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Size Chart - Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks

Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks - Lilac - XS is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • 4-way stretch neoprene
  • Extra-grip sole for slick surfaces
  • 3mm neoprene provides insulation
  • Glued, blind-stitched seams
  • Ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving

The Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks are hard-wearing and ultra-comfortable.

These socks offer a lightweight, more formfitting alternative to hard-soled pool shoes, making them an awesome choice for water aerobics, aqua jogging and other pool activities. The specially-designed, high-grip sole stands up to rough pool and spa bottoms and provides extra protection from slips during physical hydrotherapy sessions.

Headed to the shore for diving, snorkeling or kayaking? The Seavenger Zephyr socks are perfect for adventure watersports that require a little extra warmth and protection.

Manufactured of high-quality, 4-way stretch neoprene, these socks can be worn inside fins or pool shoes to prevent chafing and blisters. The tough grip-dot sole adds traction when walking on slippery surfaces, and all seams are glued and blind-stitched for a flat, comfortable finish that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk.

Materials: 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon Jersey

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks

Home Turf: Southern California


Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks
Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks
Super Stretchy

4-way stretch material creates a super snug fit that slides easily into snorkeling fins or dive booties. The soft, flexible material creates a barefoot feel while giving extra protection in cooler waters.

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks
Warm Neoprene

3-millimeter neoprene keeps your feet warm by trapping an insulating layer of water around your feet that holds in body heat and retains warmth. Perfect for swimming in cooler waters, the thick wetsuit material is thermal and warm.

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks
Great for Scuba Diving

The Seavenger Zephyr Socks are designed for the ultimate adventurers — from exploring the ocean floor to cruising with the creatures at the surface, they’re a versatile, comfortable sidekick for every water activity.

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks
Strong and Durable

Glued and blind-stitched seams create insane durability for long-time wear, while the grippy dotted sole creates maximum traction. From sea to sea, the Seavenger Zephyr Socks are the perfect pair for your ocean adventures around the globe.

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks

Warm And Cozy

3mm neoprene thermal insulation makes the Zephyr water socks easy to layer for deep water dives and underwater adventures. Slide them on under fins or flippers for a warm, hassle-free dive.


Amazing Versatility

Go straight from walking on the sand to exploring the reef. These socks are great for all water sports and activities — including snorkeling, scuba diving, rafting and kayaking — so the fun never has to stop.


Snug Fit

4-way stretch material forms to your foot for ultra-comfort that lasts all day long and won't lose its elasticity. You can move easily without restriction, whether you're snorkeling, scuba diving or swimming.