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Scuba & Snorkel Mask - Prescription, Purge, & Diving » Pro Ear Mask » PRO EAR SCUBA DIVING GEAR EQUIPMENT DIVERS MASK
Pro ear scuba diving divers mask - black Silicone (RX available)

Pro ear scuba diving divers mask - black Silicone (RX available)

Model#: ME55-BS
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $100
Seavenger Price: $94.95
(5% off retail)

Available Options:
Optical lens (R):
Optical lens (L):
*For optical lens
please allow
2 business days for us to
assemble and leak testing.

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Product Description
Not just the world’s BEST ear protector mask: the world’s ONLY protector mask.

Seavenger.com is the exclusive authorized online dealer for the unique and iconic IST Pro Ear Mask Series. We always stock a full inventory of all models: 4-Windows Panorama, the 2000 series, Kids ProEar Masks and ProEar Single lens versions.

Available only from Seavenger.com are the various colors such as blue, clear blue, yellow, neon yellow and pink; prescription lenses are also available, as are models for every facial type and preference including kids and small face, Dual Window, 4-Window and Single Lens models.

When it comes to eardrum safety, protection and comfort, there is literally nothing remotely comparable to its revolutionary patented design. The ProEar completely seals off your ears from the surrounding water and air is introduced with the exhalation from your nose. Mask, silicone ear cups, equalization tubes and your whole respiratory system become a coordinated closed-circuit equalized air pressure system. The result: equal pressure inside and outside the ear drum. ProEar is leagues ahead of anything available.

All the Pro Ears feature tempered glass dual lenses with crystal-clear silicone skirts. But what makes Pro Ear so unique is its unusual ear cover design -- a pair of ear pods connected to the air space inside the mask via a pair of equalization tubes. Ear problems are eliminated, as are ear-infection dangers.

• Pressure equalization can be achieved easier and less frequently
• Enhanced underwater hearing and sense of direction.
• Stops polluted water from entering the ear causing infection.
• Dramatically reduces heat loss from the diver's head.

Pro Ear. For Ear Protection, There’s Nothing Like It.

Read ScubaDiving.com’s review of Pro Ear

Read webfooted review of ProEar

  Free Mask Pouch
World's ONLY practical ear protector for Divers!
The Pro Ear mask is not just another mask but is indeed an entirely new concept in diving safety and comfort. Thesilicone ear cups, equalization tubes and strap configuration take some time to get used to but after one or two dives the Pro Ear becomes as natural and comfortable then the standard mask.

Pro Ear Summery
Diving related ear problems are universal, irrespective whether the diver is a beginner or a professional. To counter the pressure induced discomfort, the Pro Ear mask to offset the ill effect and to increase the enjoyment of time underwater.

Pro Ear mask will take a little time to get used to, with its silicone ear cups, equalization tubes and strap configuration.It is highly recommend that a Pro Ear mask beginner should try this mask in a pool or controlled environment before taking it on a dive odyssey.

The ear cups cover the ears forming a water tight seal. Air is allowed into the ear cups when exhaling through the nose into the mask and then through the thin tubing (which mimic the Eustachian tubes) which runs from the mask skirt into the ear cups while passing through the non return valves in the tubes. This allows the air space in the ear cups to equalize according to ambient pressure. The mask, ear cups and indeed the entire respiratory system become a closed circuit equalized air pressure system.
Key Features Additional Info
  • Helps with ear problems while properly equipped under water
  • Increase warmth and comfort
  • Easier pressure equalization
  • Prevents painful pressure induced ear problems
  • Provides better underwater hearing and sense of direction
  • Tempered Glass Lenses
  • High Grade Silicon
  • Prevents water to enter your ear canals.
  • Free Mask Pouch Included

We offer 100% satisfaction guaranty on this item.If for any reason you do not like the mask, you can return within 30 days after you receive the item for a full refund, or store credit.

The reason we're doing this is because this is a great product and it does help, so feel free to give it a try.

 Note: this is not 100% water proof, sometimes a little bit water does go in, like when your wearing your dive mask.

  This mask is one size fits all

Here's some of the examples you can benefit from Pro Ear
Ear Pain

Middle ear Barotraumas ("Ear Squeeze") - pain caused by failure to equalize pressures between the outer and middle ear. Caused by blockage in the Eustachian tube. Pressures cannot be equalized and the eardrum is forced inward causing considerable pain, bleeding into middle ear and sometimes rupture of the eardrum.
Preliminary results from multiple dives indicate easier pressure equalization. Possibly explained by lack of stimulation of tympanic membrane and the resultant middle-ear secretions.
Infection or inflammation of the outer ear canal

Otitis external - Exposure to water dilutes the ear's protective lining and exposes it to infection. Polluted water entering the ear canal carries bacteria and irritant chemicals.
Absolute protection from water and pollutant entry will provide effective prevention.

