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Swim Fins - Snorkel, Diving, & Monofin | Seavenger » Adjustable Strap Fins » Propulsion rubber fins
Propulsion super rubber rocket diving fins new design military fins

Propulsion super rubber rocket diving fins new design military fins
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Propulsion super rubber rocket diving fins new design military fins
Propulsion super rubber rocket diving fins new design military fins

Model#: F4
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $85
Seavenger Price: $69.95
(18% off retail)

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Product Description
New Design! F4 Propulsion represents the latest evolution of Military-style Fins from IST.

Based on IST's iconic and military favorite F-1, the F4'swide blade design is slightly shorter Ė however, there is no power shortage here. Thatís because of the expanded width rubber blade which incorporates unheard-of flexibility. Even more thrust is attained by 3 deep vents which force water backwards, emulating the effect of three synchronized turbo-powered water jets.

The F-4 is excellent for open water dive missions, but also shows its skill in assisting diver- maneuverability within confined spaces. As you would expect and demand of a military fin, the F-4 is durable and long-lasting; compatible with ISTís famous Universal clamp stainless steel coil spring fin strap.

Thereís a reason U.S. Military Personnel have made IST's exclusive F1 Deep Sea Scuba Diving Military Rubber Rocket Fins their number one choice. The F-4 is following the tradition, already a favorite with the U.S. Navy.

  • The fin is useful in open water but also capable of handling dive missions in confined spaces.
  •  Propulsion represents a new generation of rubber fin. The fin is designed slightly shorter but no power is lost through its wider blade rubber’s unmatched flexibility. In fact, more thrust is gained by 3 deep vents, which force water backwards, mimicking the effect of the water jet.
  • Durable and long lasting.


   M  XL
United States 5-6  7-10 11-13
European 36-38  39-42  43-46 


  Spring fin strap - Optional  (Buy together and save)

Rust resistant stainless steel spring straps are ideal for technical and recreational diving applications. The main advatage is fins become easy to put on or take off when fitted.




Question My dry suit has a size large boot it measures 12 inches from toe to heal-plus or miness 1/4 inch what size fin would be best for me thanks - JP
Answer Please scroll down for size, that would be per shoe sizes.
We also would like to recommend you these fins.


Question How long are these fins in inches and feet? How much do thee fins weight ?
Answer F1-XXL:It is about 19.5 in long and 6.3 lbs
F4-XL:It is about 21 in long and 7.5 lbs

Question When you have the correct size fin, how much of your heel should be sticking out? I have the F4 fin. Is there any problem using these fins without booties?
Answer If you choose open heel fins and are going to be wearing booties with your fins, purchase the booties first. You need to have the bootie on when trying out scuba diving fins to ensure you get the proper size and fit.

So start with the fin size as outlined above. Try them on and see how they feel. If you are wearing a bootie, you might have to go one size large depending on the thickness and sole of the bootie.

Diving fins for scuba should fit like your shoes. Not too loose, not too tight. They should fit snugly without pinching anywhere.

With open heel fins, adjust the strap to the loosest position and insert your foot. Adjust the strap to fit snugly - but not a vice grip!

On the open heel fins, your foot should extend past the back of the boot heel a couple of inches or so and the upper lip should line up with your instep.

If your foot goes too far forward in the pocket, the fin is probably too large.

Question Trying to decide between the F1 and F4. How do they compare performance wise? Why should I choose one over the other?
Answer Please check the F4 Product Description, that explains the difference.

Question 1) Where do F4 ITS fins made?
2) Are F4 ITS come with quick release buckles?

Answer F4 is made in Taiwan and they do come with quick release buckles.

Question So I wear a men's size 9 in the 7mm Henderson insta dry hard sole dive bootie. What size fin should I get?
Answer We recommend that you try size Large.

Question Couple questions:
I am going to use these fins to swim in a pool for building endurance, not for diving. Military training etc.
I take a size 12.5 to 13 shoe/military boot...

Do you recommend the f4 or the f1..and what size?
Which boot do you recommend to go with each, and what size?


Answer We suggest for you to try the F4 in XL. The foot pocket in F4 is bigger than F1; also it's a newer model. As for boots, it is based on your preference of small or big booties. We do have many booties to choose from and we suggest for you to try size 13:


Question i am looking for a fin that will be great for float tubing i was told about a force fin what do you recommend size 11 foot used in stocking foot waders price is not a problem so i want the best i can get
Answer F4 should be great.
We will recommend you to get the size XL.

Question I use 2mm neoprene Sox and wear size 11 what fin should I get
Answer We will recommend you to get full foot fins, if you are going to wear socks only.

