About Us

At Seavenger, we believe that the power of adventure is found in the people you share it with. Whether you’re exploring the underwater world, waiting on the perfect wave or spending a weekend on the boat, the moments you create with loved ones are the building blocks of a life well-lived.

Our watersport gear is designed for free spirits of all generations, fostering a love of the ocean in old souls and young hearts alike. We believe that company barbecues, family vacations and weekend getaways with friends are always better by the sea.

Created to encourage connection and inspire community, Seavenger swims with you in the little moments that make life an adventure.

Home Turf: Southern California

Our love for the ocean starts with our home turf, bright and sunny SoCal. We know the Pacific Ocean’s southern coast beaches better than anyone else. When you order Seavenger water sports gear, you carry California charm to every ocean in the world. Seavenger’s corporate, warehouse fulfillment centers and shipping come straight from the heart of Southern California, always available at PST and delivered directly to you.

together, we venture.