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Scuba & Snorkel Mask - Prescription, Purge, & Diving » Scuba Mask, Diving Mask & Snorkel Mask - FREE SHIPPING | Seavenger » Snorkel scuba diving tempered lens mask - Yellow - RX available
Snorkel scuba diving tempered lens mask - Yellow - RX available

Snorkel scuba diving tempered lens mask - Yellow - RX available

Model#: M55-NY
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $45
Seavenger Price: $37.95 $27.98
(38% off retail)

Available Options:
Optical lens (R):
Optical lens (L):
*For optical lens
please allow
2 business days for us to
assemble and leak testing.

Special Information

 Get Prescription optical lens mask for only $59.96

Use coupon Code RXMASK during checkout to get discount.


Product Description

We answered the need early-on for prescription mask lenses. A pioneer innovator in supplying prescription diving mask lenses, Seavenger.com offers a range of interchangeable lenses in clear, tinted and optical prescription choices including bi-focal diopters. These high-end lenses from manufacturers such as IST and Tilos can be fitted to a variety of different mask styles and facial profiles, including children. Clear lenses are made from super-transparent glass, and offer stunning panoramic underwater viewing, as well as gauge reader bifocal diopters available on select masks. Prescription lenses range from -1.0 to -8.0 for divers who are near-sighted, and +1.0 and 4.0 for those who are far-sighted. A selection of tinted lenses offer sharp clear vision and drastically reduced glare both on the surface, and underwater. You can order prescription optical lenses for most twin-lens masks and select goggles and bi-focals for the Hawk Eyes from Tilos.


The M55 Corona from IST just may be the most popular mask in our vast lineup and not only because its an attractively priced prescription lens-available mask. It comes in a variety of colors, and is a super high quality mask throughout. It features glass positive diopter, and black silicone skirt blocks light from reflecting off the lens. Lenses are tempered glass, which is great not only for safety and scratch-resistance but clarity of vision. Twin windows are ideal for clearing of trapped water and maximum vision The Corona is a versatile mask for scuba diving as well as snorkeling. Available in Blue, Black, Black Silicone and Yellow.


  Twin windows diving mask ideal for easy clearing of trapped water, maximum vision, great for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Key Features
  • Crystal silicone skirt with low volume
  • Comfortable edge seal
  • Comfort-fitting
  • Adjustable fits all adults
  • Stylish fashionable design
  • Durable polycarbonate frame
  • Dual tempered glass lenses
  • Maximum Vision

Skirt Width
Skirt Height
Horizontal Vision

Prescription optical lens available


Question If we buy this with a prescription lens and it does not fit correctly can we exchange it?
Answer Please check our Return/Exchange Policy

Question Can we get this in a +5??
Answer upto +4

Question Does the rxspecial come on gear sets
Answer We have various products on promo right now to go with your RX mask, you could select them & still save big.

Question I am from Oakland California. My prescription is -4.25 (left) and -4.25 (right). When ordering the is the "Opticla Lens" the only section I need to enter the number?
What is the "Lens Calculator Exclusively From Seavenger" for? Please advise. Thank you.

Answer If you are sure that those are the prescriptions you need, then order the mask with the above prescriptions. If you have the prescription from optometrist instead, you may plug the numbers in the lens calculator to calculate your prescription.

Question I am interested in this mask but in the all BLACK SILICONE MODEL. Tell me if you hve it. Plus need my optical lenses that are + 3.0 in both sides. Also want to know that this optical lenses for this mask the prescription covers all the lens and is no way a placed as a bifocal. Also want shipping cost by only First class priority Air mail only. Thanks Eddy.
Answer We do have this mask in stock and the whole lens come with prescription.

Question my numbers are OD-sphere -8.75 cylinder -0.75 axis 162 OS sphere -6.25 cylinder -1.00 axis 176 . Can this mask be made to these measurements?
Answer According to the lens calculator, your prescription should be
OD: -8.0 / OS: -6.50

Question I wear contacts and do so when I am snorkeling. However, I cannot see things clearly when I am up close as I wear drug store type reading glasses with my contacts when I read. Could I get lenses that are clear on top but provide a 2 magnification on the bottom?
Answer You can get this to help your reading.


Question Hi -
I seem to be having difficulty finding a mask that will accommodate my prescription. I always seem to receive this message - "Your reading is over what we can offer. The number showing here is the best we can offer you. Your astigmatism is over what we can do. The number showing here is the best we can offer you."

Could you please suggest a standard-fitting mask for me (my face & cheekbones are wide)? My prescription is as follows:
OD: Sphere +4.25, Cyl -2.25, Axis 172, Add +1.75
OS: Sphere +3.75, Cyl -1.50, Axis 002, Add +1.75

Worst case scenario, I will accept without the progressive / bi-focal option.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Answer The best we can offer for all our masks are +4.00 for both eyes without the progressive/ bi-focal.

This mask fit most of average face.

Question What is the maximum depth I can go with these goggles?
Answer The mask you reference, along with all IST's masks are depth rated at well over 150 ft.

Question Hello, my wife has a fairly narrow face and mine is wider than average. Is the M-55 a good choice for each of us?
Regarding the Rx, it seems that you are not using the Spherical equivalent refraction for your calculations. For instance, a positive or negative cylinder can both make a negative spherical number go farther negative. Logically, the axis does not seem to matter. I guess I am trying to understand how good your calculator is.
My numbers are:
Right -4.25 +1.25 +140deg
Left -5.00 +.50 +25deg
+2.25 Add
Her numbers are:
Right -4.50 +1.50 +60deg
Left -4.25 +.75 +105deg
+2.25 Add
Does the fact that they are used in water factor into the calculation? Thanks for any help in understanding!

