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Swim Fins - Snorkel, Diving, & Monofin | Seavenger » Adjustable Strap Fins » TUSA SF-6 IMPREX TRI-EX Fins


Model#: TU-SF-6-PP
Brand: TUSA

Retail Price: $99.00
Seavenger Price: $84.99
(14% off retail)

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Product Description
If you are newly certified, this is a terrific fin for the price.

The TUSA Imprex Tri-Ex fin blade gets its name from a hybrid fusion of 3 different materials. The outside ribs are made from stiff material, and in between the ribs, you’ll find softer more pliable material. The middle ribs are even more compliant than the outer ribs. The result: Water is effectively channeled while you swim creating a dolphin-like whip- kind of motion.

Imprex is one of the few fins to position its foot pocket fully beneath the blade, which has a roughly 20-degree bend to it.

The Imprex is lightweight yet powerful. Overall, it's one of the best paddle fins. On the reef, the fin is a go-getter. The rigid rails provide great stability with no side slice or wobble. And getting back to the boat topside is a breeze!

You’ll get a lot of dives for the money out of the Imprex. Available in great selection of colors including Black, Cobalt Blue, Flash Yellow, Red and Pearlescent Pink

The SF-6 Imprex Tri-Ex fin features TUSA’s Advanced Multi-Flex Blade, made from 3 different materials which reduces diver fatigue and air consumption for fast and powerful propulsion from a traditional blade fin.

SF-6 History:

In 1993 TUSA introduced the SF-7700 (IMPREX) to the market. This fin achieves strong propulsion by combining two different materials to create efficient water channeling action. The IMPREX fin has been the undisputed leader in the plastic fin market. The next generation IMPREX Tri-Ex fin utilizes three different materials. First is the side rib (hard material), efficiently converting the energy of a kick into propelling power. Second is the blade (medium-hard material), increasing the efficiency of the water channel. Third is the foot pocket (soft material), enhancing the fitting comfort and transferring power to the ribs and blade. The designers expanded the blade angle theory of the SF-8 X-Pert Zoom that had produced a strong propulsion force with only a light kick. A fin testing robot was used to analyze the propulsion (speed) and the electrical load when kicking. These tests were repeated many times, the result being that the blade angle was set at 20 degrees, the most comfortable for the diver. A smooth shape was also created, with no level differences between the foot pocket and blade. This means that compared with conventional products, less initial load (energy) is required when first starting to kick. The excellent fit and non-wasteful transmission of energy ensures that body fatigue and air consumption is minimized.


  •     Advanced Multi-Flex Blade design
  •     3 material construction
  •     20 degree angle for maximum efficiency
  •     TUSA Patented easy-to-adjust strap features quick release buckles
  •     Color: Black, Cobalt Blue, Flash Yellow, Red, Pearlescent Pink
  •     Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Size Chart For Men

Extra Small

Up to size 4

Small 5 - 7
Medium 7 - 11
Large 12 - 13
Extra Large 13 +

Size Chart For Women

Extra Small Up to size 6
Small 7 - 9
Medium 10 - 13
Large 13 - 14
Extra Large 14 +



Question Hi, do I have to wear inner boots to use this fins? Or can I wear this on bare feet?
Answer These fins can be worn with or without boots.

Question Dear Seavenger,
I'm a woman. My foot size is 5. Is it available now?
Please let me know.
Thank you.

Answer You would take a size XS, and yes it is available.

Question Please let me know where I can order the
TUSA SF-6 IMPREX TRI-EX Fins in pale/light pink & blue to match the masks & fins I just purchased. Unfortunately, you do not list them available in woman size 8 (Medium).I live in Phoenix, AZ (85027) area. Please let me know if there's any local store that might carry them. Otherwise, via Net is OK as long as I can receive before Jan. 12, 2012.

Answer Actually, size 8 is size Small, which we do carry and can be ordered any time.

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Item was exactly as advertised. Well made, and the sizing was perfect. Good quality and workmanship ...

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By Marvin


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