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Beach Wear » Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket
Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket

Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket
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Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket
Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket
Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket
Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket
Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket
Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket
Waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket

Model#: CWJ101
Brand: IST

Retail Price: $109.99
Seavenger Price: $84.98
(23% off retail)

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Product Description
”Where’d you get that jacket?” You will have to get used to this question, IST’s waterproof 3mm neoprene jacket with comfy black nylon lining is that cool (or warm, depending on which you want.) There is nothing out there quite like it, and it is just perfect for your stylish after-dive/surf wear.

 Stylish and waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket with fine-mesh skin on the outside and black nylon lining on the inside. This is the perfect item to protect you from the elements post dive.

Review from Seavenger.info
IST recently sent Seavenger.com a sample of their brand new jacket made out of 3mm neoprene material. After wearing it around the whole day, I must say its better than everything you would expect it to be.
Right when I saw the jacket, I felt the need to buy one for myself. With the neoprene material being water proof, this can be a useful jacket in the rain or during cold, windy days. The hoody is a great addition to the jacket as well. Overall, I was very impressed with the way it looks.
5 out of 5
Like any other neoprene clothing, it isn’t as easy to slip on as your standard cotton material, but that was expected. Once the jacket is on though, it feels like any other jacket so there is definitely no complaints there. I would have to say that the zipper tends to be way too high if you choose to zip it up all the way, but that won’t be a problem for people who prefer tighter collars. Overall, for being a neoprene jacket, it does justice in this category.
4 out of 5
This is great to wear during pre-dive and post-dives. It is also fashionable, so you can wear it in public without looking like Scuba Man either. The neoprene material is worth the money as you can wear it to your advantage during cold and wet climates. Not much to complain about this, I will be purchasing one of these if I can’t keep the sample we got.
4.5 out of 5



Question What are the dimensions for the size M?
Answer We do not have the dimensions available but it fits true to size.

Question Is there any other distributers for this jacket?
Answer You may try searching on Amazon.

Question Do you have the jacket in Large? It does not appear on the pull down menu?



Answer Unfortunately, Large is currently out of stock.

Question Looking at the pictures of the jacket ... Are there two different stiles, oris the one inside out? I see the picture with person in it is grey but there are two pictures of a black one zipper and no zipper.
Answer Please consider the gray one.

Question are the zippers metal or nylon
Answer The zippers are metal.

Question When are you making xl's?
Answer We are not getting more size XL.

Question I'm 5'4, chest 38, waist 34 and hip 44....what size should i take for this waterproof 3mm neoprene hooded jacket?
Answer You can try size M

Question Hello:

Am very interested in the IST neoprene jacket. I am 5-11.5 and weigh 205. Will the large fit me? I wear xl size clothes but large wetsuit.


Answer The jacket you reference would probably fit you better in XL, which unfortunately we do not have. L is right on the edge of being too small, which you can try and send back if it does not fit.

Question Can this jacket be ordered in size 4xl?
Answer This jacket is only available up to size L.

Question You say nothing about the jacket's lining. Does it have a micromesh lining or none at all?
Answer This jacket has black nylon lining on the inside,

Answer you can base the size on the wet suit size charts: http://seavenger.com/images/sizechart/menswetsuit.png

Submited By: I Get Cold Easily on 02/01/2012
Nice jacket. Just wish it was a little longer (similar to the Mobie jackets of New Zealand) for te price Seavenger offered it at.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Bruce on 09/24/2011
All is good ,very happy with the jacket

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: eric lane on 08/17/2011
IST is a company known for quality & first rate products in the diving circle.

Whether a diver, surfer, 'water-baby' or in the hunt for a stylish jacket that has it all and a little more, this jacket will suit your bill.

The design & construction are first rate, the hood an added benefit, the 3mm neoprene almost un heard of in a jacket to be worn by anyone in & around the waters. The pockets are wide & since it's waterproof, the entire concept works to replace so much gear, as this jacket replaces it right out of the bag.

The fact its washable only adds to it's functionality.

A truly sweet deal from an awesome company.

Personally, I couldn't be happier as it's true to size, zips well & high & is designed with the before, during & after waterside in mind.

Whether your paddleboading, boating, finishing a dive session, riding a storm out, just watch as the conversation turns from sport to what you're sporting. A truly sweet jacket offering something for everyone, no matter what the sport or simply an enthusiast...

A great piece for anyone's water garb...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Average Customer Rating: Displaying 3 of 3 product reviews

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