Cadet Kids Long Sleeve Shorty Wetsuit - Hot Pink

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Size Chart - Kids' Shorty

Seavenger Kids' Shorty Size Chart
  • Great for children aged 2 - 8
  • Super-stretch 2mm neoprene
  • Anti-chafing seams for all-day play
  • Spandex long sleeves with 50+ UV protection
  • Front zip entry for easy donning

The Cadet Shorty Wetsuit is perfect for kids and toddlers (aged 2 – 8) who are always on the move. If you are wrangling around a toddler or trying to find a stylish, functional option for your totally grown up 8-year-old, this wetsuit is a perfect choice for you. The 2mm thick neoprene material will keep your children and toddlers warm as they play in the water and sand. The front zipper allows your I-can-do-it-myself kids to actually, well, do it themselves, and the spandex sleeves with flat-lock stitching provide full mobility with no rubbing or chafing.    

Also available in the short sleeve version.
Seavenger Kids' Shorty Size Chart

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Seavenger Cadet Kids 2mm Shorty Wetsuit

Seavenger Cadet Kids 2mm Shorty Wetsuit

Great for All Ages

Whether you are wrangling a toddler or trying to convince a 4-year-old to put on their suit, the Seavenger Cadet Shorty Wetsuit is perfect for kids between the ages of 1 and 4. With a range of different color options, picking a suit for each of your children is easier than ever before. If your child insists on “doing it myself,” you can rest easy knowing that the front zipper design will allow them to, well, actually do it themselves, leaving more time for you to worry about one of your other hundreds of tasks.

Safe, Comfortable Play

Protect your loved ones from harmful UV light with this wetsuit 2mm thick neoprene material that provides 50+ UV protection. But that extra safety does not come at the cost of comfort — the suit is designed with spandex arms and flat-lock stitching to provide full range of motion without causing any rubbing or chafing.

Universal Wetsuit Design

Keep your toddlers and children warm as they go back and forth between the ocean and sand or the playground and pool. Never lose a minute of playtime in this wetsuit that is both comfortable and functional.