Answer The M55 is a great, versatile mask that is adjustable so it should fit most facial profiles. It's also a tremendous value at a special price of $59.96. We recommend for you Rt: -6.00, and Lt: -5.50. For your wife, Rt: -6.50 and lt: -5.00. In fact, the axis and add will not affect your lens calculations, they'll be the same without those numbers. We only offer the lenses in increments of .50. Underwater, there will be some magnification, but not enough to impact our lens calculator; the calculator is very efficient.

Question I need a prescription snorkel mask as I have always used contacts and that is no longer an option. My problem is the mask..I currently have one that fits and I am concerned about finding another that will fit. My face seems to be a bit small and I have even used a larger child's mask. Can you tell me what mask might be best?
Answer http://seavenger.com/junior-twingo-snorkel-scuba-diving-kids-mask-p-228.html

For smaller facial-profiled adults, we recommend this prescription mask.

Question Hi my wife has
Sphere Cyl Axis Add
R -3.25 +1.00 100 +2.75

L -3.25 +0.50 070 +2.75

This is snorkling only in the Keys. Is this best for a lady 65 who will use it 4-5X a year comfort a must. This price point is on top of range. Is this price code the best or is there a better mask for her on sale or clearence? Tks

Answer This is a good mask for that and is our best value for prescription lenses.

Question i would like to purchase two set of these makes with rx would you please tell me what i need to put in for each one

rx 1
sphere cylinder axis add
od -2.00 -.50 59 +2.00
os -2.00 -.75 77 +2.00

rx 2
od +5.50 -2.20 29 +2.25
os +2.00 +2.25
and can i get two differnt color on the mask so we know which is which
thanks you

Answer For RX1, we recommend -2.00 for left, and -2.00, or -2.50 for stronger on right.

For RX2, that is a lens we cannot fulfill.

Question Please recomend diopter for my RX: OD : +3.50 -1.25 x 086 OS: +4.75 -1.25 x 083
Answer We can provide R: 3.5; L: 4.0

Question For the OS RX it's ( -3.0 ). Will I still need ( OS -3.50 )?


Answer Please provide us with your sphere and cylinder reading, so we can provide you with the accurate lenses

Question I have the following RX. What Rx would you recommend?

Sphere Cylinder Axis

OD -3.75 +0.50 15
OS _3.00 +0.75 180


Answer For your OS, we are not sure if you meant a - or a + . But here is the lenses you will need according from the reading you provided.

OD -4.0
OS _3.5

Question Hello. Do I send you my prescription and you can determine if these lenses will be similar to my prescription lenses? Are these returnable if I get it and try it on and then find out the lenses are not good for me? Also, do you have graduated lenses that are close up at the bottom and distance at the top? How much more for actually making this w/ my prescription or is that a different style of mask? Thank you! PS: What is your turn around time for delivery?
Answer For lenses, you just look at the Sphere number on your prescription, and as long as it isn't an closeout item, you can return it. It is an additional $25.00 per prescription lenses and you can select it when you choose the mask you like. It takes us about two days to get it installed and shipped out to you.

PS: http://seavenger.com/dive-optx-flexible-magnifier-bifocal-inserts-dive-snorkel-p-860.html

Question does this mask come with a purge option/if so how much
Answer Sorry, it doesn't. We don't have any RX masks with purge options yet.

Submited By: Anonymous on 02/21/2013
It was easy to order, i recieved it quickly and I am happy with the way it fits and the quality of my vision through the prescription lenses, though I have not yet tried it in the water. I was happy with the professional service and the price was very reasonable. I am looking forward to trying them out.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: CC on 01/22/2013
I waited to review this product until i returned from Bonaire. Got back last weekend and wanted to say that my old mask crapped out so I tried the new diopter corrected mask i just bought from Seavenger. I was skeptical but after my first dive i was sold. I literally saw stuff i never have before, like the cell structure of coral, small details of fish, etc. the highlight was when i spotted a long lure frogfish. I believe the mask is of superior quality and it was no trouble getting used to the corrective lenses.....thanks for a great product.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Paddlehead on 01/22/2013
Was going to order a mask with prescription lenses on Amazon, but the process on their website was incredibly complex and the price was high. On Seavenger's web site the process was easy and the price was very reasonable. We recieved the mask with prescription lenses installed within a few days and were impressed by its quality!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Don Heblich on 12/27/2012
Excellent service and easy to use......

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Ar on 12/26/2012
Great service and helpful staff. Snorkel mask arrived quickly and my lenses were made to my prescription. If you enjoy snorkeling, but your vision isn't perfect, you need a pair of these. Makes a world of difference, everything is crisp and clear under water. If your vision is pretty bad, it will open up a whole new world for you (try prescription goggles for swimming in the ocean as well, you'll be able to see the people swimming around you, and all the way to the beach). Highly recommend.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Lincoln on 11/13/2012
The mask is fantastic!! For the first time my wife will see the fish and coral properly on our next holiday. Seaevenger were very fast in delivery and extremley well priced.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Anonymous on 07/27/2011
Customer service was great when I called asking how to order the right prescription strength swim mask. I got the swim mask in just a few days. I've already used it snorkling in Hawaii and it was fantastic to be able to see all the fishes, coral, sea snakes, etc.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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