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Scuba Diving Weights & Belts | Seavenger » Sea Pearls Lead Shot Soft Weights 1lb - Black
1 Lbs Lead Shot Soft Weights - Black

1 Lbs Lead Shot Soft Weights - Black

Model#: SV-SP-M1
Brand: Sea Pearls

Retail Price: $7.99
Seavenger Price: $3.99
(50% off retail)

Product Description
1 (one) 1lb soft weight Black

Itís unbelievable how much thought Sea Pearls put into a lead-shot weight. Each heavy-duty colored mesh bag for easy ID contains thousands of newly manufactured lead shot balls (no scrap lead), hardened with antimony, an alloying material which improves durability for year after year, dive after dive of service. Bonded #70 double-needle stiched thread seals it up, and the result is a quick draining and drying weight that conforms comfortably to your body shape. End result: a more enjoyable dive.

  • Newly Manufactured Lead Shot
  • No Scrap Lead Used
  • Larger #4 Shot with Less Surface Area
  • Hardened with Antimony
  • Clean, Graphite Free
  • Colored Bags for Easy Size I.D.
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon Mesh Bags
  • Double Needle Stitching
  • Bonded #70 Nylon Thread
  • Quick Draining and Drying

The most comfortable weights available, if you are placing them in weight pockets hanging from a belt or placing them in your quick release weight integrated BCD you won't find a more comfortable weight type on the market. Soft outer material allows the thousands of lead shot balls to conform to you equipment or more important body shape. If you have gotten bruises from hard weight resting on your hip bone these weights will eliminate that problem for you.


Question The word LEAD scares me. I'm a PE teacher needing affordable 2 lb weights for elementary students to build up their upper body strength but lead isn't healthy to be around. is this product safe??
Answer This product is meant for diving purposes and is indeed made of lead. Whether it is safe for children, please do consult with the school.

Question How much for five (5) 6# bags shipped to 92262 please. Also itemize the cost for the 5 bags and the shipping. Thank you
Answer The 6lb bags are 23.99ea: $119.95
Shipping is free

Question Can I pick up locally?
Answer Yes.

Question I need to purchase 15 Sea Pearls Weight belts and 2 1/2 cases (75 1 lb) weights (soft weights)for our Waper Polo team @ Troy HS. Do you have any special discounts for High Schools?

Question Interested in purchasing:
(2) 1 1b weights
(3) 2 lb weights
(1) 3 lb weight

Could you send a combined invoice and do any better on price? (maybe invoice me directly through paypal to the email addy above?)

thanks for considering!

Answer The prices on our website for these weights are the lowest we can offer. Since it's not a huge order, you should just add these products to the shopping cart and order them from there.

Question What is the price 6,5,..2 lb this weights.

Answer You can see all the price here.


6lb - $18.88

Question Hello,

I want to purchase 2qty 5-lbs, 2qty 4-lbs, and 2qty 3-lbs (6 wieghts for a total of 24 pounds). I tried to buy them but eBay keeps attempting to make me pay for them seperatly causing redundant S&H charges. I would like to combine my order so I only have to pay S&H once. Can you please assist me. Thank you, Ken S. (mint.package)


Question How do I order multiple sizes of weights and still get the $12 flat fee for shipping?
Answer hello, for any purchase on website your shipping fee will be 6.50 flat regardless how many pounds of weights you purchase. you will get free shipping if your order is above $100.00. Basically you just add the weights and the quantities you like to your shopping cart and you will get the discount shipping.

Question what are the dimensions of the soft weights (length, width, height)? Do you have any smaller sizes than the 1 pounds?


Answer it is about 3.5 in x 3.5 in x 0.5 in

Those soft weights are like bean bags, so you can fold it into smaller size.

Submited By: Clare on 12/01/2009
They are good weights for a good price. Since I don't use them for diving, I use them for art conservation work, they have to be covered again because the bags are mesh, not tightly woven and exposure to the lead pellets is a problem. I purchased 1 and 2 lbs. and covered them with felt. They work well.

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