Middle ear inflammation

Otitis media - Inflammation due to poor drainage and collection of fluids in the middle ear and Eustachian tube.

Lack of tympanic membrane stimulation may obviate problems with drainage of middle-ear secretions.
Inability to discern the direction of sound

Diminished function of the calibration of the ear, which is built to function in an air environment.

No mechanism as yet to explain this surprising but consistent observation. Extremely important for divers ascending into busy sea lanes, potentially avoiding accidents.
Dizziness (vertigo) and loss of direction

Due to caloric stimulation or to damage to the inner ear which affects balance.

Avoidance of cold water stimulation of the tympanic membrane, which produces the vertigo.
Build up of bony deposits in the outer ear

Exostoses - The body's mechanism for protecting the eardrum from the adverse effects external trauma like pressure, cold, etc.

Avoidance of cold water stimulation of the external ear canal will undoubtedly prevent exostoses entirely.



How does the ProEar mask function?


The squeeze we feel during a dive is caused by the imbalance of pressure either side of the ear canal. While our ear canal is exposed to water and ambient pressure, our middle ear (which is on the other side of the ear drum and is connected to our nasal cavity by Eustachian tube) is still filled with air and experiences less pressure. The greater external force is able to push our ear drum inward, causing discomfort or pain.

With a ProEar mask, the ears are completed sealed off from the outside and air, at the same pressure as your nasal cavity, is able to be introduced through the Equalization Tubes into the Ear Covers. Therefore the pressure on both sides of the ear drum becomes equal. So as pressure and depth increase, the simple act of breathing air into your Ear Covers can significantly improve your enjoyment of diving.


Prescription optical lens available




Optional -  Hood Size Chart (buy together and save $10 on the hood)
hood size
Hood Size XS S M L XL XXL
Inches 20-21 21-22 22-23 23-24 24-25 25-26
CM 51-53 53-56 56-58 58-61 61-64 64-66


  • Purposely designed ProEar Mask hood.
  • Two-layer construction: the inner layer (3mm) for the placement of the Ear Cups while the outer layer (2mm) adds warmth and gives a clean appearance.
  • Special stretchable front panels allow for easy adjustment.
  • Smooth skin face and ear seal to reduce water entry.



Question I already have ME55-BS Pro ear scuba diving black Silicone, I need only the lens as follow :

- Optical lens (R) +1.5
- Optical lens (L) +1.5

kindly advice to my e-mail, delivery in USA

Answer http://seavenger.com/prescription-optical-lenses-for-proear-mask-me55-p-730.html

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Question 116 row a seat 20

Question I usually need quite small size mask, my current is the Aqua Lung Look 2. I see this mask is one size fits all. Does it really? Will you definitely return my money if it does not fit my face properly?
Answer We may process a refund within 45 days if the mask is new and has not touched water.

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Question Is this mask more durable or heavy duty compared to the other pro ear masks? What is the difference between the regular pro ear and pro ear 2000?
Answer The frames of the lenses are different

Question Ae there any places in Florida that carry your ear scuba mask
Answer Sorry, there isn't.

Question Which mask is best for an adult, the all black or other one?
Answer This is a great pro-ear mask.

Question Will the hood you recommend along with the mask keep water out completely
Answer It will help to prevent your ear getting wet, but not guarantee not getting wet. Just like mask, the water might still go in.

Question I have ear tubes,I need some advice on if i should dive. Will this product help with keeping the water out,or do i still have a chance of water getting into my middle ear ?
Answer Our customers with ear problems, including tubes, have had success with the ProEar. However, we strongly recommend you consult with your ear doctor before attempting underwater activities even with this product.

Question I'm getting ready for the Florida lobster season. Often I need to get upside down to look at the top of large holes. I end up getting water in my ears which can be very uncomfortable. Will this mask prevent this? Are there any negative characteristics to this type of mask?
Answer It will help to prevent your ear getting wet, but not guarantee not getting wet. Just like mask, the water might still go in.

Question This past weekend was my first time scuba diving. I was doing my padi dives. I major problems equalizing, had to stop and go up then back down. Is it posible for me to try out the the mask before I buy it ? To see if it works for me??
Answer We have a liberal return policy, but you will have to purchase the mask and then try it out. If it does not work for you after trying it out in the water, you can return it within 45 days for 75% refund less the original shipping charge.

