Diving Deeper with the Odyssey Wetsuit

Diving Deeper with the Odyssey Wetsuit

Diving Deeper with the Odyssey Wetsuit

Seavenger has always been built on boldness; adventure is at the heart of everything we do and the Odyssey wetsuit is the perfect picture of that. With this second wetsuit generation, we banked on the same comfy construction that you’re used to in the classic fullsuit — but we made a few key changes for extra toughness to take on the biggest, boldest escapades you can conjure up. 

Top Notch Fabric

The Odyssey wetsuit is totally constructed of high-grade neoprene. Super stretchy, super warm, super comfy. It’s 3mm thick, which creates just enough insulation for warm to temperate waters (think: San Diego, the Red Sea or the southern portion of the Great Barrier Reef) and still boasts extreme stretch. For surface sports like surfing, wakeboarding or kitesurfing, movement is crucial, so we made sure that you wouldn’t have to choose between warmth and flexibility.

Sharkskin Chest

The most notable (and our favorite) feature about this wetsuit is the ultra-tough sharkskin chest. While the classic fullsuit is super strong on its own — we didn’t want to cap out at “good.” If we were designing a wetsuit for the craziest of thrill-seekers, this wetsuit needed to be Ironman strong. Without sacrificing stretch, we added a full sharkskin panel from neckline to stomach, beating our own record on wetsuit lifespan.

Anti-Chafing Design

We know that you’d rather be out in the water than anywhere else. That’s why it’s critical for the Odyssey wetsuit to be so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it. For the easiest, freest movement possible, we created the Odyssey wetsuit with flat-lock seams that don’t dig into your skin. From the moment you gear up to the apex of adventure, this wetsuit lays smooth and feels fantastic.

Bright and Bold

Black is always a staple. We get that. But we also wanted to mix things up, go against the grain and give you a reason to strut your stuff. The Odyssey wetsuit comes with options: classic black or colorful and fun. Chase the adventure in bright designs that are as stunning as you.