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Scuba & Snorkel Mask - Prescription, Purge, & Diving » Scuba Mask, Diving Mask & Snorkel Mask - FREE SHIPPING | Seavenger » Saturn scuba dive mask -Black Silicone
Saturn scuba dive mask -Black Silicone - RX

Saturn scuba dive mask -Black Silicone - RX

Model#: M9-BS
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $55
Seavenger Price: $46.95
(15% off retail)

Available Options:
Optical lens (R):
Optical lens (L):
*For optical lens
please allow
2 business days for us to
assemble and leak testing.

Special Information

Product Description

We answered the need early-on for prescription mask lenses. A pioneer innovator in supplying prescription diving mask lenses, Seavenger.com offers a range of interchangeable lenses in clear, tinted and optical prescription choices including bi-focal diopters. These high-end lenses from manufacturers such as IST and Tilos can be fitted to a variety of different mask styles and facial profiles, including children. Clear lenses are made from super-transparent glass, and offer stunning panoramic underwater viewing, as well as gauge reader bifocal diopters available on select masks. Prescription lenses range from -1.0 to -8.0 for divers who are near-sighted, and +1.0 and 4.0 for those who are far-sighted. A selection of tinted lenses offer sharp clear vision and drastically reduced glare both on the surface, and underwater. You can order prescription optical lenses for most l twin-lens masks and select goggles.


This revolutionary, color-changeable frame snorkel mask is available with a set of optional multi-hued rings to fit around the tempered glass lens frames -- Grey, Yellow, Clear Blue, Pink and Clear Red -- hence the name, Saturn. The black, liquid injected exclusive hypoallergenic soft silicone offers extraordinary and unparalleled comfort and fit. The Saturn rests on your face, and does not leave rings even after an extended snorkel or dive. So, if you are tired of masks leaving ring-around-the-eyeballs, and would rather have them around the frame, Saturn is for you.

Saturn provides an exceptionally wide field of view. The raked dual tempered lenses with their patented inverted angled tear shape. The silicone mask strap is a wide strap that provides an evenly dispersed, snug fit and comfort to the back of your head.

All the way around, Saturn is a space-age engineered marvel of colorful design thatís ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving. Especially good for average to wide facial profiles, and prescription lenses are available.

High quality silicone skirt designed to fit average to wide facial profile.

Prescription optical lens available


Question Do you sell the Aqua lung Atlantis II mask? If you don't, may you add it on here because I would really like to buy it here. You guys have great prices, because in other stores I've looked upon they get pretty pricey. Or what other site do you recommend buying from that has that particular mask?

Answer Sorry, we do not sell Aqua Lung masks.

Question How to change rings on Saturn snorkel dive mask?
Answer 1: Most of time we can just use hand with no tool required or you can use a thin pointed tool like thin flat head screw driver, CAREFULLY insert the tip between the main body of the mask and between the lens.
2: Work your way around the lens retainer. It helps if you can keep a fingernail under the lens ring to keep it from popping back in place. With the lens retaining ring removed, the lens drop out.
3: Scrub the mask frame if it has been used, now is a good opportunity to clean those hard to reach places that defog builds up in......I dissemble mine once or twice a year for that reason.


1: Wet the correct lens with water.

2: see picture for the correct step to put back the frame.

3: Face down the mask and fill it up with water

4: hung the mask for 30 mins to make sure no leaked.

5: If leaded, repeat everything again.

Question from calculation.....+4 is the best you can offer. How close or far is the diff from my prescription below:
OD - +5 -0.75 044
OS - +5 -1.25 110

Answer Your reading is over what we can offer. The number showing here is the best we can offer you.
Also, those goggles you are looking at do not provide Farsighted prescription.
Here's the one that carries: http://seavenger.com/silicone-twin-lens-low-volume-mask-piha-available-p-1006.html

Question Hi, I need a bi-focal scuba ask.
I think this RX mask would be fine.

Here is my prescription with numbers I am not sure what they are, I hope you can make sense out of it:

Right SPH: +.750 CYL: -0,750 AXIS: 115
Left SPH: +.250

Right ADD: 2.00 SEG: 18.5 DIST.PD: 34.0
Left ADD: 2.00 SEG: 18.5 DISP.PD: 32.0

What would be the total cost including mask and lenses?

If you have any other suggestions ... please do.

Thank you!

Answer Hi Alain

This mask you are looking at will not support your prescription. The lenses we carry will only support up to +4 lenses. I would suggest you ask your local optometry for customized cut lenses. Most stock RX lense only supports up to +4.

Question How tall are the bifocals? What shape are they cut in? I am looking for +1.00 bifocal for the bottom of the lens.

I'm considering the Tilos Hawk mask with bifocals but they start at +1.75 which may be too much for me.

Thank you,

Answer The bifocals cover the very lower part of the lens, and are shaped in the inverted tear drop shape. Unfortunately, +1.75 is the lowest strength we have.

Question My prescription has various numbers under the columns sph cyl axis and add
Which column do I select to match with your numbers? Also, can I receive goggles by February 15th?

Answer Please email your sphere and cyl axis numbers so we can calculate it.

Question I need a dive mask with +2 prescription lenses.
Can you supply these?

Answer We only have lenses that you see that are available on the page. If you don't see +2 on there, we won't have it. You can look at other RX masks with +2 though, here is an example: http://seavenger.com/silicone-twin-lens-low-volume-mask-piha-available-p-1006.html

Question Hi, does your face masks come in sizes like S, M, or L?

Do you have any distributors in Singapore?


Answer Our masks are one size fit all, but there is no way to guarantee if it can fit perfectly since people have different face sizes. I recommend looking at descriptions and checking if it mentions its for people with wide or narrow faces. Also, we don't have any distributors in Singapore. Thanks!

Question Does this mask have tempered glass?
Answer Yes. It is made with tempered glass.

Submited By: Anonymous on 02/25/2013
I ordered the Rx version of this mask, and it was amazing how clearly I could see without my glasses under water. Having the prescription calculator on this site is extremely helpful.
I went snorkeling off the coast of O'ahu last week, and it was a great experience. The mask looks and feels great, and the entire order process at Seavenger was excellent.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anthony Gabriel on 11/04/2012
Received my mask a couple weeks ago and was finally able to test them out... Needed prescriptions lenses added... I was so impressed with the way they felt. These are some of the most comfortable masks I've ever worn. Was out for about 3 hours and now it's dinner time! So glad I found you!


Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 2 of 2 product reviews

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