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Scuba & Snorkel Mask - Prescription, Purge, & Diving » Scuba Mask, Diving Mask & Snorkel Mask - FREE SHIPPING | Seavenger » BLUE SCUBA DIVE GEAR DIVING TEMPERED LENS MASK
Snorkel scuba diving tempered lens mask - blue - RX available

Snorkel scuba diving tempered lens mask - blue - RX available

Model#: M55-B
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $45
Seavenger Price: $37.95 $27.98
(38% off retail)

Available Options:
Optical lens (R):
Optical lens (L):
*For optical lens
please allow
2 business days for us to
assemble and leak testing.

Special Information

 Get Prescription optical lens mask for only $59.96

Use coupon Code RXMASK during checkout to get discount.


Product Description

We answered the need early-on for prescription mask lenses. A pioneer innovator in supplying prescription diving mask lenses, Seavenger.com offers a range of interchangeable lenses in clear, tinted and optical prescription choices including bi-focal diopters. These high-end lenses from manufacturers such as IST and Tilos can be fitted to a variety of different mask styles and facial profiles, including children. Clear lenses are made from super-transparent glass, and offer stunning panoramic underwater viewing, as well as gauge reader bifocal diopters available on select masks. Prescription lenses range from -1.0 to -8.0 for divers who are near-sighted, and +1.0 and 4.0 for those who are far-sighted. A selection of tinted lenses offer sharp clear vision and drastically reduced glare both on the surface, and underwater. You can order prescription optical lenses for most twin-lens masks and select goggles and bi-focals for the Hawk Eyes from Tilos.


The M55 Corona from IST just may be the most popular mask in our vast lineup and not only because its an attractively priced prescription lens-available mask. It comes in a variety of colors, and is a super high quality mask throughout. It features glass positive diopter, and black silicone skirt blocks light from reflecting off the lens. Lenses are tempered glass, which is great not only for safety and scratch-resistance but clarity of vision. Twin windows are ideal for clearing of trapped water and maximum vision The Corona is a versatile mask for scuba diving as well as snorkeling. Available in Blue, Black, Black Silicone and Yellow.


  Twin windows diving mask ideal for easy clearing of trapped water, maximum vision, great for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Key Features
  • Crystal silicone skirt with low volume
  • Comfortable edge seal
  • Comfort-fitting
  • Adjustable fits all adults
  • Stylish fashionable design
  • Durable polycarbonate frame
  • Dual tempered glass lenses
  • Maximum Vision

Skirt Width
Skirt Height
Horizontal Vision

Prescription optical lens available


Question Do you have a bifocal mask that combines prescription upper portion for nearsightedness with ADD +2.75 lower reader portion? Thanks.
Answer For Bi-Focal you can consider these inserts which offer in +2.75 strength to use with your prescription mask.


Question Good afternoon

Prescription is:
right eye -4.50
left eye -3.75

will your lens work for my prescription?

Answer We could do prescription lenses in 0.50 increment

Question Do you advise pretreating lenses before use of mask? (With non-prescription masks, I always pretreat with tootpaste)


Answer Yes

Question My prescription is:

OD R: 0.00 -1.75 80

OS L: -0.75 -0.75 95

ADD: +2.00 for up close, but I think I just want to order for distance.

Can you tell me how to order using the numbers you have listed. and prices for both.
Thank You

Answer Right Eye: 0
Left Eye: -1.00
Use the drop down to select the RX and add the item to the shopping cart to see the total and also the option for shipment.

Question My prescription is:
Right: -3.50-0.75x075
Left: -4.50-0.50x105

What is the correct prescription I need?

Answer Right Eye: -4.00
Left Eye: -4.50

Question My prescription is right -2.75, +1.25, 175
left -3.50, +1.50, 170
The suggested lenses are R -2.00, L -2.5. Since this really does not correct for astigmatism will it cause headaches or blurred vision?

Answer We suggest you to consult your optometrist to be sure.

Question I live in Surrey Bc Canada and I wonder if you ship here. I can't select the province on your check out
Answer We do ship internationally. Instead of selecting province, simply use the postal code.

