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Prescription Swim Goggles & RX Swim Goggles for Adults & Kids - FREE SHIPPING | » RX prescription swim Goggle with Optical Corrective Mirrored Metallized Polarize
RX prescription swim Goggle with Optical Corrective Mirrored Metallized Polarized Lenses - Black

RX prescription swim Goggle with Optical Corrective Mirrored Metallized Polarized Lenses  - Black

Model#: Splaqua-Goggle-Black-Metallized
Brand: Splaqua

Seavenger Price: $34.95

Available Options:
Optical lens (R):
Optical lens (L):
*For optical lens
please allow
2 business days for us to
assemble and leak testing.

Special Information

Product Description

Splaqua’s new goggles are a prescription goggle first: Polarized mirrored lenses. There is nothing like these goggles to block the glare of the sun, also offering UVA and UVB protection, as well.

Why are mirrored Polarized lenses more effective at blocking the glare of the sun?

Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare. The reason light is bounced and refracted so efficiently is the lenses are laminated with tiny invisible vertical stripes, like Venetian blinds, that only permit vertically angled light to enter your eyes. Direct glare is eliminated because horizontal light waves cannot bypass the vertical filter.

Read what swimmers say:

"I use mirrored even indoors because regular goggles get the glare of the lights when you breathe and also the light hitting the water. The mirrored goggles look cool and they keep out unwanted light plus you can see better in the water both outdoors and indoors.”

“I am a professional swimmer, and NEVER had such a comfortable fit and clarity!”

The latest and greatest in prescription lens swim and dive goggles. Summery colors – Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow -- super comfy fit, unbelievable price. Splaquas are everything a goggle is supposed to be…
PLEASE NOTE: Goggles come with your prescription lenses installed.


brings you a full line of cool, sleek, high quality prescription goggles. No more foggy lenses! No more breaks or tears in the middle of the season!


goggles are sure to outlast the warm memories of your swimming experience!

Splaqua™ goggles are adjustable to fit every face, young and old alike. Our goggles are one piece designed to achieve ultimate comfort. No more slipping and sliding off while diving! Splaqua™ goggles sit comfortably on your face while you swim and splash!

There’s more! Splaqua™ goggles come in either clear or tinted lens to accommodate every pool! Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, sunny or shady, you can get your specific needs met with Splaqua’s great selection!

  • One piece design for ultra comfort fit
  • 100% silicone strap and gasket
  • High water resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • UV protected
  • Anti fog coating
  • Protective film on lens avoids
    premature scratching
  • Shatterproof
  • Choice of color strap
  • Mirrored Metallized Polarized  lense
  • Polycarbonate lens for durability
  • Long lasting packaging for convenient storage
  • Diopters all the way up till -10.00
  • Interchangeable prescriptions for each eye



Question I want to order the mirrored RX glasses but my prescription for my left eye is 0. The form will not allow me to select 0. The lowest is -1.5

Can I order the 0 lens to match separately?

Answer For this mirrored goggle, we do not have 0 for the lens.

Question I purchased this model of goggle from Scavenger recently, and I just received it on 9/2/2014. The order number is 227696. I had used it only once. I like this goggle very much. However, I found several flaws for this one I received:
1. The adjust button at the side of the -10 lens is slightly damaged when received.
2. The -8.5 lens is foggy when being used (seems no anti-fog coating).
3. The -8.5 lens is not enough to compensate my left sight, and -10 should be the better fit.
Can I return the original one to exchange a new one with both lenses -10 and without the flaws just mentioned?

Answer Since the goggle was used, we do not accept the exchange. You may return within 45 days and we will refund 75% of the cost.

Question My daughter is a 10-year-old competitive swimmer with a R eye -4.75-100x155e and the L eye
-7.00-75x165. Will these goggles fit her and which prescription should I buy if they do?

Answer According to the lens calculator, her prescription should be Right Eye: -5.00
Left Eye: -7.00

Question My scrip reads
Sphere cyl axis dist add
OD +3.00 -1.50 095 29 +1.75

OS +5.00 -0.75 075 29 +1.75

Can you please let me know what you recommend for me in your prescription swim goggles. Thank you, Alicia

Answer Your prescriptions are as followed:

Right: 3.5
Left: 4

Question I need a pair of these with no prescription at all in the right eye, and -6.00 -1.25 x 004 in the left eye.

Is this possible?

Answer Only the regular splaqua goggles(Non-Metallized) are available to choose plano prescription.

Question Is the mirrored lens tinted? The picture of this black frame looks like the lens is mirrored but not tinted. I need a tinted polarized lens.
Answer It is Mirrored metallized polarized lens.

Question what is the diameter of the glasses with strap; I need to know if it will be suitable for a 6 and a 9 year old.
Answer It will not be suitable for 6 years old

You can get this. The Nose Bridge is changeable


Question Are these available +5 in right and +3 in left.
Answer only this Model#: TU-VC-510A-RX-Goggle
available for plus, you may find it by the following link:


Question Can I purchase prescription goggles with the following prescription, and if so at what price ?
right sphere-13.25 cyl-1 axis 146 ADD 3.00
left sphere-12.25 cyl-.75 axis 159 ADD3.00

Answer Right Eye: -10
Left Eye: -10
Your reading is over what we can offer. The number showing here is the best we can offer you.

With this metallized goggle the price will be $34.95

Question Are the straps attached to the goggle? My son uses a bungie for his strap. Would the bungie work as a strap for these goggles?
Answer The straps are attached to the goggle. Your son will probably find them more comfortable than a bungie.

Question sons (6 years old)
right-sphere +6 cyl +1 axis 93
left- +5.25 +1 112

What do you recommend.

Answer We recommend right eye 4, left eye 4.

Question Polarized doesn't mean dark, mirrored might.

How dark are these? Like real out in the sun kind of shade? Or the smoke color with a mirror finish (thinking pop idol on MTV)?

Answer These mirrored polarized lenses are probably described best as smoke lenses with a metalized mirrored finish.

Question What swim goggle should I purchase with what lense? I am adult male.
My prescription is as follows:
Sphere CYL. Axis
R +2.25 +.75 001
L +2.25 +1.00 006

Answer http://seavenger.com/goggle-platina-corrective-lens-swim-goggle-p-1452.html
We recommend this Platina goggle with the following lenses:
Right Eye: 2.00
Left Eye: 2.50

Submited By: Ruth on 09/25/2012
I am so happy with this purchase! I took a small risk and was rewarded with comfortable and fully functional prescription goggles. I am an advid swimmer but was frequently frustrated because I could not see well. I have a very strong prescription which differs greatly from eye to eye. My eyes are also quite light sensitive, which was always a problem when swimming in the Caribbean. Your company provided me with customized goggles for a reasonable price that took care of my unusual prescription and my light sensitivity. Keep up the good work!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Denise on 09/24/2012
I ordered two pairs of swim goggles, both with prescription lenses--mirrored for outdoors and regular for indoors. LOVED the fit and comfort...and SO nice to be able to see while swimming (I'm not a competitive swimmer, so these were the first prescription goggles I've owned.)

My only complaint: they scratch REALLY easily. The care instructions warn not to rub the lenses, but how can one not do so when trying to clean suntan lotion smears and fingerprints off of them? Either I needed more detailed instructions on how to clean them in a "no-touch" way, or they need to have some kind of protective coating!

I would definitely purchase more goggles from Seavenger--the price was terrific for the quality. Thanks!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 2 of 2 product reviews

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