Hanalei Junior Snorkel & Anti-Fog Mask Set - Orange Peel

  • Anti-Fog Twin Lens Mask
  • Adjustable, Swivel Straps
  • Soft-Flex Snorkel
  • Lower Purge Valve
  • Quick-Dry Mesh Bag

Dive with child with Hanalei Snorkel and Anti-Fog Mask 3-Piece Set. This snorkeling set includes tempered glass, twin lens mask, flexible corrugated snorkel with a hypoallergenic mouthpiece and a 16x8-inch mesh storage bag. A durable anti-fog film, more effective than traditional anti-fog mask coatings, is placed on the lens to give you crystal clear views! The soft nose pocket and low-volume profile mask design make equalizing super easy—perfect for all snorkel levels. Get the right fit with adjustable swivel straps. Let the adventures begin! Made in Taiwan.

Pro-Tip: For the best Anti-Fog mask effect, rinse under cool water before use. To increase the longevity and preserve this feature, gently rinse with fresh water after each use.


Home Turf: Southern California
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