Seavenger Snorkeling Set: Single Window Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Bag

  • Dry-top snorkel, one way purge valve, full flex section, comfortable mouthpiece
  • Ergonomically designed snorkel holder with quick release tab
  • Trek fins: ideal for snorkeling, easy-kicking blade responds well to any kicking style, adjustable straps with large thumb loops for easy donning and doffing
  • Single window mask with tempered glass lens, swivel buckles, easily adjustable strap
  • Quick-dry mesh bag for storage and transport

Open-heel snorkel fins are made from lightweight materials, comfortable foot pocket is supple and soft for bare feet.  Ergonomically designed snorkel tube is to curve with the shape of your head, dry-top splash guard snorkel with an upper valve and beneath the mouthpiece is a purge to let water drain when clearing.  The flex corrugated bottom tubing feature allows the snorkel tube to drop away from your face when not in use, comfortable silicone mouthpiece eliminates jaw fatigue for ease of breathing.

The single-window mask has shatterproof tempered glass lens with low internal volume that makes for easy mask clearing, lens is positioned wide angle teardrop shape with increased peripheral vision.  Joint side buckles on the mask frame swivel freely and adjustments are made easy by simple pull tab to loosen or tighten the strap for a precise fit. Its skirt is constructed from high grade silicone to flex naturally around the contours of your facial features. Compact fast drying plastic mesh bag featuring draw string closure for convenience and easy to carry.

A complete snorkel set that is ideal for sharing among family and friends or for rental usage.  
Variety of colors to choose from.
Men’s Sizes: XS/XXS (1-4), S/M (4.5-8.5), L/XL (9-13)
Women’s Sizes: XS/XXS (2-5), S/M (5.5-9.5), L/XL (10-14)
Children Size: XS/XXS (10-13)