Question I have dived for 20 years, but lately I have been having trouble clearing my ears. I'd like to try the Pro Ear, but I'd like you to recommend one. I am female, 5'7", 128 lbs, rather narrow face, but a size 7 1/2 head. The mask I have always worn is low volume. Which one is for me?
Answer Yes, this one should work for you.

Question As a child I had numerous ear surgeries, and I had t tubes instead of normal ear tubes. I can go under fine, but no more than about five feet with great pain because of the pressure I'm assuming. Will this product help me? I really don't want to be held back all my life, but then again it isn't worth permanent damage. Thank you
Answer Our customers with ear problems, including tubes, have had success with the ProEar. However, we strongly recommend you consult with your ear doctor before attempting underwater activities even with this product.

Question I purchased this mask but I could not print the information on this page.
Answer If you want to reproduce the product description, copy and paste it on a word document, and print.

Answer For the pro ear when water gets in the ear, you purge it the same way you purge a regular mask. There are 2 equalizing tubes going though from the front of the mask to the side ear cup. When you purge your mask, the air travels though the tube and purges the water out from the ear cup.

Question I went on a discover sucba dive (resort Dive) for the first time ever last fall in Cozumel. While i was able to dive i had intense ear pain and a very hard difficulty equalizing in both ears. usually for every 3 meter drop i had to go up one or two in an attempt to get it to equalize. im also deaf in both ears. will this device truely help?
Answer Yes, the pro ear will help. The patented design is purposely built to protect your ear against the air pressure.

Question Hi,

How long does it takes to deliver a Pro ear scua diving divers mask to Singapore address?


Answer Here is the rough estimate, we will need you postal code for the exact cost

USPS (First-Class Mail International Package** (Varies by country)) $18.89
USPS (Priority Mail International (6 - 10 business days)) $33.00
USPS (Express Mail International (3 - 5 business days)) $39.75
USPS (Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)** (1 - 3 business days)) $76.95

Question I have just had an operation on my left ear,I had a skin graft and a repair to my tubes,will this mask prevent my ear getting wet? If not do you have any advice?
Answer It will help to prevent your ear getting wet, but not guarantee not getting wet. Just like mask, the water might still go in.

Make sure you use it with the pro ear hood to keep ear dry.

Question I am prone to ear pain if I dive into deep water, even if I equalize. Will this mask reduce or eliminate my ear pain when I dive into deeper waters?
Answer This mask will help you equalize easier meanwhile reduce the pain in your ear.

Question I purchased the black silicon pro ear mask recently, and would like to get the lens replacedd with an Rx. What do I ask my optician for the Rx for the mask ? How do I order the Rx (without ordering a second mask) to have the lenses replaced in my current mask ? How do I send my mask to get the lenses replaced ?

Thanks, great product.

Answer You can order the lenses here for self installation.

For $15, you can send the mask back for us to install it.

Question can I wear eyeglasses with this mask ??
Answer No, it will leak. We will need to install the Optical lenses for you.

Question i have tubes in both ears, i would like to know how to equalize the pressure when diving? Thats my problem with diving. I cant pop my ears on the way down. Also i use ear plugs, would I have to use them or not?
Answer thanks for your message, we usually don't recommend divers to use ear plugs while diving it makes you harder to equalize pressure. Regarding your ear it is best you talk with your doctor before doing any underwater activities to ensure your safety.

Question Can your prescription lence cover spherical only or spherical and cylinder both?
What is the range for cylinders?

Answer We only have the spherical

Here is the formula
Sphere + 1/2 Cylinder = Mask Diopter

Since corrective lenses are pre-made, they do not cover all diopters. If your calculation falls between 2 diopters (-3.75 for example), always pick the lower diopter(-3.5), as this will put less strain on your eyes.

Question I have a tube in my ear. I'm going to Jamaica in a little over a week and really want to scuba dive. I've only gone once before and would have to take a course in the pool before going while on this trip (could give me time to practice with the Pro Ear). Would this product keep the water out of my ear so I could do a dive (only go about 30ft). I also have an individaully molded ear plug that I could use if that would help. Any advice?
Answer The pro ear mask doesn't keep your ear complete dry. If you have to keep your ear complete dry, use it with ear plug and pro ear hood. However, this is still not guarantee anything.

Absolutely try it in the pool before you go diving.

Question Does your mask go underneath my hooded wetsuit, or does it go on top of hood? Is it effective wearing it over the hood? Does it keep water out? Also, does having long hair make it ineffective? Lastly, can I wear ear plugs with this product?
Answer This has to go underneath your hooded wetsuit.
It does keep water out, but not completely.
If you have long hair, try not to have too many in the ear cup. It is better to keep all the hair out of ear cup.

Question With the pro ear can I wear my hearing aids?


