Seavenger Women's Full Length Spandex Dive Skin / Rash Guard

  • Spandex long sleeve dive suit / rash guard with stand up collar
  • Lightweight, stretchy Spandex for a great, comfortable fit; flat lock stitching prevents chafing
  • Constructed with inset sleeves and side panels for maximum range of motion without binding
  • Perfect for use as a dive skin / rash guard suit in warm to temperate water, can be layered under a wetsuit for cold water dives or by those who are sensitive to neoprene
  • Offers protection from the sun’s UV rays, jellyfish and fire coral stings

Just in!! Dive Skin, New and exclusive from Seavenger!! You want some minimal warmth, say .5 mm neoprene’s-worth. Yet, you don’t want to have the confining feel of neoprene in tropical environments. Or, you want some Spandex under your wetsuit as a layering garment.

Wearing our new Dive Skin under your normal wetsuit will keep you much warmer than without. The Dive Skin will retain the water that enters your wetsuit and keeps it from flushing. Result: Your body heat is retained. Really comfortable, really easy to don and doff – and a real bargain, too. Specially designed and cut for women, in pink or blue.

Dive and surf with a vengeance - Seavenger!

Key Features

    Spandex Dive Skin
    Protection from the Sun and marine creatures
    Super Stretch Material for Comfort
    Easy to put on and take off
    Extremely easy to put on/take off
    Tall Neck for Extra Protection
    Stir-up Heel and Thumb Loops to Stop Roll Up
    Front Zip for Easy Entry
    Around 0.5mm Thickness