Question Hi,
Can you give me the exact length and with of the F1 rocket fin XXL and the F4 fin XL. I also noticed that in the questions and answers that some one said he was buying a short FI rocket fin are they available or is he talking about the F4.

Are you able to post to Australia.


Answer F1-XXL:It is about 19.5 in long and 6.3 lbs
F4-XL:It is about 21 in long and 7.5 lbs

Question When I ordered these from you I did not upgrade to the Stainless Steal Straps. What Strap kit should I order for IST F-4 Fins?
Answer This is the one :

Question I'm interested in ordering these fins. I wear a size 14 shoe. So what size fin/bootie would I need to order
Answer Since this fin only comes up to size 13, it will probably be too small to accommodate your foot size 14 with booties, too.

Question how many grams or kg is the fins and is it positive boyancy?I also want to know whether is it easier to kick?my dad says that as the f4 fins is shorter it is harder to manuver?please give me a fulll detail about this fins......


Answer We need to know what size you are interested in to tell you exactly how much the F4 weighs in kgs. There is no loss in maneuverability due to its shorter length. This fin has refinements from the F1 fin including a quick-release buckle and more comfortable fin strap.

Question is the IST f4 jet fin good.is it the same with the f1 fin because i have the sane fin like f1fin but it is very old so i plan to buy a new one.
Answer Yes, the F4 is a great fin. Basically, it's an evolution of the F1 with design features that improve upon its predecessor. If you like the F1 you will definitely like the F4.

Question i wear the IST 6.5mm titanium 8 in height boots in size 9;
What size should i get these fins in?

Answer you will need a L for the fin

Question I got my lunch handed to me entering heavy surf this week. . . I am looking for a shorter wider fin to facilitate surf entry and exits. . .I prefer to walk in and put my fins on while floating, are the fins listed above the only example of such a design ?
Answer We have several fins like that, you can look here for our selection: http://seavenger.com/fins-adjustable-strap-fins-c-27_55.html.

Question I meant what size IST Propulsion super rubber rocket fin would fit a size 10 hardshole bootie? Thank you.
Answer You would get size XL

Question I have size 10 hardsole booties similar to this product on your website: http://seavenger.com/closeout-sale-65mm-titanium-8in-height-cold-water-scuba-diving-p-657.html. What size would be appropriate for me?
Answer You should wear size 10 as well, but we only carry up to size 8 currently.

Question Are these fins good for a fisherman that dives.
His shoes size is 9 1/2. What size would I get. And if not what woulod you recommend. Thank you.

Answer I would recommend getting the Large, since i don't think it'd be safe if the fin was loose on you. It may be a little tight though.

Question If i get IST 5mm nylon II boots in size 10(#S19), what size should i get these fins in?
Answer Size XL

Question How long are the XL fins and how much do they weigh per pair?
Answer It is about 21 in long and 7.5 lbs

Question the largest size is given at 10 - 12. How does the foot pocket compare to turtle fins for example? I wear a dry suit and boots. I wonder if the foot pocket would be adequate?

Answer Our turtle fins had the smaller foot pocket. The foot pocket on this jet fins size XL is still bigger than size XXL on turtle fins. Although manufacture suggest size 10 to 12 for XL, but our customer were able to do it on size 13 too.

Question I wear size 4. Would these fins be good for size 4 boot? Or can I adjust the straps to fit? If not, which fin(s) is recommended for open dives?
Answer This fin is good for open dives, but it will be too big for you. We are sorry, but all of our diving fins are start form size 5 or bigger.

Submited By: Kenneth Rowell on 11/13/2012
Very nice fins, I have 4 pair and by far these are the best one's.
Thank's Ken

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Abbey b on 09/24/2012
Good good good! They were just what my husband wanted. As close to his old navy fins as you can get only lighter!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: kevin on 05/31/2011
Awsome fins. Easy to put on, quick release clips to take them off, effortless speed and control. The only down side is they hurt your ankles a little if wearing them out of the water as they are designed for a dry boot, but you get used to them. You will understand quickly why they are used by the US Marines, Navy Seals and Army Combat Divers.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Graham Houghton on 02/16/2011
I haven't used the fins yet, but they seem perfectly satisfactory. I probably should have ordered the XL size for a more comfortable fit with hard soled boots, but they're fine with soft soles.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 09/25/2009
These traditional scuba fins are a perennial favorite. My father used them and I still use his old pair! They are excellent for durability and the propulsion is hard to match.
Jet fins

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Max on 08/22/2009
These are awesome fins! They may be less expensive then all those other fins but they will beat out most every other fin I've ever tried! Mostly neuatrally boayant and very easy to kick! You recieve more thrust with every kick from these bad boys then the newer longer split fins! Buy them!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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