Question I'm looking for 2 pairs, one for my adult son (end-of-eye to end-of-eye measurement 4.5 inch, wide face) and myself (end-of-eye to end-of-eye measurement 4.25 inch, M/L female face). Would this mask fit either or both or us? Thanks.
Answer We normally aren't able to tell whether the mask fit unless you try it on. It depends on the face and bone structures, not just eye measurements. We recommend for you to try it on and we do allow size exchanges if they do not fit.

Question I'm looking for a prescription swim mask / swim goggles that will cover my nose while open water swimming. I have developed some allergies and sinus reactions from fresh water swimming. The nose clips I've tried don't work very well. Would this mask (M55-B) work as a swim mask?
Answer Yes, it would work just fine as a swim mask.

Question I need bi focal mask with this prescription It is distance R+100 cylinder-100 axis095 and the left is+075 cylinder-075 axis 095 and the near is right +225 and left+225
Answer Here's the bifocal mask:

Question My prescription is
OD +075-325X100
OS +025-350X080
ADD +200

Is it true that this is over your limit to fill?
Thank you

Answer What the calculator shows is the best we can offer. Because the lens are not custom made.

Question Do you actually truly correct for astigmatism or do you provide an approximate correction by combining the sphere and cylinder numbers?

Many thanks


Answer It does not correct for astigmatism.

If you use the lens calculator, it will provide you an approximate correction by combing the sphere and cylinder numbers.

Question Which snorkeling mask do you suggest for a man that needs corrective lenses and has a mustache. Thank you.
Answer You can use this one. If it leak, you can use silicone wax/grease or Mask Sealer.

Question im not sure about our prescriptions mine is
OD SPH-150 CYL-173 AXIS 093
0S -225 -175 080
0D SPH-050 -075 175
0S -100 -075 170


Answer According to our lens calculator, your prescription would be Right Eye: -2.00 and Left Eye: -1.50.

Question I'm leaving for the big island on 11/20 - any chance i can get these made and shipped in time? (-3.00/-2.50)


Answer Even with overnight FedEx delivery, it would improbable we could deliver these before 11/20 in the morning, which depending on your travel schedule, may be too late.

Question Can the lens be ground to accommodate only a partial (reading glass type diopter) in the lower portion, leaving most of the center and upper regluar/no Rx?
Answer http://seavenger.com/hawk-eyes-scuba-diving-mask-with-bifocal-compatible-gauge-reader-red-p-1429.html
The mask you reference is not available in bifocals or progressive lenses. The Hawk Eyes mask, above, is available in bifocals.

Question Hi, I live in Australia post code QLD 4815 and would like to know shipping rate.
Also what lenses would i need when i put them in the calculator it said 1.00 and 1.50 but not + or - My Prescription is -
Right -PD Far :34.5, Sphere +0.50, cyl -1.00, axis 40.

Left -PD Far :34.5, Sphere +0.50, cyl -2.00, axis 175.

Answer USPS (Priority Mail International (12 - 18 Days)) $39.10
The lenses you will need are Rt: +1.00 and Lft: +1.50.

Question I do not see a space for the pupillary distance on the order chart. Is this not needed for the mask order? Nice selection and order process otherwise.
Answer Specifying this is not necessary for mask prescription lenses.

Question would like to buy prescription mask but do not know what -100-100 x 175
next -125-75 x 20

Answer We recommend the following lenses: -1.50 for both sides.

Question How does the nose have to fit on the nose pocket to be sure the mask is the right one? does the nose have to be loose or a little pinched?
Answer As long as there is no air leaking between the nose pocket and your face the mask fits fine even if the pocket is loose or pinched against your nose.

Question Does this mask cover my nose also to prevent water from coming up my nose?
Answer Yes, this mask does cover your to to prevent water from entering your nose.

Question Not sure what to put in the optical lens R & L box.
My script is OD -3.00 -1.75 106
OS -4.00 -0.05 070

husbands script OD -2.75 -2.50 149
OS -3.50 -1.25 023

Answer We recommend: For you, OD -3.5, OS -4.0
For your husband: OD-3.0; OS - -3.5

Question Hello,
My mother inlaw needs to get a new mask her old one broke her prescription is
right sphere -5.25 cylinder +1.50
left sphere +2.75 cylinder +0.75
add +250 both R & L
Do you have any thing that will work?


