Seavenger how to wash a neoprene wetsuit after using it in ocean saltwater

How to Wash a Neoprene Wetsuit

How to Wash a Neoprene Wetsuit

A day spent in the ocean is a day well spent! Here’s how we maintain our 3mm neoprene wetsuits

Saltwater mixed with neoprene leaves your wetsuit stiff and smelly and small salt crystals begin to form! This side effect can be most damaging for the neoprene fabric – salt crystals and neoprene do not mix well. 

Here are six easy steps to thoroughly wash your suit after spending the day in the ocean. 

1. Hose Off Leftover Sand

Grab your hose, and try to get as much beach sand off the wetsuits as possible with cool water. Flip it inside out as needed. 

2. Grab a bucket 

Fill a bucket with cold water about halfway. Just make sure the bucket is large enough to hold your suit. 

3. Create a Cleaning Solution

Mix wetsuit cleaner and odor remover into the water. Add ½ oz of wetsuit cleaner and  ⅛ oz of odor remover per gallon of water. 

4. Hand Wash 

Submerge your wetsuit in the solution and hand wash. Neoprene takes a minute to absorb liquid, so continue to submerge it until entirely soaked. 

5. Soak

Leave in the cleaning solution for up to 10 min. No rinsing is necessary unless the cleaning solution is too strong. 

6. Hang Dry

We do not recommend you dry a wetsuit on a traditional hanger since the weight of wet neoprene against a hanger will result in 


You’re all done! It’s really that easy.