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Prescription Swim Goggles & RX Swim Goggles for Adults & Kids - FREE SHIPPING | » Splaqua swim Goggle with Optical Corrective Lenses RX prescription - Black
Splaqua swim Goggle with Optical Corrective Lenses RX prescription - Black

Splaqua swim Goggle with Optical Corrective Lenses RX prescription - Black

Model#: Splaqua-Goggle-Black
Brand: Splaqua

Retail Price: $29.99
Seavenger Price: $19.95
(33% off retail)

Available Options:
Optical lens (R):
Optical lens (L):
*For optical lens
please allow
2 business days for us to
assemble and leak testing.
Lens Type:

Special Information

Product Description

“I am a professional swimmer, and NEVER had such a comfortable fit and clarity!”

The latest and greatest in prescription lens swim and dive goggles. Summery colors – Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow -- super comfy fit, unbelievable price. Splaquas are everything a goggle is supposed to be…

Goggles come with your prescription lenses installed. Make sure you choose clear or smoke lenses.

Splaqua™ brings you a full line of cool, sleek, high quality prescription goggles. No more foggy lenses! No more breaks or tears in the middle of the season! Splaqua™ goggles are sure to outlast the warm memories of your swimming experience!

Splaqua™ goggles are adjustable to fit every face, young and old alike. Our goggles are one piece designed to achieve ultimate comfort. No more slipping and sliding off while diving! Splaqua™ goggles sit comfortably on your face while you swim and splash!

There’s more! Splaqua™ goggles come in either clear or tinted lens to accommodate every pool! Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, sunny or shady, you can get your specific needs met with Splaqua’s great selection!

  • One piece design for ultra comfort fit
  • 100% silicone strap and gasket
  • High water resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • UV protected
  • Anti fog coating
  • Protective film on lens avoids
    premature scratching
  • Shatterproof
  • Choice of color strap
  • Tinted or clear lens
  • Polycarbonate lens for durability
  • Long lasting packaging for convenient storage
  • Diopters all the way up till -10.00
  • Interchangeable prescriptions for each eye



Question My daughters OD is -5.75 cylinder -2.00 Axis 005
OS is -5.50 cylinder -1.75 Axis 178

Her right eye is -6.50
Her left eye is -6.00

What prescription number should I order for her? Should I go higher or lower?

Answer This will be the RX for her lenses.
Right Eye: -6.50
Left Eye: -6.00

Question My daughter has Splaqua #SP2032. One of the screws that holds the strap to the frame came out and is lost. Can I purchase replacement screws?

Answer Please do email us a picture of the item and we will resolve your issue shortly.

Question My prescription
Od. -5.75 -2.75 175
OS. -6 -3.5. 170
Which goggles should I buy?

Thanks a lot

Answer You may choose from these goggles:



Question My husband's prescription is
R: -700(sphere), -100(cylinder), 180(axis)
L: -625(sphere), -25(cylinder), 165(axis)

My prescription is
R: -400(sphere), -100(cylinder), 10(axis)
L: -500(sphere), -100(cylinder), 178(axis)

Please tell me how to enter SPH, CYL, and AXIS to place the order.

Answer Your husband's prescriptions should be:

Right -7.50
Left -7.00

Your prescription should be:

Right -4.50
Left -5.50

Question Also how much will the shipping be to Australia
Answer Sure, you may use the lens calculator on our site to figure out your prescription or feel free to email us. Please provide us with your postal code for accurate shipping cost.

Question Hi,

I'm just wondering if I can email my script and you tell me how to order. Thank you.


Question My prescription is:
Sphere R: -4.75
Sphere L: -6.00
Cylinder R: -1.75
Cylinder L: -1.00
Axis both: 082
Your calculator indicates I should order R: 5.00 and L: 6.50. Wouldn't that be too strong? I've heard you should go lower, not higher to avoid eye strain.

Answer Your prescription should be NEGATIVE 5.00 for RIGHT and NEGATIVE 6.50 for LEFT EYE. No it is not too strong because it take taking your cylinder inconsideration as well.

Question Do these googles have an adjustable nose piece? I'm want to buy these for my 6 year old son and can't find anything that says whether or not I can adjust them.
Answer It's not nose bridge part adjustable.
Here is the one that's adjustable:http://seavenger.com/goggle-platina-corrective-lens-swim-goggle-p-1452.html

Question Ihave a rx that says -1.75 left eye and -1.25 right eye. What do you recommend?
Answer Is there any CYL(cylinder) on your prescription?

Question My doctor sent me the following prescription:

+225 ADD
Various Index. 1.67

Do I need more information from him or will this be enough to determine what I should order.

Answer That is enough information.
We want to let know that -10 is the closest and maximum we can offer you.

Question I would like to order these goggles for my husband
His prescription is:

o.d. R sp +3.00 Cyl -3.00 Ax 092
o.c. L sp +2.75 Cyl -2.75 Ax 087

On your calculator it came out to 4.00 for R and 3.50 for L. Then said the best you can do for him is what is shown. Does that mean the -1.5 for both lenses? I have never ordered these before and am a little confused.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


Answer From the prescription you provided, due to the cylinder reading is too high, and our lenses are not custom grind, they are pre grind, so the best match we will have for your need is right eye +4 and left eye +3.5.

Question The calculator comes up with -9.5 but you don't seem to have this power. What to do?

Also, how long does it take from order to shipping if I order a custom left/right combination versus if I order with the same power in both eyes which is in stock, eg from Amazon? Finally, this Splaqua has only a single bridge size. Is there some way to know if thus size will fit, eg a pupillary distance? How is it that one size fits all?