Answer http://seavenger.com/snorkel-scuba-diving-tempered-lens-mask-blue-available-p-113.html

We recommend -5.50rt and +2.50 left. This mask is having a special for only $59.96 including prescription.

Question Do you have replacement clips for the mask strap attachment to the mask, as I had one snap at the joint and would like to replace it, mask is only two years old.
Answer We only carry replacement straps, not the clips themselves.

Question I want to make sure I order the right prescription. My eyes are:

right: sphere, cyl, axis, prism, add - all N/A
left: sphere -1.50, cyl +0.25, axis 107, add +2.00

Can you tell me what prescription I would need? Thanks.

Answer Right: 0.0
Left: -1.50

Question My perscription is:
OD -12.50 - 1.50 x 180 / Add
OS -13.50 - .75 x 180 / 1.50

Would this work for your perscription mask? My doctor said the company they used is out of business. If you don't fill them can you make a recommendation? Thanks!

Answer Unfortunately, we cannot fill this prescription as it is too high.

Question I am going snorkeling for the first time and am in need of a Rx Mask. I am really nearsided.
My prescription is:
OD SPH:-9.50 CYL: +2.75 AXIS: 097
OS SPH:-11.75 CYL: +3.00 AXIS: 097

Is it possible to gets lens that will work for me? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Answer Unfortunately, we cannot fill anything over -8.00. If you want to approximate your prescription, we can provide a cost-effective mask, otherwise you will need to have these filled by an optician.

Question -1.25 -0.75x125 that is the right eye.-1.25 -0.25x60 is the left eye. can u do a mask with that prescription? Thanks Dave Carey
Answer You will need a -1.0 and -1.0 for both your distance lenses

Question I forgot to type it last time. I have a question on a couple things. RX lenses for mask & strape spring for scuba pro finns Thanks Dave
Answer Sure what would be your question?

Question My daughter broke her prescription mask. not made any more. Looking at this one. will it work? Her right sphere is -1.25 Her right
cylinder is -2.75 her right axis is x165 her left sphere is-1.00 left cylinder -1.25 left axis isx020 What would the total cost be with shipping to arrive next day ,shipping 3to 5 business days. She lives in Florida. Pupil distance is 32 each side.

Answer to find out the exact cost to ship to your destination, i will need the zip code for the shipping.

Question One question,
I just order a mask that came to me in two peices. one was the basic mask the second peice was a pair of perscription glass to be placed inside the mask. I am returning it. I am looking for a mask with the lense being part of the mask itself. Not a pair of glasses just placed inside the mask.
I am looking for a one peice mask where as the perscription is apart of the mask sealed.
Thank you

Answer Barbara,

The prescription lenses are already installed in your mask, we just include the original lenses with you package just for you to have. It is not two pieces. The lens in the mask is already sealed and ready to use. If you with to still return it, you can go here: http://seavenger.com/rma.php

Question I too am confused about what I will need, my prescription reads:
OD Sphere +5.00 Cylinder -0.50 Axis 085 Add +2.25
OS Sphere +5.50 Cylinder -0.75 Axis 115 Add +2.25
Can you please advise the cost and shipping time for this mask, or another suggestion.
Thanks for your help.

Answer You can do +5.00 for the right eye and +5.50 for the Left Eye.

It will take 2 business for us the ship out the mask.
Please place the mask into your shopping cart to see all the shipping options.

Question My prescription is as follows:
OD Sphere -3.5 cylinder -3.75 axis 10
OS Sphere -3.25 cylinder -3.75 axis 165

Will your lenses work for my prescription? We are snorkeling in the Caribbean in a few weeks and would like to be able to see something.

Please advise.


Answer Sorry, we are not able to do -3.5 cylinder.

Question not sure if you have lenses that will work for me. my prescription is
-1.50 -3.75
-4.00 -2.75

Answer You can just match your sphere number to the lens, as long as your cylinder number isn't over 2.

