Tall Tortuga Dive Boots - Blue

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Size Chart - Tortuga Ankle Dive Booties

Seavenger Atlantis High-Top Aqua Shoes
  • Super comfy 3mm neoprene upper
  • Tough rubber heel and toe guards
  • Built-in heel cleats for wearing with fins
  • Blind-stitched seams reduce flushing
  • Vulcanized rubber sole for max traction

 The Tortuga Dive Boots are also available in a short slip on style.

Seavenger Atlantis High-Top Aqua Shoes

Home Turf: Southern California


Holds in Heat

3mm neoprene fabric maximizes heat retention and creates an insulating layer for better movement and dexterity in the water. Acting as a seamless extension of your wetsuit, the Tortuga booties keep you warm in temperate waters.

Rugged Sole

The vulcanized rubber soles give extreme durability and grip for scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling and more. The rigid texture gives maximum traction that’s tough and dependable.

Wear with Fins

Designed specifically for scuba diving, the Tortuga booties feature cleats on the back heels to keep fin straps up and in place. Minimize the chances of losing a fin and get a secure fit every time.

Reduced Flushing

Blind-stitching at every seam blocks water from seeping in and reduces flushing. Seams are extra tough and lay smooth against your skin for a comfortable, durable fit.

Rugged Design

The tough construction and vulcanized rubber sole give extreme strength for all environments. Grippy soles give you maximum traction on slippery dive decks or other slick surfaces, while the gusseted bulky zippers and blind-stitched seams prevent water seepage in cool waters. The full coverage design provides protection from the elements, while the rubber guards at the heels and toes create reinforced strength while wearing them with fins.

Long-Lasting Comfort

Soft 3 millimeter neoprene material is flexible and soft for extreme comfort. The premium wetsuit fabric holds in tiny air bubbles, creating a thermal layer of protection that retains body heat. Plus, the extreme stretch allows you to move and kick easily while still staying warm.

Ideal for Scuba Diving

High-top coverage and extreme durability work together for top performance. Whether you're scuba diving, freediving or just staying at the surface while you snorkel, the Seavenger Tortuga dive booties are super tough and comfortable for all adventures. The built-in cleat at the back of each heel is specially designed for scuba diving fins, so you can clip on the fin straps and prevent slipping, sliding or losing a fin.