Nautilus Full Face Mask - Blue

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  • New Breathing System
  • Anti-fog, anti-leak & anti-dizziness
  • One-way outlet valve
  • Removable camera mount
  • Adjustable Elastic Strap

The Nautilus Full Face Mask features a new breathing system which separates your entire face from underwater elements. Naturally breathe through your nose and mouth with the dual floating ball, detachable snorkel, whole inlet channel and one-way outlet valve design. Goodbye to jaw clenching and salty lips! As you submerge underwater, the slanted lens provides an anti-fog, anti-leak & anti-dizziness snorkeling experience.

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Seavenger Nautilus Face Mask

Seavenger Nautilus Face Mask

New Breathing System

The new breathing system in the Nautilus full face mask circulates air throughout the mask which provides an anti-fog lens. Oxygen enters through the dual floating ball into the whole inlet channel past the detachable snorkel and out through the one-way outlet valves. You'll be able to focus on the sights to see while remaining comfortable with natural nose and mouth breathing.

Full Face Mask Design

Say goodbye to jaw clenching and salty lips with this all-inclusive design! Your face will be completely separated from the underwater elements as you snorkel through the ocean with a 180Β° panoramic view.

Snorkeling Must-Have

Perfect for surface snorkeling -- the Nautilus full face mask is the ideal choice for a comfortable and clear underwater view. Worried about motion sickness? The flat, high transmittance PC lens has an anti-dizziness and anti-leak effect as you submerge underwater.