Question I am not knowledgable therefore I typed below what is written in my daughter's perscription.
The Sphere and Cylinder values are "minus".
Pls let me know if you can install the corrective lenses to take care all deficiencies listed. Or which ones you will take care.
What will be the cost ? and your delivery ?are.
Thank you,
Sphere Cylinder Axis
OD: -2.00 Sph (blank)
OS: -0.75 -0.50 180

Answer No problem. Before you add the item to your shopping cart, make sure you select the number for the lenses you want. They are basically the sphere number found on her prescription. OD stands for right eye, OS stands for left eye. The lenses are $25.00 each on top of the price of the mask you want, and we take about two days to install it and send it out to you. You can view all of our RX masks we have here: http://seavenger.com/masks-prescription-masks-c-134_136.html.

The cost would depend on the method of shipping you want to select, our standard one is $6.50 which can take up from 2 - 7 business days (excluding weekends) depending on your location.

Question For the prescription lens you only ask for the cylinder of the right and left eyes but I also have sphere, axis, and add numbers on my prescription. Will this make any difference for the way I will be able to see with these goggles?
Answer If your sphere is under 2, you can add 1/2 of your sphere to the cylinder. If your sphere is over 2, it might not work well.

If your goggle calculation falls between 2 diopters strengths, always pick the lower diopter, as this will make focusing easier.

Question Does this mask fit narrow face?
Answer Yes it will fit for narrow face.

Submited By: Chris Morgan on 03/27/2013
Blue Scuba dive mask was a great product and everything Seavenger said it would be. I purchased the mask because it gave me a option for optical lenses which I need. This is my first pair of prescription goggles and I'm very impressed with them. I am impressed on how clear I can see with these. They are almost as good as my glasses, the fit is great. Very NICE. Thank you so much. :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Connie Daye on 02/22/2013
We love both pairs of prescription diving masks that we ordered from you. The price is so much better than the shops we checked out. Most said you had to take the mask to an optician to get your prescription and the price was horrendous! Thanks!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Meredith Lindgren on 02/15/2013

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Chi Luu on 02/01/2013

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Don H on 01/11/2013
Quick delivery and easy to order.....Thank you

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: peter on 12/08/2012
Better quality mask than I was expecting for the price. Have not used it yet bet fits my face perfectly. I ordered -5.00 and -7.00 lenses and the correction is pretty good. Underwater it should be very good. No more wearing contacts for me.
The other items I ordered look really good again better than I was expecting considering the low prices.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Jay Berkowitz on 09/24/2012
Arrived within 3 days after order. Worked great. Fully satisfied

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 06/24/2012
Strong perscription mask was delivered quickly, fit well, and made all the difference to my son's vacation. Your customer service did and excellent job of deciphering his perscription. thank you!!!!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: kathy on 08/10/2011
WOW, I am impressed on how clear I can see with these they are almost as good as my glasses, the fit is great. thank you

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 01/29/2011
This is my first pair of prescription goggles and I'm very impressed with them.
I've heard horror stories about buying prescription goggles online, so I was quite nervous to open the package when it came.

The prescription lenses came installed in the goggles, with a pair of regular lenses in the box. The goggles are well sealed and come with a comfortable, easy to adjust strap.
These goggles were also the cheapest ones I could find that came with prescription lenses, they were less than $100 which is significantly less than I was expecting to pay (the local dive shop was selling prescription goggles for around $300).

The only downside to these goggles is that they only came in one colour, which doesn't really bother me, but it's always nice to have a colour selection.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Theresa Anderson on 08/02/2010
Fantastic! I wish I had bought these 20 years ago. I definitely wish I had them in June when I visited the Galapagos.

I sometime had problem with fogging up but I guess it was from breathing through the nose!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: w on 07/01/2010
Good mask. Leaked a tiny bit. Great price for recreational RX mask

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Ronn on 06/11/2010
The product was everything I need for free-diving, after I figured out what was a free-dive mask as opposed to a scuba mask. The lens corrections were spot-on.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 09/30/2009
I purchased the mask because it gave me a option for optical lenses which I need. They installed them at no charge to me which says a lot most online companies charge a fee I used them they were easy didn't have a prolbem.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Richard Clayton on 08/21/2009
Blue Scuba dive mask was a great product and everything Seavenger said it would be. Great fit and very comfortable silcone all around the mask. Perscription lens worked very well and were well worth the added price. And the price was $10.00 to 65.00 cheaper than my 3 local dive shops. Thanks Seavenger

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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