Seavenger Voyager Snorkeling Set with Zippered Gear Bag

$31.99 $39.99
  • EASY USE — Dry-top snorkel and one-way purge valve allows for easy breathing.
  • PANORAMIC VIEW — Single-lens mask in tempered glass makes for a stunning view.
  • SNUG SEAL — Liquid-injected silicone minimizes water seepage.
  • MULTI-USE FINS — Soft-flex vented fins make them easy to use for any kicking style.
  • COMPACT FOR TRAVEL — High-quality bag with zipper keeps your gear in one grab-and-go package.

Great for beginners

Give it as a gift to the child in your life or any beginning diver. Either way, it's the ideal gear set for swimmers and snorkelers alike who are encountering the underwater world for the first time.

The ideal travel companion

Your gear comes with a high-quality zipper-closure bag that travels and stores easily in one convenient set. Pack it in your carry-on or store it in your beach bag for your next spontaneous scuba diving trip.

Quality material

A liquid-injected silicone mask forms to your face, while an ergonomically-designed snorkel sits above your shoulder. Soft-flex vented fins allow you to propel with speed and change direction instantaneously. Our snorkel set is durable and reliable for hassle-free fun.