Answer We will ship it within 24hrs if you ordered it form our website.

If you want something that can be adjust, you can go with this one.


Question for distance +4.75 -75X75 and +5.00 -.75x95 what should I order
Answer Your reading is over what we can offer. The number showing here is the best we can offer you.

+4.00 for both side


Question I calculated my prescription on your RX lenses which are -1.75 for both R & L eyes and you came up with -2.0. Is that because the distance from the eye is further away than my eyeglasses and require a stronger prescription? That shouldn't result in headaches from the stronger prescription should it? Unfortunately, I suffer from chronic migraines.
Also, I will be swimming strictly in an indoor pool, are the clear best to use or does it matter if I go with the smoke - will that cause a darker surrounding?
Sorry for all the questions - First time to buy special swim googles and I want to get it right.
Thanks for your help.

Answer We recommend you specify -1.50 for both sides in the drop-down menu that says "Available Options." Also, the smoke lenses will work very well in an indoor pool to cut down on glare from surface and lights.

Question I need Prescription swim goggles for 11 year old. What I see is all adult sizes. Please let me know how to order for 11 year old.
Answer http://seavenger.com/goggle-platina-corrective-lens-swim-goggle-p-1452.html
We recommend the Platinas for children because they are more adjustable and come with 3 different size nose pieces.

Question My prescrution reads as
D.V O.D. -4.50 CYL+.50 AXIS 180
O.S. -3.75 CYL+.50 AXIS 180
N.V. O.D. +2.75
O.S. +2.75
I am looking at a snorkel trip what should I do?
Thanks Jill

Answer Right Eye: -5.00
Left Eye: -4.00
This is what our Lens Calculator recommends for you for the Splaqua goggle.

Question Thanks for answering my question for this prescription:

My prescription is:
+375 -1.00 102
+375 -1.50 69
You recommended 4.00 for the right eye and
4.00 for the left.
However, in looking at the Available Options all are (-). By chance is the 4.00 recommended a
- 4.00? If not, I how do I enter a + 4.00 on the order form?

Answer http://seavenger.com/goggle-platina-corrective-lens-swim-goggle-p-1452.html
The above goggle comes in your lens +4.00 on each eye; the Splaqua only comes in minus lenses.

Question My prescription is:
+375 -1.00 102
+375 -1.50 69

Is this prescription available?

Answer Right Eye: 4.00
Left Eye: 4.00
Here's what we recommend and have available for your prescription.

Question My son's currently prescription is
OD -3.50 -1.00 180
OS -3.25 -1.00 180
What swim goggle I should order?

Answer Right Eye: -4.00
Left Eye: -3.50
These are the lenses we recommend.

Question My prescriptions reads as:

O.D.= -4.25 Cyl: -.25 Axis: 005 Right eye
O.S.= -4.75 Cyl: -.25 Axis: 180 left eye

Which lenses should I order?

Thank You Karen

Answer Right Eye: -4.00
Left Eye: -4.50
According to our lens calculator these are the lenses you should order.

Question What do the boxes for "Optical lens" refer to?
Answer The drop-down menu shows which prescription lenses are available; there is a lens calculator under the product to help select what your appropriate lenses will be.

Question My question is will what I have ordered by okay for me. My full prescription is:
Right sph -5.25, cylinder +0.50, axis 119, add +2.50
Left sph -4.75, cylinder DS, add $2.50

Answer Right Eye: -5.50
Left Eye: -4.50

As estimated by our Seavenger lens calculator, this will be your prescription as available in these goggles -- you should be very satisfied with it.

Question I have always used goggles that have a changeable nose piece. With the Speedo brand, I use the large nose piece. Your goggle is one piece. Is it likely that it will fit me?


Answer Should be ok.

You can go with this one if you need changeable nose piece.

Question My daughter Rx is

Sphere Cyl Axis
OD -2.00 -25 90
OS -2.50 -25 10

What swimming goggles should we purchase?

Answer According to our lens calculator, her astigmatism is over what we can do; the number we show here is the best we can do:

Right eye -3.00
Left eye - -3.50

Question My son wears +7.00 on Right and +8.00 how can I find out where to put those measurements SPH /CYL/AXS ?
Answer We cannot fulfill this prescription as it is too high.

Question My son's prescription is Right -2.0 and Left -1.75. Do you make goggles that have that prescription? I only see -2.0 and -1.50.
Answer You can order -2.0 for right and -1.50 for left.

Submited By: Jimmy on 11/14/2012
Great service! Fast delivery! However, my 10 year old states the googles are not a comfortable fit but they work well for seeing while in and out of the water. Purpose served!
Dad of a swimmer

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Buddy on 11/13/2012
The vision in these goggles were even better than I expected. However, the bridge is a bit too wide for me and it is not adjustable. I may go back and see if a more expensive pair has an adjustable bridge. I guess I am used to looking through the center of my lenses and can't get used to looking so close to the rubber gasket by the nose.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Michael Susano on 09/24/2012
I was so frustrated after my first open water triathlon as I couldn't see well due to not having prescription goggles. I thought they would be as expensive or more than regular glasses. I have been amazed by how well I can see in the water now with prescription goggles and, especially, how inexpensive they are!
Michael Susano

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Brenda D. on 08/09/2012
I am so thrilled to have a pair of RX goggles. For the first time in my life I can swim freestyle and see where I'm going! I am not able to wear contacts any longer due to allergies and stopped swimming almost completely as a form of exercise and only doing so recreationally. After comparing a few brands before purchasing,
Seavengers appeared to offer the best and a case to boot!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Glynn Wiseman on 07/17/2012

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Glynn Wiseman on 07/17/2012

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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