Asteria High Top Water Bootie - White

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  • Designed with tall-cut boots that extend above the ankle, offering superior coverage and protection.
  • Features a 10mm (0.4") felt sole, delivering exceptional traction on slick surfaces for confident movement.
  • Utilizes a 3mm Neoprene Nylon II upper, providing both warmth and flexibility to adapt to various conditions.
  • Incorporates reinforced toe and heel caps to safeguard against wear and tear in high-impact areas.
  • Equipped with heavy-duty #10 YKK zippers, ensuring reliable performance and easy accessibility.


Introducing the Asteria High Top Water Bootie, the ultimate companion for water enthusiasts. Designed to elevate your aquatic experiences, these high-top boots offer superior protection and style. With a sleek exterior, they exude modern sophistication while providing essential functionality. The sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure durability and comfort, allowing you to explore with confidence. Whether you're navigating rocky shores or exploring coastal reefs, these boots offer reliable traction and support. Dive into your next adventure with the Asteria High Top Water Bootie and experience unmatched performance on the water.

Home Turf: Southern California


Seavenger Asteria High Top Water Bootie
Warmth and Flexibility

Crafted with a 3mm Neoprene Nylon II upper, these boots provide optimal warmth and flexibility, allowing for unrestricted movement in the water. Stay comfortable and agile as you dive into adventure, with the confidence that your feet are protected against the elements.

Superior Traction

Featuring a 10mm felt sole, these boots deliver superior traction on slick surfaces, keeping you steady on your feet in any environment. Whether you're exploring slippery reefs or navigating rocky outcrops, trust in the Asteria High Top Water Bootie to keep you grounded.

Durable Protection

Equipped with toe and heel caps, these boots are built to withstand high-wear areas, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance. From sharp rocks to abrasive surfaces, trust in the rugged construction of the Asteria High Top Water Bootie to keep your feet protected in any conditions.

Elevated support.

Experience support and accessibility combined in the Asteria High Top Water Bootie. With ankle-height support, conquer rocky shores and tough terrain effortlessly. Featuring a robust #10 YKK zipper, enjoy quick transitions for more exploration time.