Atlantis High-Top Aqua Shoes

• 3mm neoprene high-top water booties
• Blind-stitched seams increase durability
• Rubber toe and heel guard
• Built-in fin strap cleat
• Extra-large #10 YKK zipper with an inner gusset

The Seavenger Atlantis High-Top Aqua Shoes max out durability without sacrificing comfort or style. A sleek, modern design holds up to the wear and tear of diving and feature bold, bright graphics that are a blast to show off.

Three-millimeter neoprene is ultra-flexible and moves with you, so whether you’re surfing the waves or freediving beneath them, you can count on a comfortable shoe that’s built for your on-the-go adventures. Blind-stitched seams are insanely durable, sticking with you through thick and thin. For extra strength, a rubber guard at the heel and upper foot give a little extra grit. This rubber layer, along the with the built-in fin strap cleat, allow the booties to fit easily under your snorkeling or scuba diving fins. To top it all off, the YKK #10 zipper with a smooth interior gusset kicks durability up a notch and prevents water flushing.

The Seavenger Atlantis Aqua Shoes are also available in a low-cut sneaker style.