A New View: Full-Face Snorkel Masks

A New View: Full-Face Snorkel Masks

Say goodbye to salty lips and jaw clenching with the release of the Nautilus Full-Face Snorkel Mask! If you have reservations or anxieties related to snorkeling, this comfortable design might just be the ideal choice. Here are some of the key features that set the Nautilus Full-Face Snorkel Mask apart from other snorkel gear: 

Natural Breathing

  Traditional snorkel masks require two separate components: a mask and a snorkel. The Nautilus Full-Face Mask is designed to be all inclusive. No need for additional parts, grab your mask and you’re good to go! The new design separates your entire face from the underwater elements while allowing you to breathe naturally. Oxygen enters through the dual floating ball at the top of your mask into the whole inlet channel. As you breathe, Carbon Dioxide is then emitted through two separate one-way outlet valves on the sides of your cheeks. This air circulation system provides an added bonus - the lens will not fog up! The ultimate perk for underwater exploration.

Experience the Sea at 180°

The most alluring feature of a full-face mask is by far the view, especially with an anti-fog lens. This style of mask is intended for surface snorkeling in calm waters. The 180° panoramic lens provides a wide-angle perspective to freely explore the vast underwater wonders without limitation. To ensure a clear field of vision, the lens is also slanted. Whether you’re a rookie underwater documentarian or already a seasoned photographer, simply attach your sports camera to the removable camera mount for tangible once in a lifetime memories. You will not be disappointed with endless sights to see!  

Vertigo Relief

Legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle once said, “If the sea is sick, we’ll feel it,” and right she was. It is common to experience nausea while being submerged underwater. While ascending or descending, an imbalance of pressure can occur within the left and right ear resulting in vertigo. Due to this sea exploration side effect, the full-face mask is designed to combat motion sickness and includes a set of ear plugs. The flat, high transmittance PC lens in the Nautilus mask prevents the vertigo effect from occurring. Although common, underwater disorientation and dizziness are a serious safety concern. This is a helpful feature if you're new to snorkeling or are planning a family adventure!

Safety Above All 

The full-face mask design includes a silicone seal around the circumference which prevents water from entering inside. Additionally, the adjustable elastic straps allow you to accurately size the mask for a snug fit. This anti-leak feature sets the Nautilus Face Mask apart from traditional snorkel gear. None of the features mentioned above are applicable if your mask does not fit. Without the proper fit, the mask cannot be anti-leak thus proper sizing is of utmost importance for a safe underwater experience. 

Per our size chart, measure from the bottom of the chin to the top of the nose bridge. If available, grab a friend to take your measurement for the most accurate sizing. Most importantly, if the mask seems too big DO NOT USE. Safety is the main priority while participating in any underwater exploration.

These key features elevate the Nautilus Full-Face Mask to a whole new level! Surface snorkeling just became more attainable and hassle free. Design, comfort and visibility reign supreme. Check out the wide range of colors and designs. Let’s venture together.