalized and the eardrum is forced inward causing considerable pain, bleeding into middle ear and sometimes rupture of the eardrum.
Preliminary results from multiple dives indicate easier pressure equalization. Possibly explained by lack of stimulation of tympanic membrane and the resultant middle-ear secretions.
Infection or inflammation of the outer ear canal

Otitis external - Exposure to water dilutes the ear's protective lining and exposes it to infection. Polluted water entering the ear canal carries bacteria and irritant chemicals.
Absolute protection from water and pollutant entry will provide effective prevention.

Middle ear inflammation

Otitis media - Inflammation due to poor drainage and collection of fluids in the middle ear and Eustachian tube.

Lack of tympanic membrane stimulation may obviate problems with drainage of middle-ear secretions.
Inability to discern the direction of sound

Diminished function of the calibration of the ear, which is built to function in an air environment.

No mechanism as yet to explain this surprising but consistent observation. Extremely important for divers ascending into busy sea lanes, potentially avoiding accidents.
Dizziness (vertigo) and loss of direction

Due to caloric stimulation or to damage to the inner ear which affects balance.

Avoidance of cold water stimulation of the tympanic membrane, which produces the vertigo.
Build up of bony deposits in the outer ear

Exostoses - The body's mechanism for protecting the eardrum from the adverse effects external trauma like pressure, cold, etc.

Avoidance of cold water stimulation of the external ear canal will undoubtedly prevent exostoses entirely.


How does the ProEar mask function?


The squeeze we feel during a dive is caused by the imbalance of pressure either side of the ear canal. While our ear canal is exposed to water and ambient pressure, our middle ear (which is on the other side of the ear drum and is connected to our nasal cavity by Eustachian tube) is still filled with air and experiences less pressure. The greater external force is able to push our ear drum inward, causing discomfort or pain.

With a ProEar mask, the ears are completed sealed off from the outside and air, at the same pressure as your nasal cavity, is able to be introduced through the Equalization Tubes into the Ear Covers. Therefore the pressure on both sides of the ear drum becomes equal. So as pressure and depth increase, the simple act of breathing air into your Ear Covers can significantly improve your enjoyment of diving.



Question I recently purchased this same type of mask, model #ME80-06, it is working great. But my issue is that I feel that it is too large on the child's face. The bottom of the mask is even with her lips, and it will be used for diving and snorkeling, and the straps are almost to the rear where the strap forms into three parts that are to be located in the rear of her head. could you get back with me, I understand that I need to measure her head, and will when she gets out of school this evening. But in the mean time is this one smaller than the one I currently have.
Answer We have a pro-ear mask that will be a great choice for your daughter, this is designed for kids/junior or people with smaller face.

Question We are a volunteer based swim club in Dunedin, New Zealand. We are looking to provide two of our kids who regularly suffer ear infections which causes them to miss many classes, with Kids ProEar Masks. Are these suitable for swimming in a pool? How much may it cost to get two of these masks to us, and what is the payment process?
Answer The two Kids ProEar masks are $169.90. Your shipping options are as follows:
USPS (Priority Mail International (12 - 18 Days)) $47.40
FedEx FedEx (International Priority (2 - 3 Days)) $38.56
FedEx FedEx (International Economy (3 - 5 Days)) $36.21
We accept all credit cards, plus PayPal.

Question do you have this in pink?
Answer Yes, you can find it here: http://seavenger.com/pro-ear-scuba-diving-divers-mask-pink-available-p-119.html

Submited By: wayne turner on 11/14/2012
My young boy has had serious ear problems which has kept him from enjoying
the pool, with the kids pro ear mask he's back in the pool with out any problems

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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