Seavenger Atlantis 3mm Dive Shoes in Low Cut Sneaker Style

  • COMFORTABLE FIT — Stretchy Nylon II neoprene blend that forms to your foot.
  • EXTREME VERSATILITY — A hard sole that allows you to go from sand to surf in an instant.
  • LASTING DURABILITY — Rubber toe and heel guards ensure extra strength for all watersports.
  • NONSLIP GRIP — Rubber sole gives reliable traction for slippery surfaces.
  • COOL DESIGN — Trendy sneaker-style design in six popular patterns.

Unbelievable Adaptability

The Seavenger Atlantis aqua shoes blend the cool style of a skate sneaker with the function and vesatility of a water bootie. Go from walking to wakeboarding or skating to snorkeling without changing your gear.

Comfort and Convenience

Stretchy Nylon II neoprene material makes it easy to slide these on and off. Plus, the blind-stitched seams keep water out and are great for sensitive skin — no chafing, blistering or irritation. Wear these on the beach to keep sand out, then slide them straight into your fins for a scuba diving adventure. No hassle, no need to change.

Sleek Design

Stay classic with all-over black or show your colors with a pop of pink. Or pick a shoe that matches your wetsuit or swim trunks for one cohesive look. With six different style choices, you're sure to find a shoe that fits your style.