Seavenger Snorkeling Mask & Dry Top Snorkel Set

  • Dry-top snorkel, one way purge valve, full flex section, comfortable mouthpiece
  • Ergonomically designed snorkel holder with quick release tab
  • Joint side buckles on the mask frame swivel freely for easy adjustment
  • Single-window, tempered glass lens, easily adjustable strap
  • Fast drying plastic mesh bag with convenient drawstring closure

The Seavenger Snorkeling Mask & Dry Top Snorkel Set includes both snorkel and mask in a quick-drain mesh bag for storage and transport.

This single-window snorkeling mask is super compact, with a low internal volume that makes for easy mask clearing, and low drag during free dives. The wide angle, teardrop shaped lens increases peripheral vision. Joint side buckles on the mask frame swivel freely, and adjustments are made easy with simple pull tabs to loosen or tighten the strap for a comfortable fit. Mask skirt is constructed from high grade silicone to conform naturally to the contours of the face. Shatterproof, tempered glass, single-window lens for durability and safety.

Included in this set is a dry-top, splash guard snorkel. The upper valve helps to prevent water from entering the snorkel tube at the top, and a collection reservoir and purge at the base of the tube beneath the mouthpiece makes it easy to clear water from the snorkel when underwater. Ergonomically designed snorkel tube curves around the head to keep the top of the snorkel above the water at the surface. Flexible corrugated bottom tubing allows the snorkel tube to drop away from your face when not in use, making this snorkel appropriate for use while scuba diving. A comfortable silicone mouthpiece includes bite tabs for the best seal, making the snorkel easy to grip while eliminating jaw fatigue for easier breathing.

The included fast-drying plastic mesh bag features a drawstring closure. Compact, convenient and easy to carry.