Answer You have to take off your hearing aids while diving

Submited By: andre Thepaut on 07/11/2013

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: kevin on 05/31/2011
Bought this mask to help with equalization. It has nat helped, but the mask is a great fit. It stays in place very well and clears water easier then any other mask I have used. I would recommend this mask to someone looking to keep thier ears clean but as for clearing easier it hasn't worked for me.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Norm Falick on 04/03/2011
I'm advanced certified, but have always had trouble equalizing my right ear. Once I'm past 15 or 20 feet, I'm fine, but getting there takes forever, sometimes experiencing a lot of pain due to descending too quickly, even having had my ear drum bent backwards. On drift dives I've occasionally lost the rest of the dive party because I take too long to get to the bottom due to taking so long to equalize.

I first tried out the Pro Ear mask in a pool, then in an 18' open water dive and it seemed to work. Finally, last week I took it on a couple of 50-60' drift dives in Palm Beach, FL. I never felt a thing in my right ear and barely had to hold my nose and swallow. Simply pressurizing the mask by blowing air out of my nose into the mask did most of it. I've never descended faster. The only thing keeping me making it to the bottom more rapidly was my own bouyancy. For the first time, my ears were equalized faster than I could descend.
We had about 45 minutes of bottom time both dives and I never experienced a problem with either ear.

I highly recommend this mask for anyone with equaliztion issues.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: mark on 03/08/2011
Just got back from the Caribbean and really enjoyed this mask - it fits me very well and kept my eardrum dry and warm - recommended several people while I was down in the Caribbean to contact seavenger.com.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Adriano del Valle on 02/16/2011

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: valentin trujillo sanchez on 01/11/2011

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Scott Whaley on 11/06/2010
I have always experienced sharp pains in my ears when I submerge any more than five feet. Thanks to the Pro Ear SCUBA Diving mask, I dove to 25 feet yesterday for the first time ever! I'm so excited that I can become a certified SCUBA diver with my wife now. This mask truly delivered as promised and I received wonderful customer service from Seavenger.com.

I was very skeptical about buying something that none of my dive friends have ever heard of. But, I'm happy to admit that my skepticism was unwarranted because this is truly a miracle for me. I currently live on Guam and my work allows me to travel to many of the Western Pacific islands where people spend thousands of dollars to dive. Now, I can add Scuba diving to my itinerary during my future travels.


Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Greg on 09/27/2010
Was a little worried about this mask leaking but it was great. A little getting use to when putting it on but it is a great mask. You can hear everything when you are submerged. Keeps water out and helps get you down with little or no pain. I am free diving 20 - 30 feet and it has helped me allot.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Greg Batte on 08/30/2010
Mask is great. Does'nt leak as much as I thought it would.
Takes a few tries to get it on correctly. 1st three free dives to about 20 feet produced NO pain in my ears. I have been diving since I was 4 and have always had pain due to ear problems. Great find. Only con I have is that it seems to fog up allot even with the use of anti fog gel and spray.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Daniel Sledge on 07/09/2010
This mask is the best thing ever! It has allowed me to dive with both ears perforated and is the only way I can dive. My friend perforated his ears (both of them) back to back after diving and he now also uses this mask.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 11/23/2009
It works as advertised but it takes some getting used too. It had a lot of leaks on it's maiden voyage. I wish the straps were easier to adjust both in and outof the water. The cups protected my ears so that was worth the price me. I would suggest this mask to friends but you should take into consideration that it takes a lot tweaking to get it just right

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Gustavo Salcedo on 08/20/2009
Very good morning purchased product arrived in very good condition but the next time we will use DHL for transport had some problems with the Venezuelan postal service.

In another vein I would like to know if you sell the TUSA Duo Air.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Fernando Landeta on 08/19/2009
Excellent mask!
Kept our divers ear's dry and warm in freezing waters.
Highly recomended!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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Scuba diving beach dive mesh bag
Scuba diving beach dive mesh bag
Finger Reel with Marine Grade Brass Clip - 100ft line
Finger Reel with Marine Grade Brass Clip - 100ft line
Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Diving Fin
Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Diving Fin
Mini Sock 2mm Unisex Fin Sock
Mini Sock 2mm Unisex Fin Sock
Pocket Weight Belts - Blue, Yellow or Black
Pocket Weight Belts - Blue, Yellow or Black
JBL 38-Special Northwest  Speargun (Three #216 Bands)
JBL 38-Special Northwest Speargun (Three #216 Bands)
Currently viewing:  Pro ear scuba diving divers mask - black Silicone (RX available)
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Prescription lens

I am extremely happy with this mask. We just returned from Hawaii and the Rx in the lens worked bett ...

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