Aviator Snorkel Set - Clear Blue

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Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set
  • 16 inch trek fins for travel
  • Single-lens dive mask with tempered glass
  • Ergonomically designed dry-top snorkel
  • Quick dry mesh gear bag
  • Available in XXS size for kids

Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set

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Seavenger Aviator Snorkel Set

Seavenger Aviator Snorkel Set

Ready for Anything

When the water’s clear, you don’t want to be digging to find your snorkeling gear. The Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set comes in one easy package that stores easily and dries quickly, so you can hit the beach at a moment’s notice. You’ll be able to grab your mask, fins and snorkel and hit the road in no time at all.

Don’t Miss a Thing

The dry-top snorkel and single-lens mask are your ultimate snorkeling buddies no matter where you go. Hover at the surface for a brilliant view of the ocean floor or dive deeper for a closer look – either way, you’re totally prepared.

All-In-One Starter Kit

The Aviator set is the perfect starter pack for kids and adults. Your first-time diving is an unbelievable experience, one that you’ll never want to forget. To make the most out of the memories, use a quality, convenient set of snorkeling gear that won’t let you down.