Seavenger Full Length Spandex Dive Skin / Rash Guard

  • Spandex long sleeve dive suit / rash guard with stand up collar
  • Lightweight, stretchy Spandex for a great, comfortable fit; flat lock stitching prevents chafing
  • Constructed with inset sleeves and side panels for maximum range of motion without binding
  • Perfect for use as a dive skin / rash guard suit in warm to temperate water, can be layered under a wetsuit for cold water dives or by those who are sensitive to neoprene
  • Offers protection from the sun’s UV rays, jellyfish and fire coral stings

The Seavenger Full Length Spandex Dive Skin / Rash Guard offers neck to ankle protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, insect bites, jellyfish stings and fire coral stings.  Carefully constructed to provide a snug fit with maximum stretch and comfort.  Inset sleeves and side panels ensure full range of motion without binding.  Flat lock stitching prevents chafing.

Front zipper for easy donning and doffing.  Heel stirrups and thumb loops prevent the skin from riding up.

Ideal for use alone in tropical to warm water conditions for protection from the sun, jellyfish or fire coral, or for use as an under layer in cool to cold water conditions.  Also makes a great under layer for those whose skin is sensitive to neoprene, or to make it easier to get into and out of a neoprene wetsuit.

In Black.
Adult men’s sizes XS-XXL