Confessions of a diver: My girlfriend actually got me started diving.


“My girlfriend was a lot more interested in diving than I; wimpy as it sounds, I was happy just to snorkel. We looked for an online scuba store, and found one that carried everything for diving and snorkeling. We looked into all the equipment, and found gear that will work for diving and snorkeling.    My girlfriend was starting to look at me funny – like I wasn’t a real guy just ‘cause I wanted to snorkel not scuba.  I started to look at her like Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt.
“When we got to Maui, my girlfriend begged me to try diving. The guide gave us a tank, strapped to a BCD ‘” Buoyancy Control Device ‘” and told us to walk in and breathe through what is known as a regulator. He said something about ‘holding your nose and blowing, which I now know is to equalize your ears, but basically we were on our own.   Literally, it was sink or swim, and in this case we were supposed to sink.

“We went down for about 15 minutes, scared to death ‘” ok, I was scared to death. I was practically hyperventilating air out of that tank like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, my girlfriend was having a great time. It reminded me of the time we went sailing. I spent the whole time leaning over the boat rail throwing my guts up, wishing I was dead, she was down in the cabin, eating fried chicken, drinking beer and texting her friends. In fact, she forgot about me and was lost to the ocean and its wonders. In fact, I personally wondered why anyone would want to do this ‘sport.” I wondered what I was doing with her.

Eventually I took up diving but dumped her.”








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